Epilogue - in which a visitor arrives.

Four Months Later

Hayner had not lied, Axel mused to himself. Most of the town squeezed into the square, crammed in to watch the beginning rounds of the Struggle tournament. He had laughed when he had seen who his first round opponent was, and when the time came, he gave a curt wave to the group in his corner, who gave him a big cheer, crying his name loudly. He walked over to the centre of the stage, shaking hands with his sneering blond opponent, who removed his cap, flinging it to his own corner of the raised platform, revealing a familiar-looking scar between his eyebrows.

"You're toast, douchebag," Seifer spat.

Axel smiled; that same smile that Roxas remembered from the day they first met - a smile of intent.


Fifteen Months Later

The night was unseasonably cold, but the figure emerging from a pitch black alley behind the Quester's Rest Inn was neither dressed for the occasion, nor seemed bothered by that fact. He wore a baggy white tee-shirt, a pair of fingerless gloves and worn dress trousers, held in place by suspenders. With one hand, he tossed a deck of playing cards bound with a shoelace in the air, running the other through his shaggy brown hair and adjusting his thick spectacles as he did. From the eave of the Inn, he watched, cigarette in hand, as the Captain of the Royal Guard of the Radiant Knights came down the street and entered the Inn, long deep red hair flowing behind him as he went. The dark figure smiled a wide smile, and stubbed out the exhausted cigarette.

"One more, shonen..."


Hope you enjoyed this! If you do, let me know what you thought, even if it's just two words ('bloody rubbish!'). I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, it was a very fun exercise. I need some new notebooks and pens now!

P.S. Tyki Mikk belongs to Katsura Hoshino ;) But you knew that already. If you liked this, free to read A Collection, although... gimme a few weeks to fix it first ^_^