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Round 2: Colored Pens

Kyousuke almost drooled over Miki's notes incessantly. Had he not knock the pencil holder over as he sleepily swung his head back and forth, it would've been disastrous.


In dim light, her notes gleamed a bright orange. He wondered if she did that on purpose.

"Does she like the color orange?"

And as his mind drifted towards the thought of Miki's colored pens, a flash of pink surged across his cheeks.

"No! I must be imagining things! There's no way she-" he almost fell off his chair.

Back then, he overheard Miki answer a classmate's inquisitions.

"Miki-chan, I just noticed, you don't use these other colored pens as much as you use the orange one. Do you like the color orange?"

"Yup. I like it a lot."


She blushed, and almost inaudibly, answered, "Because it reminds me of someone."

He wondered if he had heard her right.

And as she woke up, rubbed her eyes and fixed an unarmed gaze at him, he queried, "Do you like the color orange?"

-end of Round 2-