Chapter 24: Just Us Girls

We'd lapse into silence after that.

We pulled our heads together long enough to find the local library and start looking up files. Glenn took to the computers and I went to a newspaper machine…thingy to scroll for anything that might give us any leads.

It gave me a lot of time to think.

Maybe Glenn was right. I was acting like an obsessed fangirl! I was careless and I got hurt trying to live out a fantasy. And not matter how hard I try to stay mad at Glenn for this realization, and for his sudden ambush on me, I know I can't. Everything he said held some truth to it, even if it was based on observation and the fact that he knows me so well. I shouldn't have yelled at him like-

" 'Wait. What was that?' "

I scroll back once, twice, there! I'd been so busy thinking to myself that I'd almost missed an article reading, 'Creed-Howlett Children Missing After Murders' I read over it and I know I've just struck gold. The article reads that two men, John Howlett and Thomas Logan where found dead in Howlett's mansion along with his disturbed wife after being murdered.

It was unclear at the time as to why (The time being the 1880's) but both of the men's children-James Howlett and Victor Creed went missing on the same night. Howlett was apparently shot and murdered by Logan (Creed's father). However, Logan's death remained uncertain, as officials believed he was killed by some sort of animal…

I scroll forward a few months and find this. 'Distraught Howlett Widow Gone Insane'. Here I read briefly that Elizabeth Howlett (John's wife) insisted to the locals that Logan had been killed by her own son, whose whereabouts remained unknown. What sent her to the crazy house was the fact that she said her son had killed the man using 'bone-claws' that grew out of his hands. Of course she was then dubbed mentally unstable and sent to the asylum.

I read on. Scrolling over paragraphs under headings like, 'Monster Sightings in Woods', 'Farmers Fear for their Livestock', 'Demon children tracked in the woods after Howlett-Logan Murders', 'Howlett Widow Commits Suicide', 'Werewolf Sightings Shock Canada', 'Murders….'

My prying is cut short by a voice coming from my walkie-talkie and I blink my dry eyes painfully. How long have I been staring at that thing without blinking? I check my watch. The hours' almost up.

** Liz! Come in, Liz!*** The radio chirps and I pick up the thing from its pouch and press the talk-button.

***Yeah-What? I'm here! What's wrong?***

**We have to go. There are people here looking for us.**

***People?*** I respond in confusion, glancing out the window at the practically empty town.

***What people?*** I ask.

**Shhh! I'm coming over there! But we've gotta go now!**Glenn says urgently and I become alarmed.

***Alright! I'll be here!*** I say and get ready to leave…

But I need something to bring back to the professor!

I flip to the first article I read, the one with the most background on victor and that brother he always seems to mention, and phase my hand through to retrieve it in its plastic holder just as Glenn arrives.

"Come on, let's go." He whispers and starts off for the window but I touch his arm and whisper back, "Wait! I wanna get a look at them first!"

"We can't risk that! We have to go! The X-Men are on their way back to the jet!" Glenn whispers back and I nod my head against my better judgment, still feeling guilty over our argument.

"Glenn, I-"

"I know," He says softly, clutching my hand as he leads me to the window with a warm smile. "I am, too."

And with that, Glenn steps over the ledge of the window and hoists me out the window and onto his back between his wings.

I…guess we'll just talk later…

I wrap my arms around his neck and hold on as Glenn scales the side of the wooden building, making terribly loud creaking sounds as snow falls onto our hair.

Shouts can be heard from inside and I glance down, still hanging on as Glenn's shoulders work our way up to the top of the building, just in time to see a woman dressed like a SWAT Team-Knock-off stick her head out the window.

"Got 'em!" She shouts raising a gun just as Glenn throws us over the edge and onto the roof as a shot whizzes past us. "They're shooting at us!" I cry in shock as Glenn picks me up in his arms and flares his wings out. "Get used to it!" He shouts before leaping off the roof and taking to the sky. "There's a lot more where that came from!"

"Whhaooa!" I breathe shakily, clinging to Glenn for dear life. It's been a while since we flew together. I almost forgot what it felt like to soar like this…

Another shot whizzes past us and into the clouds.

"How about some cover?" I offer over the wind, which slaps tiny icicles against my cheeks. I concentrate on becoming invisible and after a moment of though I open my eyes and see that we are no longer 'there'.

"Sweet!" Glenn comments beneath me. I may not be able to see him but I can feel him. "You're getting better at this!"

"Right?" I exclaim excitedly, maintaining the invisibility mindset. I look down past the clouds and can see a whole squad of those Black Suits file into a large, oddly shaped black van (armored?) and begin heading in our direction. "They're headed for the X-jet!" Glenn says urgently, quickening his pace with a smooth dip in the air as he rides the wind.

"Who are they?!" I call. "I-"Glenn begins to respond, but then a gunshot rings in my ears, and Glenn roars in pain as he takes a hit to the shoulder and we begin to plummet to the Earth…

We fell faster than I could have imagined. It only took a few seconds for Glenn to regain control, but in those moments I nearly fainted. How could they have seen us? We were still invisible at the time!

But the danger isn't over yet.

Glenn continues to fly lower and lower, clutching his shoulder in pain, and I have to let go of my concentration to see what the damage is. I expect a huge, horrible bullet wound, but instead I see a small dart sticking out of his arm.

