Chapter 1


Percy woke up in a park bench. He couldn't remember anything. This sucks. He said. He examined the area. It was a clear afternoon. The people were playing at the park. Kids were flying kites or playing tag. He tried to remember but every time he did that his head ached. He looked at the North and saw the ocean. His pain subsided and a memory came back to Percy.

Percy was in a different place but he was holding hands with a girl. The girl was gorgeous. She was blond and had an orange T-shirt that was smeared with mud so what he only read was something like CAPHLD. She was laughing as we ran. I looked back and saw a half boy half donkey? The donkey-boy was scowling at us. "Why did you do that?" He asked. He was wet with cold water and was freezing. But the girl only stuck out a tongue then ran. "Curse you Annabeth!" donkey-boy said.

Annabeth….. Percy was sure he heard that name. The only connection he got.Something tingled at the back of Percy's mind. San Francisco, Percy thought Annabeth's home.

He stood up and walked near a billboard. He looked at the time and date. He was in San Francisco. Today was August 5.

Wait a minute. Percy thought.How did I came here in San Francisco? Percy was curious but at that time, something moved behind him. He instinctively reached out for his pen witch was gold. What? Percy thought am I gonna write or something? But Percy knew better than to write because he saw the creatures…

They were sisters. One had green snakes for hair. Like Medusa Percy thought but when he looked at her eyes he did not solidify. so she not medusa. Percy thought. The other one had wicked sharp claws that could cut anything.

"At last we found you!" shrieked the snake-haired lady.

"Shut up Setheno!"Yelled the other.

Surely people would have seen this. But they didn't even noticed.

"Well kill you demigod!"Setheno yelled.

They lashed at Percy. This would be a foolish way to die. Percy thought. He closed his eyes hoping bit wouldn't hurt but he didn't feel anything. When he opened his eyes, The woman with sharp claws had no more claws. They were broken.

"So you…" The woman hissed.

"You dare bring the curse of Achillies?" Setheno asked.

"What?How?" Percy stammered. But he knew better than to talk. He ran as fast as he could until he reached a tunnel that was closed and went in. He adventured the tunnel. It was dark and damp and also creepy. At last, he came to an opening. It was a camp. But something was blocking his path. It was a woman. The woman was lovely. She wore a dress that shimmered as she walked. Her hair was braided with gold. Something at the back of Percy's mind tingled

"Who are you?"Asked Percy. He was afraid of the woman because she radiated power.

"Hello child" She said with a soothing tone "No need to be afraid. I'm Hera. Let's have a talk shall we?"