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The start to this story covers a little bit of Sam's time alone; there will be more references along the way I hope to include but in the meantime:

Months before the championship round…

"That's why I'm here. You're the leader of the Freedom Fighters, right? I need your help, Sam."

"Because if you own me no one else can… Sam, please!"

"I'll even help out with your Freedom Fighter gig… I have some ideas… but it involves leaving home, think you can handle that?"


Sam started and sat upright, his eyes flashed open like someone had set off a firework next to him. He'd been dreaming of Gabriel, the night they met and how his angel had begged him to place that collar around his neck. If Sam could take it off without Crystal Wings being able to steal Gabriel and lock him up, he would. He'd never wanted to possess an angel like Dean had; he'd never wanted to enslave anyone. How was it okay that he'd done it? Considering what he'd been preaching and his actions combined, he hated his own hypocrisy to no end. Regardless, it was a sweet dream to remember Gabriel, to remember doing something for him.

But then he remembered they made a bond through their connection, held hands and embraced one another. But what was that weird vision before hand? Sam could hardly remember it but in his subconscious mind there was a reminder screaming at him. What did it mean, go to sleep? What was the context? Despite his questions Sam couldn't, for the life of him, figure out the answers, no matter how often he asked himself.

"Sam?" Gabriel interrupted his thoughts with a cheerful smile and more than welcomed enlightened tone. "Done sleeping?"

"Yeah," Sam rubbed his eyes and stretched a little, looking around at the area vaguely, "How far did we get?"

"Pretty far, actually. Almost there." Gabriel ran a hand through the teen's hair, moving it out of his face temporarily. They were lying in the back of a large truck with several other Freedom Fighters. Many of them had decided that if they were ever going to make a difference then they needed to uproot and do something, their lives needed to be all about this or they were just blowing hot air. Sam still couldn't believe how many people they'd gathered in the last month alone. Granted he was also amazed that he'd run away from home in the first place.

It was exhilarating, to say the least. He'd defied his parents' vision of what was tolerable, he'd completely disagreed with Dean's decision to force Castiel to fight, he ran away from home, and now he was in the process of hitting one of the major Crystal Wings' facilities. Today was the one situated in Chicago, Illinois, a testing facility. Their intent was to free every angel and blow the place up.

Granted he went as far as to destroy a shipment of angel catching supplies so what was another step or two up on the drastic scale? Whole buildings being demolished on a weekend when no one was working after every living thing had been evacuated? Not that big a deal.

After such a long drive and what felt like forever crammed in the back of a truck, Sam finally got to stretch his legs when they'd reached the testing facility. He looked up at the place and furrowed his brow, he'd read about places like this and the thought of what he'd find in there disgusted him.

"Beta team's already securing the grounds, making sure no one's in the offices." One of the newer recruits informed him. Even though Sam was only 14 people treated him like he was an adult and knew exactly what he was doing. He was, after all, the one who founded this group and the one who held their ideals in the strongest regards. The bottom-line among the Freedom Fighters was you're either in or out, there was no in between, and there definitely was no fucking with Sam Winchester. You lie or cheat the boss in any kind of way and you get your ass handed to you. Sam was loved by the Freedom Fighters, loved and respected, his age didn't matter.

"Thanks, Andy." Sam smiled at the guy briefly and started toward the building, motioning the Alpha team to follow him. They had the real job; freeing the angels held captive as lab rats.

The first doors to the basement labs were difficult to bust through, but of course Sam had expected that much. The way the building was laid out in the blueprints there had been obvious hints that any live beings would be held in the basement, all the chemical and product testing was done in the upper levels where just about anyone could go. The basement was employees only.

Gabriel stood back from the doors a good distance, pointing out the angel warding sigils around the entrance. "They didn't want any runaways, apparently." He muttered humourlessly. Unlike everyone else around him he knew what they were about to see and he was in no hurry to do so.

Sam smirked as he watched the hinges on the door come apart thanks to one of their more engineering type members. Of course, explosives never hurt the situation either. He walked in first, his stride confident and strong until he took in the sights of the first visible area.

There was angel-warding magic everywhere, some meant to pin the beings down, some that stole the angel's strength and locked down their graces while under the signs. There were many more different symbols that Sam couldn't even identify though he was certain that they could only be harmful. "Gabriel, I want you to wait upstairs." He said sternly though his voice shook enough that the archangel noticed.

Gabriel swallowed but shook his head, "No, the sigils aren't as strong against me, I can stay."

Sam couldn't take his eyes away from the immediately visible cells, they were at an angle that he couldn't see the state the captives were in but he could see blood staining the floor, pooling around the bars and into drains. He steadied himself and continued forward, the further he walked, however, the less he wanted to be there. Each cell he approached held an even more disturbing sight, each one aided with the same magic as the entrance. In one of them the angel's wings had been torn from its back, the company's own trapping equipment chaining the creature down as it continued to writhe on the floor, as if the pain never really went away. The test was more than likely to see how 'clipping the wings' worked out.

Another was being tested to see how well shock collars worked, just in case that angel was particularly stubborn and didn't listen to orders their grace would be violently shaken until the owner decided they'd been suitably punished. One angel was donning the new obedience collar; it sat staring at them from the floor of its prison, a crust of drool trailed from the corner of its mouth and some snot from its nose. It hadn't been in control long enough to wipe its face while crying. Sam noted the ugly throbbing veins that glowed a deep purple beneath the angel's skin connecting to the collar itself. This collar was supposed to be the leading technology in angel obedience, all an angel would be capable of doing while under its influence would be to follow a human's every wish.

