"Hey, you guys don't happen to be chasing unsubs in a tornado are you?" Penelope asked as she navigated several screens in front of her, her cell phone cradled on her shoulder. She was in town for an unplanned meeting and she had hoped to see them briefly before she had to head to New York for the very same meeting with the New York office.

It had been weeks since she had flown in from London for Carolyn's death. Dave had flown to London with her after the funeral and effectively after he had sorted out Carolyn's affairs, which were in good order. He spent a few days hanging in her apartment as she worked and in the evenings they explored. Then he spent a week in Italy to visit with his mother. It was his first case back and she had checked in with him before they jumped on the jet a few days earlier.

"Well, we are the BAU's finest..." JJ replied dryly
"What's wrong Jayje?" Penelope asked worriedly, noticing immediately that JJ was despondent.
"Henry's sick, he's in hospital and I can't get a stupid flight out of here because of the storms."
"What? What happened? Which hospital?" Penelope said standing straight to her feet and started closing down the screens before her.
"He's been not feeling well the last week and his fever had finally broken before I had left and then this morning it spiked again and Will had to take him to the hospital and I'm not there. Garcie, I'm his Mommy and I'm not there."
"Oh honey you couldn't have known. Is he okay?"
"Yeah, they're just keeping him overnight for observation and they're sending home in the morning."
"That's good honey. He'll be okay."
"But I'm not there."
"I know sweetheart and I know that breaks your heart but you weren't to know and he's fine Jayje. As soon as the storms clear you will be with him."
"I'm a horrible mother!"
"Stop it! You are not going to be any good to yourself, or to Henry if you worry yourself sick. Henry knows that you love him and that you will get to him as soon as you can, and until then I'll be there."
"Garcie, you can't fly home every time there's a crisis." JJ protested
"Who says? And secondly I am already here. Hence why I was calling to begin with. I'm here for an impromptu big wig meeting. I was going to see if you guys were back so I can see you before I head to New York. So now tell me, which hospital is my precious Godchild in?"

JJ felt a thousand times better after she hung up the phone. Somehow it made all the difference that Henry would have a Mommy like figure there to comfort him. Though she knew that Will would be doing an amazing job, it was still different to have a feminine touch. Knowing that Henry loved his fairy Penny softened the blow of not having his Mommy there.

"Fairee Pennee," little Henry La Montagne squealed with as much enthusiasm as his weakened state allowed upon seeing his godmother. Will turned and grinned as he saw their dear friend walking towards them.
"Hey little man! Are you not feeling well my little love?" she asked as leant down to gather him into her arms for a hug.
"All better Penny. I had popsicle."
"Well that is the best medicine in the world. You know your Mommy sent me here because she wanted to be with you so badly but she got stuck in the storm."
"Is Mommy okay?" he asked worriedly,
"She is sweetness, she's just worried about her little man. She wishes she could be here with you, especially as you're not feeling too good."
"I'm okay," he said smiling up at her reassuringly. Penelope dropped her lips to his forehead and gave him another squeeze,
"Well I think we should video call Mommy just so she can see you for herself."