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~x~x~Chapter 7~x~x~

After Ray had excused the still horrified James, he looked down at his son.

"Oh Matthew. I went through hell to get you back. I'm not sure what lies you've already been fed..." The man sighed and tugged on Matthew's ear, making the cat yelp. Setting the cat on the floor, he gave him a little disappointed glare. "I have work to do. Be a good boy, and stay right here for daddy, okay?" Ray gave him a look, before grabbing a file from his desk.

Matthew slowly crept to the partially open door, sneaking quick glances at his father. As he attempted to judge if he could fit through the space, his mind wandered to his probably still trapped friends.

"Please let them be safe." He whispered before slipping out the door.


Gilbert growled as he rammed into the door again, trying his damn best to bust it down.

"Stop it! You are not helping things by giving yourself brain damage!" Arthur finally yelled out, having gotten sick of Gilbert trying to break the door down.

"Arthur's right. We have to figure some other way out." Ludwig agreed, curling up tighter to a crying Feliciano.

"Oh yeah? Give me a better fucking idea then. We're stuck in a windowless room, and there is no god damn knob on the door!" Gilbert hissed out, glaring at the group of cats around him.

"Dude, let the hero give it a go!" Alfred said, grinning, and getting up from cuddling Arthur.

"Alfred! Don't you dare!" The white and orange cat hissed, getting up as well. Alfred ignored him however, going to stand at the other end of the room, before he began to run towards the door. The gathered cats watched in horror and fascination as he slammed his body into the wood. When he shakily wobbled away from it, they stared in awe at the crack going up the center of the door. The large cat plopped down, dazed but happy.

""See? I knew a hero could do it."


A little over an hour later, the eight cats had all but given up on escape. They were currently using the net that had been left behind as a bed. Each of them were trapped in their minds with a feeling of guilt and hopelessness. Just as they began to fall asleep, they heard loud talking outside their prison. Slowly they all stood up and stared as the door opened.

"Yeah, he got the one he wanted. He has no use for these ones anymore." A faceless voice called out. Arthur, Feli, and Kiku all stiffened, and began to growl. They recognized that voice. The others gave them a semi-confused look, but they all stiffened at the words as well. A young man walked into the room and swiftly closed the door. He rested against the back of the door for a moment and began to shake. This did nothing to calm the nerves of the cats. After a few moments, he straightened up and looked at them. Shockingly enough, his face was wet and his eyes puffy and pink.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you were... I don't even know. But I'm sorry! All I knew was that you were cats! I don't know why the boss's kid ran away. I don't understand anything, other then the cat he claimed was his son looked terrified and miserable. And I want to help! I really do. I'm sure none of you trust me... But I'm really your only hope of getting out of here." The young man had started pacing when he began to to talk, and had ended up on his knees in front of the cats. They warily glanced at him before backing away.

"Should we believe him?" Gilvert hissed, glaring at the man.

"Absolutely not! He caught us and threatened to kill us!" Arthur nearly had a fit, refusing to believe that horrible human. Most of the others agreed, and were surprised when a fairly sleepy voice rose over theirs.

"We really have no choice. What this man said is true. Matthew's father will have no use for us now that he got what he wanted. Our best chance is to go with him." Everyone's eyes swiveled towards a white and brown cat.

"Herakles... What's to say he won't just tie us up a in a bag and toss us in a river?" Francis argued, and everyone but Gilbert agreed with him.

"Herakles is right." The short-haired white cat shut the rest up as he spoke. "This is our only chance. We have to take it. Even if he's lying, we may be able to free ourselves. But this could also be the real deal. There is about a fifty percent chance he's being truthful. And right now, that sounds damn fantastic." Gilbert didn't give the rest any time to answer, he just strolled up to their only escape and sat at his feet. And within a few minutes, the rest joined him.

James gave them a tiny smile before grabbing the net he'd already had to use once.

"I regret having to to do this, but I need you all to get in here..." he informed them, and slowly they all got inside, throwing him a few distrustful glances. James sighed and carefully picked the bag up. Within seconds they all began to squirm. "I realize it can't be too comfortable in there, but this is the only way to get you out of here."

James carefully gripped the net tighter, making sure not to drop it before knocking on the door. It swung open, and he casually walked out, praying he didn't look suspicious. When no one said anything, he let out a sigh and turned the corner. After making sure he was alone, he slowly opened a door to his left and quickly entered, before locking it. "I really hope this works."


Matthew whimpered as more men walked by his tiny hiding space. He'd very quickly discovered that there weren't many places to hide within the building.

"Why did he have to light up the halls so well?" The young cat asked himself, peaking out of the cramped alcove he'd shoved himself into. He was too terrified to leave his hiding place, worried he wouldn't be able to find a new space to hide. "Someone come find me.. Please." Matthew whimpered again, shaking in his spot.


