Okay, so this is my first PruCan story. First Hetalia story as well. First story that also deals with animals. Lots of first, huh?

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Matthew sighed as his father laughed loudly with his friends in the room below him. The teen had been locked in his room again, under his fathers orders, The excuse was the same each time "You are so special, and so adorable, I fear someone trying to take you away from me." He would say, before pushing a sad and protesting Matthew into his bedroom. The conversation would end with a lock clicking, In his 18 years of life, the poor boy had only had contact with two people, his father and his teacher. While his father had been free to roam about anywhere he pleased, both Matthew and his teacher had been trapped in the house. Subtle hints had been dropped that he and his teacher were a rare breed. He had been taught everything his teacher had been able to get to him. However, quite a few months ago, the man Matthew had grown to love had just disappeared, leaving the blonde lonlier then he'd ever thought possible.

Carefully cracking open his window as far as it would go, he slipped outside, hoping it was a clear night. Years ago, his father had placed something on the windows, blocking Matthew from seeing anything outside, and stopped anyone from being able to see in. There was a tiny space at the bottom which he was skinny enough to fit through. Ever since, he'd been sneaking out, always happy to see the moon and stars. Being as stealthy as he could, the blonde made his way to the flower garden. After locating his normal place between two rosebushes, the blonde settled back to stare at the sky. Nearly falling asleep after being out for such a long time, he was jolted awake frightfully fast due to a loud meow.

To the left of him, staring right at him, was a short haired, pure white cat. Barely holding in his squeal of excitment, he reached a pale hand out to the animal, happy when it allowed him to pet it.

"You're quite a handsome cat." Matthew mumbled, letting a soft giggle fly over their heads. The cat meowed at him, and he gave it a sad smile. "I wish I could keep you. But daddy never lets me keep the cats that come around here. He pretends they aren't there, but I can hear them." He picked the cat up and buried his face into the fur. A few tears escaped, the lonliness overwhelming him for a minute. The cat squirmed until it felt the tears damping his fur. Going limp, it licked Matthew's cheek, getting a giggle from the boy.

"Will you come stay with me for a while? My father will make me get rid of you when he see's you...but, until then...please?" He asked, setting the cat down before starting the walk back to his window. After giving the cat a boost through, he began the task of pulling himself back in. It was always a hardship getting back in, but one he was worth it. Once he was finally back in, the cat gave him a look that made him almost think it was laughing at him. Giving it a bright smile, it was his turn to laugh as it nearly fell backwards off the bed.

Once Matthew was settled in his bed, his new friend curled up around his head, tongue bathing his ears. They twitched and Matthew began to purr. You see, the blonde was indeed special. For as human as he looked, he also had a white cat tail, and two perky kitty ears.

~x~x~End Prologue~x~x~

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