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3rd November 2011

She would be a beautiful bride.

He always knew that. Always- even when he was a pre-hormonal strange boy of seven, he knew Blair Waldorf would be a beautiful bride. Her chestnut curls will sparkle against the white veil and her eyes would be brimming with unadulterated happiness. The older he grew the more firm was the belief. And then there was that day when he thought that she would his bride.

When he saw the Harry Winston for the first time in his life, he had seen her in a white dress. It was most beautiful vision he had seen and his heart had thudded in anticipation the entire time he stood at the top of the Empire State Building. The day had ended sorely, but his belief that she would be his had not ended. He knew, deep down, somewhere along his conscious that they were inevitable. Hence he guarded her ring with his life.

Never had he imagined that he would be here. Slipping discreetly in the church on her wedding day to another man... He hadn't wanted to come. He had wanted to stay far away and drown himself in scotch but he couldn't stop himself. Not when he received her text –Not when she wanted him to be there. Chuck shook his head and slipped in the room.

She was standing in front of the big oval mirror. She was magnificent. She was dressed in a long flowing Vera Wang which was designed to ensure that her round belly was only hinted upon. Her face was glowing and her glossy curls were hanging loosely down her veil. He sucked in his breath at her sight. The sound drew her eyes to him. She turned slowly, measuring each of her movement.

"What're you doing here?"

He looked away "I wouldn't have come, but your text…"

Her eyes became more confused. "I didn't send you any…"

He shrugged. He had gotten one. He stared at the beautiful creature and cursed Louis for being a lucky bastard. Not only was he marrying the most amazing woman in the world, she was carrying his child. Watching Blair with his child swelling her must be a powerful surge of love.

He looked away from her before his emotions gave him away.

"Chuck…" she called his name

He looked back and gave her a smile. "You look beautiful"

Their eyes met and she flinched "You rent supposed to see me"

"Why?" he asked with a self-deprecating smirk "You aren't marrying me, are you?"

Her eyes dropped down and she whispered his name again. This time he heard the faint hint of regret in her voice.

"You let me go, Chuck. I-I thought you would be happy for me"

Chuck stared at her and for a moment he didn't see his Blair but the tiny brunette girl he grew up with. The small girl who always had stars in her eyes and dreams in her scrapbook…He had always been the one who wanted to make them come true and now they were within her reach.

He leaned over and kissed her forehead. She looked up, her hands cradled against her protruding stomach.

"Bon voyage, B"

Her beautiful doe-eyes filled with tears but he turned away. He needed to walk away while he could. And every second in that room was stretching his restraint thin. He managed to walk out, wondering why he had bothered to come and who had sent him the text message.

"Charles Bass, I presume?" said a soft voice with a lilt. Chuck turned around. A beautiful brunette dressed in a magnificent navy blue bridesmaid dress was eyeing his shrewdly.

"I 'm Princess Beatrice" she said moving towards him. "You and I need to talk. There is a particular medical report you need to read…"

"How do you know me?" Chuck asked flabbergasted

"You're Chuck Bass" she said with a smirk "Even Europeans know what that means"


Dan stood awkwardly at the hallway. He felt uncomfortable, out of place. It wasn't an unfamiliar feeling but back at high school he was invisible. However, now he was author of the controversial UES novel "Inside". While many of the distinguished now gave him a passing glance, his friends and family refused to acknowledge his presence other than throwing him a poisonous glance or two. He saw Serena and Charlie, dressed identically, chattering excitedly. Charlie threw him a soft apologetic glance but Serena scrunched her nose and walked in another direction. She had really hated his portrayal of Sabrina and he was loath to admit that he had written exactly as he saw her. She believed that he had favored Blair.


His throat became dry as he thought of her. Blair wasn't happy with him either. She was speechless with anger at his audacity to make Claire sleep with Daniel Hunter. Not only she refused to forgo it, she ranted about it every time they spoke since then. Curiously, however, she hadn't uninvited him to the wedding. He was also the only guy present at the fitting for her wedding dress. While her bridesmaids had cooed and drooled over the design, he had remained silent with one thought.

She will be beautiful bride…. And it wasn't the dress or even her beauty. It was sheer vulnerability that her eyes exuded beneath their strong exterior. It was because she was Blair- prim and yet brazen, manipulative and yet loyal, strong and yet vulnerable.

Stop it, Humphrey. She is getting married today

He sighed and picked up a drink with a fancy name from a passing waiter. It was then he saw him.

Chuck Bass hurried past him. His eyes were wild and he was storming into the inner hallways. Without stopping to think, Dan followed him. He was going to see Louis and he needed to stop Chuck before he did something.

"Chuck, wait…" he said pulling the billionaire

Chuck shrugged off his arm "Get out of my way Humphrey" he said with clenched teeth. Now that he was a few inches away from Chuck, he realized he had never seen the latter like this. His eyes were wild and his jaw was ticking. He looked mad with rage.

He wasn't in his senses and he could ruin this for Blair.

"Chuck, listen – don't do anything that you would regret later…"

"Oh, no... I wouldn't be regretting anything" Chuck snarled shoving Dan away "I need to see Louis."

"Chuck- no... Don't ruin this for Blair"

Chuck stopped and looked at Dan, his eyes appraising him.

