Disclaimer: All characters and the Soul Eater manga belong to Atsushi Okubo and rightful owners. Rated T to be safe, genre is hurt/comfort.

This is a poem fiction that is set on Crona and how he views the world and people. Crona is a boy in this fiction and it is his POV. Not all the events are real in this story… Just my imagination and thoughts, enjoy! Lady Midnight Nightingale.

Darkness is what I see, what I feel and touch. I feel alone when in times of need. I need someone to lean on if that isn't too much to ask. I crave a bright blue sky amongst the darkness of midnight, a shining

star that can lead my way and comfort me with warm arms. Every child needs a companion, who is mine? I have Ragnarok. He is cold and distant, he cannot care for me. I sit each day in Mr Corner and think.

What is life? What are friends? What is love? Love. That is the one thing I have been missing my whole life. A mother to care for me, a family to love me and friends who accept who I am even if I am

different, I may not be able to deal with this though. Maybe I can. The darkness was washing over me, suffocating me and drowning my soul when a ray of light appeared as If the sun had begun to shine brightly behind its mask of clouds. Then an angel's voice spoke to me;

"What do you say Crona? Will you be my friend?"

Amongst the tears of shock and the lonely sadness I found myself a companion I had been looking for my whole life. Someone who accepted me and thought I was amazing, even though I am not. I am just

the demon swordsman Crona with the demon sword Ragnarok. I am anything but amazing. Yet, she decided to trust me and believed in me as no else had before, it felt good. She lets me stay with her and

her friend Soul. She keeps me well and safe. She comforts me and treats me like I am just another person, not the demon I am. She comforts me when I am afraid tells me it's going to be okay when I

cannot see how, she is always right and encircles me with warm arms when I need pulling away from the darkness and hell of my mind an world. She brings me into the light. How did darkness find light? I

cannot say. We should be friends for ever Maka and I so that one day I will be able to see the beauty and bright light of the sun for ever with my best friend who I shall protect always.

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