James sighed and let the cats out of the bag(aha :D) before turning on the light. Immediately the cats noticed a bunch of cleaning carts. James chuckled at their obvious curiosity.

"For whatever reason, the boss demands every building he uses be staffed with a discrete crew of janitors. He can't stand any dirty buildings. Refuses to step foot in them." The red-haired man explained. "I've told all the janitors who were working tonight that they'd been asked to leave for the night, and to not ask any questions." As he started to gather uniforms up for them, a discussion began as to who would turn human.

"Ray knows what me and Ludwig look like. And he's obviously met Francis. Alfred looks like a lot like Matthew..." Gilbert turned his eyes to the other four cats.

"So, lets split into teams of two. I'll go with Kiku, Alfred can go with Arthur, Ludwig can go with Feli, and you can go with Herakles." Francis said after a few minutes of silent thinking. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. Arthur was surprisingly the first to move towards James, considering he still didn't trust the man. Feliciano joined him next, quickly followed by Kiku and Herakles. They all hid behind carts as they changed, swiftly putting on their uniforms. Luckily for them, the uniforms included hats.

"My tail feels all squished!" Feliciano whined as Arthur helped him tuck it his shirt.

"And you think mine doesn't? Belt up. We are doing this for Matthew!" Arthur growled, trying to keep his tail from twitching. Feliciano perked up, knowing he had to do this best for his new friend.

"You'll still have to be careful... I'm pretty sure Matthew is still with the boss." James fiddled with his fingers, keeping his head down.

"Matthew was rescued once, and I'm sure we can find him again." kiku assured the man, grabbing a cart. As the others did as well, the still felines found places in the carts they could hid. Before the could even unlock the door though, they heard loud yelling from an unknown distance. They gave each other quick looks before hurrying out.

"After an hour, everyone should meet back here." Kiku spoke softly, and received nods from the humans. And with that Kiku, Herakles, and James went right, while Arthur and Feli went left.


Feliciano and Arthur hit a crossroads of sorts. The building had gone eerily silent after the yell, and both of them were reluctant to part. However, Arthur motioned that he was going to go right. The auburn haired man nodded and turned his cart to the left.

The farther away from the he got from Arthur, the more Feli wanted to run away from the building. However, he heard a meow from ludwig and smile flashed across his face. At least he wasn't alone. At least he had the love of his life with him. All Matthew had was his awful father.

"Ve... Don't worry Mattie... We're coming." Feli whispered, and pushed on. He stopped at every door, and both him and Ludwig listened carefully for any signs of the young cat. As they went farther down the hall, Feli began to get a bad feeling. Just as he stopped at another door, one down the hall slammed open, and he watched as Matthew's father came storming out, followed by quite a few men.

"Tear the fucking building upside down you have to! Find Matthew! Find him now!" The obviously irritated man screamed and sent his men scattering in different directions. Feliciano was frozen in shock, panic gnawing at his veins. The panic grew when Ray turned to look at him and glared. "Get back to work! And if you find a cat, let me know!" Bellowing at the terrified man, Ray glared again before going back in his office, slamming the door. Letting out a harsh breath, Feli shook away his fear. At least now he knew Matthew wasn't with his father, but somewhere probably hiding. He just hoped that one of them would find him before any of Ray's men did.


Men kept running past his hiding spot, which made Matthew try to press himself even further in the alcove. He had heard his father's angry shriek, so he knew it was only a matter of time before he was found. Every time he went to get out of his hiding spot, he heard footsteps, which sent him reeling back in.

"What am I supposed to do?" Matthew whispered as he slowly crept forward again. Before he could even peak around the corner though he heard footsteps, and squeaking wheels. However before he could move away, he heard someone talk.

"I wonder where he could be... I hope he isn't trying to find us..." He knew that voice. But just to be on the safe side, he decided to let out a small meow.

"Hello?" He mewed softly, and heard the footsteps and wheels stop.

"Matthew?" He heard both an answering meow and a human call his name. Letting out a small sigh, he felt relief creep through him.

"I'm here. In this alcove.." Matthew wondered if cats turned human were able to understand those who were still cats, but didn't have time to dwell on it, when a cleaning cart blocked his view, and he was able to see a shocked Ludwig.

Carefully climbing up next to the larger cat, he pushed up against the grey furred one and started purring. Ludwig stiffened a little bit, but didn't push the younger cat away. With a jolt, the cart started to roll forward, and Matthew watched from his place against Ludwig as the floor went by them. They kept a good pace, until for reason unknown to the cats, Feliciano slowed down.

"Hey kid! Get out of the damn hallway. We're in the middle of something here!" They heard an angry voice call out, and Feli's weak apology.

