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I am always hoping that one day we will be able to find a cure for the virus that will kill me if I touch the woman of my dreams. But that is not our biggest issue right now, especially since my kind are trying to kill all of the transgenics. Terminal city has become a sanctuary for them, with Max as their leader.

I am now one of the very few who believe that they are not something to be afraid of. Although after the Jam Pony incident they did get a few more supporters. I now live in Terminal city with them partly because Ames trashed my apartment and I have no where else to go but also so that I can be close to Max. After everything we have been through I couldn't just leave her. Plus someone has to try and help explain what type of people the transgenics are and who better to take that on than Eyes Only and the informer net.

All the transgenics are pretty used to the way the world is for them now, even Mole is more helpful and less gun ho. Original Cindy, Sketchy and a bunch of other people from Jam Pony have started a free the transgenics group, even Normal is involved.

I had to move all the stuff to get Eyes Only running again from Joshua's to here, it was really hard and took so many trips because we had to take only small amounts at a time and go through the sewers mainly so we could get past the police blockade and the transgenics that were helping me wouldn't be seen. Of course I wouldn't have had to have all my Eyes Only stuff from Joshua's if Ames hadn't found my state of the art equipment and destroyed it.

I still laugh at the way we left Ames and his blood cult bad asses at Jam Pony. There is another one of those bigger issues that I was talking about earlier, Ames White and his familiars, hey Alec is right for once that does sound like a rock band. Anyway they seem hell bent on killing Max, supposedly because she will be the one to bring an end to them. So as you can tell keeping her alive so that one day we can find a cure is more important than finding a cure now.

Right now I am in what we have called the command central of Terminal City. Alec is trying to push Joshua's buttons (and is succeeding), Max is trying to talk Original Cindy out of staying in Terminal City, she gave up on trying that on me a couple of weeks ago and Sketchy is trying to interview Mole about life as a transgenic for their new group but Mole isn't being very cooperative. I am trying to figure out just how much wearing the exo- skeleton has enhanced my legs, ever since jumping onto that cop car I have wanted to know if I could do all the things our crazy friend Phil could. So far I have only been able to jump the height of the car and break five planks of wood at a time, not quite as much as Phil was able to do but considering Phil had always been able to walk without them, it is pretty good.

There was something special about Joshua's blood when he transfused me the affects of the nano bodies didn't wear off like they had done when Max had transfused me.

Which is a plus, because it means that I don't have to wear the exo- skeleton all the time.

But I have swapped wearing them all the time for wearing gloves all the time so that Max and I are able to hold hands at least. I'm sure that one day we will be able to track down one of those manticore nerds again and get a cure out of them. But until then it is gloves on.

It is amazing how much terminal city has changed since we have arrived here. The buildings are cleaner, there are less rats and more of the space is being used again. A lot of the transgenics like doing experiments, some of them are even trying to find a cure.

Other than all that we all seem to be getting along really well, you would think that with there being so many people in the same place there would be more fights, but there aren't it might have something to do with how they are all in the same situation and the rest of the world is against them.

Oh speak of the devil, here comes Alec, Max defiantly named him appropriately.

"Hey there Logan, the techs were wondering if you could help them with some kind of tech problem." Ever since this whole thing started Alec has been far nicer to everyone, including me.

"Sure Alec I'll be there in a couple of minutes."

Although the transgenic techies have been well trained by Manticore, they taught them about military computers not normal scientific computers like the ones that they are using now, so I quite often help them out.

Max and I finally have some alone time, tonight. It is the first time in a month that we are completely alone.

But even then it is hard to get her to talk about anything other than the status of the inhabitants of Terminal City or the writing that appeared all over her a while ago.

Yet, somehow I think she hates wearing the gloves as much as I do. She will either try to stay as far away from me as possible or barely touch me with a gloved hand. That is when she hasn't successfully been able to avoid me. It drives me insane that she feels so guilty about all of this like it her fault, that the world hates transgenics.

For some reason all she can talk about is everyone else's problems instead of ours I think it is too hard for her. But it can get really frustrating. I don't want to back to where we were the first year we knew each other, dancing around each other.

Any way that is what is happening and as much as it there is nothing I seem to be able to do about it.