I only saw the season finale once so most of the references in this are from memory. I went online today to try to pull it up and couldn't find it. So forgive any timeline errors. But I wished we could've seen what happened after Graham picked Simon up. This is my take. Enjoy

Title: Fa├žade
Author: Cindy Ryan
Category: oneshot, missing scene
Pairings: Rebecca/Simon
spoilers: 1x13 "Do no harm"

Giving bad news was unfortunately part of working in the medical field. One got used to it. It was part of dealing with life and death every day. However, in Kandahar that duty seemed to increase. It didn't get any easier when it hit close to home.
For Graham having to pull Simon off his leave wasn't going to be pleasant. To tell the young neurosurgeon why was going to be equally hard. Especially since at this point they had so little information.

"You've got to be kidding me."Simon grumbled.

Kelly stood his ground. "Sorry, you''re needed."

The Brit followed and then clambered into the golf cart Graham waited until they were away from the terminal to tell Simon why he was needed. Hill had an excellent poker face. He pretended that the war didn't get to him.
Stoic stiff upper lip and all that.
In the past year Graham had seen cracks appear in that facade.
Cracks that showed Simon was still human.

Graham knew that change was mainly due to the arrival of Rebecca Gordon. As much as the two doctors butted heads Kelly suspected there was a friendship and possibly more starting between the two. Which is why Graham pulled the golf cart over and put it in park. He wanted to give Simon his full attention to deliver what little information they had.

Hill raised an eyebrow as they stopped. "What?"

Graham turned to face the doctor. "Suzy was killed when a gunman opened fire on Grace's woman's clinic. Grace is among the injured. ETA is thirty minutes. We know Rebecca was there but we're not sure if she was among the wounded."

"How the hell can you not be sure?"Simon demanded.

Graham held up a hand to calm him. "Communication in that area is sketchy."

Simon nodded and Graham saw the calm doctor's facade reappear.

"Let's go."Hill urged.

Kelly put the golf cart in drive and pulled away from the building they had parked next to. "I'm sure Rebecca is fine."

"She better be."Simon muttered in a barely audible voice.

Graham pretended not to hear the young doctor's remark. The rest of the short drive to the hospital was quiet.

Each man wrapped up in their own thoughts and prayers.