The large cat began to stiffen up even more, but stayed where he was, to Matthew's great relief. They began to move faster again, and they passe at least three pairs of legs. Matthew quivered at the sight, panic nearly taking him over. Ludwig awkwardly tried to comfort the other without making any noise.

"I can't.. can't go back to living in a cage anymore. It would kill me..." Matthew whispered as he calmed a bit. "Actually seeing how big the world is makes even thinking about my first 18 years of life difficult..." The younger cat was very obviously scared of being caught.

"If you stick close, and listen we'll get out of here. I promise." Although he was hardly the most outwardly caring, Ludwig did not like seeing anyone hurt or scared. Purple eyes peered up at him, and locked their eyes to show he wasn't lying. A few seconds later, Matthew nodded and forced his body to relax.

Not long after that, Feli let out a triumphant sound. They were jolted to a halt, and a door was opened."Yay! I was right." The more human of the trio happily pushed the cart inside the cleaning room. Ludwig and Matthew heard the door quietly shut before soft noises interrupted the silence. And then Matthew was nearly knocked over by an excited cat.

"I'm so happy you're okay! I was worried we'd never find you! That would have been so awful..." Feli shoved into the already small space his lover and Matthew were in, and began to purr happily, his tail flicking back and forth. The two smaller cats laid down together, quietly talking to each other. Ludwig however, was on guard, standing by the door. Now that he had both Feliciano and Matthew to look after, he refused to let anything happen to the two royal consorts.

"How did you escape any way? And... where are the rest of the cats?" Matthew finally asked. He was a little embarrassed that it had taken so long for him to ask the questions, he had just been so happy to see the two cats.

"Oh! The man who caught us helped out! And we all split up into teams of two to look for you." The happy cat at his side answered him, smiling. "We were supposed to meet back here in an hour. But, because we found you, I figured it would be okay to come back early." Feliciano continued, and began to ramble again, drawing Matthew into another conversation. The cats had no way of knowing how long they waited, but after a while, Ludwig stood up straight and tall.

"Hush! I hear someone coming!" He hissed, jumping away from the door. The three cats all hurried to the very back of the room, and huddled underneath a seemingly old cart. The door creaked open, and they heard footsteps, and the bumping of carts.

"Feliciano? Are you here?" Arthur's voice called out in a whisper, and the three cats crept closer. When they heard the door shut they poked their heads around the carts to see that everyone else had found their way back. And surprisingly at the same time. Gilbert crept off his cart, in obvious sadness.

"Gilbert!" Mathew called happily, and ran at the cat, whose eyes widened in shock. The smaller cat ran into him, sending the two tumbling backwards.

"Matthew? Are you alright? DId anyone hurt you?" Gilbert tried to look the young cat over as best he could. Matthew nodded and purred, not willing to get off of the white feline under him.

"As sweet as this all is, I think it would be a good idea if you all left. Like now." James' voice cut into the happy reunion everyone had been watching, and everyone was left with a grim feeling. They were so close to getting out this place, and yet there was still one hurdle left.

"How are we supposed to get out? I'm sure all the entrances have been blocked." Kiku finally asked, glancing over at James who smirked.

"There's a door in this room that leads outside to the dumpster. You can get out through that." He informed them, and began to carefully make his way towards the back wall. He gently pushed on it, and a small part of the wall swung out, revealing the setting sun. Herakles and Kiku wasted no time in transforming, and all the cats except for Arthur scurried over to the door, and stared outside.

"What are you going to do? They will surely figure out that you aided in our escape." Arthur questioned James, watching at Gilbert and Ludwig searched for the best exit.

"I think... that I might finally go back home." James told him, shuffling his feet. When he didn't hear a reply, he looked to his side to see a crumpled uniform lying on the ground. Turning his gaze back to the outside, he only saw tail rounding a corner before he lost all sight of the cats.

"Good luck." He whispered, before stepping outside and shut the door.


The building was completely silent, and dark. Almost everyone was asleep in their private room. But in one office, there was a dim light, that lit up a tired face. Ray was wallowing in self-pity. And he was so caught up in himself that he didn't hear another enter the room.

"How could you Ray? You not only had Matthew, but both of the Princes as well." An angry voice hissed out, causing Ray to jump. Slowly lifting his eyes, he barely got a glimpse of murderous brown eyes before they disappeared.

"Master... Andrew! I didn't mean to!" The man who appeared older nearly wailed.

"You failed ray. And this time... you will not go unpunished." Screams soon filled the building, echoing down long corridors. No one came out to check what was wrong. Had anyone cared to check inside the private rooms, all they would find were bloody corpses.

~x~x~End Chapter 7~x~x~

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