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dedicated to *insert person who asked for this because i can't find your name*
the first person to ask for perlia

I hold you here in my arms
As the darkness dawns into the light
The sadness fade
The newborn comes
And you and me is what we become
Love, forget the past
It's buried deep within our hearts
Because now you're mine
And I am yours
And together we shall be
Each other's new start

They stood over her grave, staring at the stone that held her name. It pained them to see it, to realise how much time they had spent without her. For Percy, it ached even more. Seventeen years. That was how long he had spent without his Wise Girl.

A hand gripped his, and he turned to face the young woman beside him. Her choppy black hair had grown longer and more even, softly brushing her shoulders. Her electric blue eyes were stormy; they were filled entirely with sorrow, and she did nothing to try to hide it. A tear ran down her cheek, reminding him how much his Wise Girl had been hers, too.

Percy laced his fingers through hers, seeking comfort. Finally, he found his voice, and forced a half-hearted laugh. "Seventeen years, Thalia," he said, nothing but grief in his voice. "We've been living for seventeen years without her."

Thalia nodded curtly, shifting her weight. "I can't believe . . ." Her voice died. Percy turned to look at her. Behind those glassy eyes, he could easily read her mind; they were both remembering the past.

He felt as if someone had punched him in the gut as the sudden memory washed over him like a flood. It was August 18, 2014. The news had blown him all the way back to Tartarus. He couldn't believe what the reporter was saying. A young girl . . . Annabeth Chase . . . three o'clock accident . . . cost her her life . . . He could still see himself in front of the TV, holding that diamond ring.

His vision blurred. Blood pounded heavily in his ears. Why hadn't Hades taken him as well?

"Because he can't," Thalia responded, her voice barely a whisper. Percy realised he had spoken aloud. "Because you're too stubborn to die, Jackson."

"But I want to!" He felt the ground shake ever so slightly. He took a deep breath. "I have no more reason to live, Thalia. The gods are doing . . . whatever, and there is no more war brewing for us to fight. My reason was Annabeth, and she's down there while I'm stuck up here. I feel like I'm . . ." His voice faded as it caught in his throat. I feel like I'm living the life she's supposed to live.

Thalia glared at him, electricity sparking in those stormy blue eyes. "She wouldn't want you to die, Percy. She'd want you to live."

He sighed, running a hand through his hair, knowing she was right. Annabeth would want him to continue to live on, with or without her. She would wait in Elysium, no matter how long it'll take. As long as we'll be together.

Percy turned to the woman beside him. Seventeen years, and Thalia was still younger than him. She was twenty-nine, while he was thirty-four. He remembered those days when she was in the Hunt, how Annabeth would tease them about their extreme likeness, how Thalia had been the older sister looking out for both him and Annabeth, even though she was still fifteen when he was already seventeen. He tried to remember when she left the hunt. Three years, he remembered. She left three years after her death. But why did she leave?

Percy stared at her face a little longer. "Why should I stay? Give me one good reason—besides Annabeth wanting me to."

Thalia's gaze stayed on the grave. "Because you don't deserve Elysium—you deserve the chance to live longer than most demigods." She turned her face sideways so she could see him from the corner of her eye. "But I'm guessing that's not the answer you're looking for."

"No," he agreed.

"Then stay for this: stay, so I can keep my promise to Annabeth. Stay, so the promise we made eighteen years ago won't go to waste." She now looked directly into his eyes. "We made an oath to take care of each other, even if one of us pass on. I'm keeping that promise, Seaweed Brain. I'm not going to let you die."

Percy stared at her. He could see everything much clearer now; the freckles on her face that blinked like silver constellations, the raging movements hidden underneath her blue eyes, her full pink lips slightly parted. She was beautiful—nothing compared to his Wise Girl, but beautiful otherwise. Before he realised it, he was leaning in, kissing her with such ferocity that it caused her to gasp in surprise. Warmth engulfed Percy in a heartbeat as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Thalia wasn't Annabeth, but she was what he had now.

They parted, their breath short, still caught in their throats. Tears stung in her eyes. "Stay for me, Seaweed Brain. Stay so I can keep my promise to Annabeth."

Percy nodded slowly. "I—I'll try. I promise to try."

Thalia nodded, leaning in once more. Their lips connected, acting as a seal that would hold that promise until the day came for one of them to depart.

In the distance, a dark-haired young man stood in the shadows, chanting silently in Ancient Greek. A shimmering young girl was standing beside him, her golden hair almost invisible compared to her lively grey eyes. Though she looked nonexistent, her face held a proud, grateful expression as a ghostly tear trailed down her face.

She turned to the young man. "Let's go, Nico," she mumbled.

The young man stopped chanting, watching as the young girl faded back into the Underworld. He walked towards the tree, ready to open a shadow to travel back to his father's realm. Looking back at his cousins standing by her grave, he could hear Annabeth's voice whispering from Elysium.

We'll be together soon, Seaweed Brain. But for now, let Thalia be your new start. Let Thalia cure your heart.

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