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Round1: DownpourofGrey

He couldn't tell the difference between her tears and the rain. Both were colorless and unappealing, yet something drew him to the scenery. Was it the striking similarity? He breathed as she sobbed; her high-pitched agony pierced into his ears.

"Laughter.Annoyance?" Kyousuke scanned his brain for a way to drive away her tears. He was already soaking wet, yet the fabric over his chest felt more drenched. Warmer,even.He was surprised to see his hands resting over her shoulders, which, in turn eased into his comforting gesture.

It was a strange sensation for Kyousuke.

The rain poured heavily. Miki's teammates cried in agony as well.

His hair, orange as embers, was the only contrast to the achromatic festival that momentarily put his world in slow motion.


All Miki did was dump her face on his chest, and silently whimper.

her tears outmatched the fieriness of his hair.

Perhaps, despite the great resemblance, something about Miki broke the overwhelming neutrality for Kyousuke. Her tears had a different weight which tugged at every fiber of his being. It was heavier than the thousand streaks of water falling from the sky. The glint in every teardrop froze him more than the humid weather did.

And with that, he knew.

He ran a thumb across her cheek to make her stop. Amazingly, when her tears finally ceased to fall, so did the heavy raindrops.

Kyousuke knew.

For no matter what or no matter where, once his eyes had settled on that particular visage his gaze would wander no more.

-end of first round-