Sam shuddered; he could hardly bear to see anymore. "Let's start on freeing them, come on!" he ordered the others, motioning for the Alpha team to spread out throughout the labs. He took some of the hacking equipment for himself and headed toward another cell, the doors couldn't be blown apart because it'd hurt the angels but they didn't have keyholes to pick, either. Swipe cards were generally used, which meant Sam had to call for the help of any hacker type individuals. Lucky for him there were a few of them, a girl named Charlie had been particularly helpful in making fake keycards for most of the team.

It took over an hour and a half to get the wounded angels out of the building and outside, some of them Sam wasn't even sure would make it but once they'd gotten outside all of their faces seemed to brighten. They were in touch with their graces again and had regained the ability to heal themselves. Even Gabriel exhaled dramatically, "Wow it feels good to be out of there."

"That bad?" Sam looked up at him.

Gabriel nodded, "OH yeah! Like… It's like waking up and feeling rejuvenated after pulling an all-nighter. Or like if you haven't eaten in three days and then you eat your favourite food. Or-"

"I get it." Sam looked back at the significant number of angels starting to stand again, "They must feel so relieved right now…"

"Probably are," Gabriel smiled, "So when's the building going up?"

"Soon, once the team's done with the set up we'll get the hell away from this place." Sam crossed his arms and couldn't help but smile at what they'd done that day. These angels got to see the light of day again after who knows how long, they may not be entirely safe but that was something that they'd need to work on.

He furrowed his brow, glancing over at the collar around Gabriel's neck again, his mind spinning like a hamster wheel. "Hey…" he reached up and tapped the foreign device suspiciously, "If they can engineer these things to force you guys to listen to us, can they be made to resist the enslaving process?"

Gabriel raised an eyebrow and looked down at the teen skeptically, "I couldn't really say. Something we could look into though."

Sam nodded, "I'll call some people, get them on it and see if it's possible at all, at least."

The bombing team came into view, waving and signaling for everyone to start clearing out. Gabriel went to the angels' that were rising and looking confused as to what they should do next, "You're free, for now. Get outta here if you want, though you're more than welcome to help us out."

A brief exchange was made and majority of the angels took off, in fact they all wanted freedom after that nightmarish experience. Sam couldn't blame them. The Freedom Fighters climbed into their vehicles again and as they drove off a button was hit, the shockwave rattled their transportation but to them it was more of a victory trumpet. They'd definitely be making the news for this one.

Sam allowed himself a moment to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment before starting to plan their next move with the others. Well, it had already been planned last week but he'd recently had a few more ideas for the process to go a bit smoother.

After the news coverage had gotten them a little more fame, the Freedom Fighters only grew in numbers.

Sam looked up at the television Gabriel had been watching from their motel room couch, the archangel had been switching the channels rapidly looking for something fun to watch. During the two seconds the old television forced you to wait before being able to change the station again Sam heard the name Castiel spouted. "Wait, go back!" He demanded, running across the room and leaning over to see the screen.

"Dean Winchester and Castiel: new World Champions!" The label at the bottom of the screen flashed over and over as several angled camera shots were flipped through of his older brother and Castiel. They both looked beaten up though somehow Castiel seemed radiant, the one shot of his face showed that much. His blue eyes were vibrant even in his dazed and confused state as he stared down at the trophy.

"They won…" Sam muttered, going around the couch and sitting down beside Gabriel to watch, clearly they weren't getting the live version so there'd be more on it coming up. The news reporter went as far as to show clips from the most memorable moments of Castiel's debut, the moments that led to Castiel's stance as a fan favourite, and of course the adorable scenes where the relationship between him and Dean was so obvious and sweet.

Sam sat through the hour special they'd put together, watching the highlights of Castiel's fights and failures. The battles where the angel could no longer stand at the end were painful to watch but Sam didn't want to face Castiel again without knowing the pain that he'd gone through to accomplish whatever it was he imagined he could accomplish this way. He was mistaken, of course. There was no way Castiel could get the respect angels deserved by fighting in those silly tournaments, or at least Sam didn't think so.

"Wow," Gabriel finally said after allowing his human the hour of concentrated silence. "Castiel has certainly changed."

"You knew him?" Sam looked at him sadly.

"Yeah, he was nothing like the angel you see in those fights. I'm not sure if it's sad to see him participate or if I'm glad that he's fighting for something he believes in."

"I think it's sad…" Sam turned back toward the television, his eyes hardening in an anger he wasn't aware was so strong in him. "It's horrible, what Dean's making him do."

Gabriel shrugged, "From the looks of how they progressed, Castiel wants to be there just as much or more than Dean does."

Sam nodded and turned the TV off, "Come on, we've got work to do."

"You got it, Sammy." Gabriel smirked at the teen, reaching over and smacking Sam's hip playfully.

"Gabriel…" Sam stepped away from the touch awkwardly, that 'we talked about this' tone in his voice.

"I know," Gabriel stood up and ruffled Sam's hair, "No pervy actions until you're at least sixteen."

"I just think it's creepy if you do anything before then, I've barely hit puberty." He muttered as he headed toward the door.

"You know, you have your head on straighter than any teenager I've ever met, ever." Gabriel rolled his eyes and followed, "Just my luck."

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