I really hope that's not what I think it is…

"Something's wrong," Glenn says as his flight becomes more labored, the falling snow not helping in the slightest. "I-I feel dizzy…"

We begin to fish tail in the air and I reach up and smack my friend in the face to keep his eyes from closing. "Stay awake, Gle-Kueheneme-Augh! Neo!" I scream at him as the van picks up speed. They've stopped firing but at the range they are and the speed at which Glenn is heading for the road, they'll be on top of us any minute. I have to remember to call him by his stage name now. "We have to get to the Jet!"

"Soooo….Tired…." Glenn-Neo mumbles and then dips low, until he comes in contact with the ground and skids down the road. I immediately fly out of his grip and wind up a few feet away from him. I didn't take the direct brunt of the fall, but the force still had me earthbound for a while until I could finally get myself up again. The snow must've cushioned my fall.

"Gl-Neo!" I cry out, racing toward his limp body, tangled up in his own wings and limbs. The van has stopped just a few feet from us and I know the Black Suits will be out any second, but I won't leave Neo like this.

Grabbing my W.T. (Walkie Talkie), I press the S.O.S button and rush over to Neo, trying to raise him. Hopefully the X-Men will get the S.O.S. and come for us.

"Come on, Neo!" I shout, trying to lift him in my arms, but he's so heavy! "Hurry! They're coming!"

I gasp. Too late!

The Black Suits form a half circle around us and I freeze by Neo's side as he mumble incoherently. They're not firing though. What are they waiting for? Rather than wait to find out, I prepare to attack. Maybe I can generate an energy blast large enough to buy us some time before the X-Men arrive.

But I need a distraction.

As though on cue, an animalistic roar sounds off in the distance just as a pile of firecrackers lands before the Black Suits, buying me enough time to generate an enormous energy blast which I raise in my hands and then roll at the Suits like a bowling ball, knocking out half of them down the middle.

The others immediately go into attack mode and I put up a defensive shield which rebounds their now useless tranquilizers right back at them. Suddenly, Beast appears at my side and takes hold of Neo under the arm.

"Let's go!" He barks at me and I keep up my shield, finding it easier to control as Jubilee runs behind the cover. I wonder…

As Jubilee continuously pelts the Suits with fireballs, I take a breath, drawing in the backs of my hands with my palms outward to my chest before sweeping my arms out (Causing the shield to stretch into a huge wall of energy), then thrust my arms out to the wall rushing back toward the Black Suits at dangerous speeds.

I stagger and watch in shock as the wall I created knocks every Suit on his/her butt and even flips over the black van! I can't help but think, " 'Cool!' "

"Hurry up!" Jubilee shouts, taking my arm and dragging me along after Beast. I feel kind of shaky, but I manage to keep up as my adrenaline pumps through me, and we actually make it to the Jet!

"Where's Beast?" Jubilee pants as we stop outside the Jet. I look around, seeing that they're not here. "Maybe they're inside?" I ask but Jubilee frowns and holds something up in her hand. "Without the keys?" She asks and we both realize something at the same time.

We're surrounded.

But not by the Black Suits. These guys are much different. Still armored and pretty intimidating but dressed a little more freely so they stand out from the rest. I have the feeling they are Mutants.

"Where is Beast?" Jubilee calls to them bravely as I stare at the group in shock and fear, keeping a look out for one face in particular in the bunch.

"Beast!" One of the men exclaims, scratching a stubbly chin with his gloved hand. He's dressed in a jump suit like ours only its design is black and dark blue and leaner, with a heavy coat over it. He's unarmed. "Beast…Hmm…Don't reckon I know who yer talkin' 'bout sweet heart!"

"You know damn well!" Jubilee shrieks, starting towards the others but I jump forward and hold her back. We don't know who they are or what (Or rather whom) they've got against us. We can't go making rash moves just yet.

"Who are you?" I speak up once I'm sure Jubilee won't get us killed as I survey the group of six. The first one I notice, other than the blonde with the southern accent who just spoke, is an incredibly tall man, completely made out of metal with a red-metal uni-tard covering his upper body. The next is a muscular woman with black, spiked hair that juts out of the sides of her head. She also wore black with the shoulders cut off in a jumper-like design and high combat boots, Complete with gloves cut off at the fingers. The woman also had a hard face with dark blue eyes.

"Well, I'm glad you asked!" Exclaims another strange man decked out in a red and black suit with a mask that covers his entire face. An arson of weaponry hangs from his hips and are strapped around his body. His demeanor is pretty laid back considering the current situation and his tone in extremely humorous.

"I'm Deadpool, and this here is Cybil," He says excitedly, griping the spiky haired woman's shoulders playfully. "Oh and this is my buddy Colo-"

"Shaddap, Wade! For god's sake!" A tall woman shouts at him as the giant metal man whom he'd began to introduce grabbed him up by the throat and hoisted him up in the air with an annoyed grunt. Looks like we found the class clown! "No prob. Domino!" Deadpool, or Wade as the woman called him, starts up once more. "I'll just, ya' know, hang here! Get it? Hang he-Ack!" He chokes as the metal man squeezes his neck.

"Now," The woman named Domino begins moving closer to Jubilee and me and instictively take a step back and prepare for an attack. "Let's try this again. Just us girls. What do you say?"

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