"Did you know?" he asked with a hint of betrayal in his hazel eyes

"Know what?" Dan asked feeling wrong footed with the intensity of his glare

He smirked "Blair is nothing without her secrets"

Dan stared at him, with eyebrows scrunched "I don't know what you are talking about but you need to really get out of here."

"It is mine." Chuck ground out.

Dan stepped back in shock and then found his voice back "No- that-that's- um –impossible. I –I made her do the paternity test. She found out its Louis."

"You mean this test?" Chuck snarled. Dan picked it feeling the rough edges of where it had been taped back and his mouth fell open.

"She lied- to you, to me and to her prince" Chuck said. He snatched the paper back and stormed into the groom's chamber, leaving Dan dumbfounded.

Blair stared into the mirror, scrutinizing every last inch of her. She needed to be perfect. This was the culmination of her fairytale-a fairytale she had woven in her heart since childhood that came to fruition beyond her hopes and for which she had some grave prices. Her hands immediately went to her stomach as she felt a strong kick. Her child was oddly restless today and Blair blamed it on her nerves. She smoothened the front of her gown and kept her mind on the wedding preparations, the thought of paternity, lost loves and lost chances would sent her over the edge.

She sighed and took a deep sip of her aromatic herbal tea. She heard the murmur of voices outside her door. She stood up and opened the door. Her mother seemed to be in a deep argument with Louis, who had an uncharacteristic stern look on his face.

Most of the remaining members of the Royal Family stood wearing confused faces. Beatrice was standing at the corner, her hands folded neatly against her waist. Serena, Charlie and the remaining bridesmaids seemed to be staring agape at Louis.

"It's most improper Louis and after all the emphasis provided on tradition by Princess Sophie..." Eleanor was saying.

Louis looked beyond her and caught sight of Blair. The bride immediately tried to hide herself.


"You aren't supposed to see me" The words reminded her of her encounter with Chuck but she forced it out of her mind.

"Never mind that now" Louis said sternly "I need you to answer a question and I need the truth."

Everyone seemed to have stopped talking to listen to them.

"Are you carrying my child?" Louis asked

There was a murmur and Serena called out abruptly "How dare you, Louis?"

Louis ignored her

"Is this child mine, Blair?" he asked her again. "Is this paternity test correct?"

Blair opened her mouth to tell the lie she had said so many times but something stopped her. Louis grabbed her arms.

"Say something, Blair. Anything… Tell me this is all a Chuck Bass plan to sabotage our wedding. Tell me he is lying"

Blair choked on a sob and her eyes met Chuck's. Icy hazel eyes stared at her with loathing. She flinched inwardly.

"Yeah" said a relieved voice from the back. Humphrey... "It's a hoax, right Blair?"

She turned away from him, her eyes wavering over the faces on her family and her to-be family, her friends and then onto her fiancé. Her prince- her Louis...

And it all became too much

"No" she whispered hoarsely "No, I 'm not carrying your child"

Louis released her as though she was a poisonous snake. Maybe she was on some level. His eyes which looked at her with so much adoration filled with anger. He looked away.

She reached for him blindly "Louis…"

"No!" he cried "I can't do this"

She whimpered but no one reached to comfort her. They were staring at her like she was a monster. She gave a quick cry and turned on her heel. She needed to get out of there.

Whispers melted through the hallway. Faces unknown and familiar stared at her with disgust. It was happening. Just like every nightmare she had it was happening. But it was worse than any nightmare, for she would never wake up. She lifted herself slowly and walked out gracefully. No one watching her could realize that she was dying a hundred deaths inside. She quickly stepped out of everyone's sight. It was then that she started to run.

Far away from this place... She heard footsteps behind her and looked up. She hoped for love, friendship or even affection.

But as always it was her nightmare. How could Chuck do this to her? In his selfish pursuit did he forget that he would destroy her? His eyes softened at first as though he could read her mind but then his expression hardened.

"You brought this upon yourself" he said, his eyes burning with a vengeance.

She shook her head

"You ruined me..." she said half to herself and half to him

The scandal was too juicy and fresh. The American gossip magazines tripped over themselves just to get a glimpse of the bridal party. The distraught parents' duo took refuge in the first limo they could find. Serena was being hounded by the press. Chuck seemed to have locked himself in his suite. The biggest concern, however, remained that Blair was missing.

Her cell phone was switched off and there was no place that they didn't look. They stopped by the Van der Humphrey penthouse, the Waldorf residence, the loft, Constance, Dorota's apartment in Queens and even the Empire but to no avail. There was no sign of her.

Worried beyond words, exhausted beyond capacity Dan returned to the loft close well past midnight. He stopped short as he saw the telltale stained white lace on his wooden floor. Blair Waldorf was sitting cross-legged at his doorstep.

"Blair…" He rushed to her "Where the hell have you been? Everyone is looking for you."

"You will always have me." She murmured


" You- you said even if I lose everything, I will always have you…" she said again, her voice weary beyond belief "Did you mean it?"

He stared at her intently

"Even after what I did, can you be there for me?"

She had crossed a line. She had no right to keep the child away from his father but be as it may be Dan couldn't help but be moved by her words. He couldn't let her be alone.

"I can"

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