Natsu and the Fairies

AN: Here's another fic and this time it will be a series of lemony oneshots featuring Natsu and the different women from Fairy Tail. I don't know if this has been done though I'm sure it has.

Chapter 1: The Demon and the Dragon

"Ahhhh…Natsu… stop playing…Nnn…teasing me, Haa…haa" Mirajane gasped writhing in pleasure sandwiched between the counter and Natsu behind her. Natsu suckled on her earlobe, trailing kisses on her smooth neck and along her shoulders as she leaned to the side to give him better access. His left hand caressing her right breast over her dress, kneading and squeezing the soft orb of flesh, rolling his palm over her erect nipple visible through her dress its brother massaged her thigh.

"Why rush Mira? Nobody's here but us" Natsu whispered as he dragged his tongue along her neck nipping and lightly sucking on the tender flesh, he held her chin turning her head to face him and kissed her deeply intertwining his tongue with hers, sucking fiercely on her mouth as she moaned and writhed under his grip. After a few minutes Natsu pulled back sucking on Mirajane's tongue for a few seconds before releasing it.

"Haa…haa, but we were…Nnn…almost…caught last time" Mirajane replied through heavy breaths remembering what happened a mere week ago.

They were doing it again inside the guild at her bar in the middle of the day as it was very rare to find the guild empty during such times. The couple feeling a little frisky decided to do it. Natsu went over the counter and the moment he landed on the other side slipped dragging Mirajane on top of him. They laughed for a short while before they started kissing, groping and grinding with each other. Too busy with their own world they didn't hear someone enter the guild until she was close to the bar called and out for Mira, startled by the sudden arrival Mirajane shot up from her spot and Natsu hid inside her dress.

"Yeah, that was close one" Natsu laughed nuzzling her neck as his hands continued their ministrations. "But it's already late at night; nobody goes back to the guild after everyone leaves"

"But still…Nnn…I still feel uneasy though" Mirajane replied her mind slowly succumbing to the pleasures her lover is showering her as she feels like she's forgetting something.

"Well, let me banish all your worries" Natsu turned her head initiating another heated lip lock with the silver haired beauty as Mirajane held his cheek. He held the straps of her dress and slowly slid them down her shoulders the pink garment pooling just below her breast. Natsu groped her left breast rolling it along his hand before gripping the base of her bra lifting it up and exposing her enormous breast into the cold air of night, her nipples stiffening at contact from the cold air.

Natsu cupped her breast kneading the soft flesh as they spilled through his fingers. Soft mewls of pleasure escaped from her lips as he continued to rub, knead and roll the fleshy orbs. His left hand traveled downward caressing her thighs as he grip her skirt pulling it up until his calloused palm met her smooth thighs caressing it before going to its intended target cupping her moistening sex rubbing it through her satin panties as his right hand found her stiff nipple gently rolling it between his thumb and forefinger as his mouth busied itself from tasting her skin, Mirajane's left hand tangled her fingers through his spiky locks as the other caressed Natsu's forearm urging him on. Slipping her underwear to the side, traced her slit and slipped his middle finger inside her sopping cunt as he tugged and pinched her taut nipple causing her to release a sweet and lovely voice, pressing her back flush against Natsu at the mixture of pain and pleasure. Natsu began pleasuring his lover to orgasm pumping his finger into her hot sex in time with pleasuring her breast and nipple as her desired climax slowly build, breathes coming in short and labored pants, pleasure filled moans escaped her lips as Natsu doubled his efforts adding another finger inside her and another. Dark spots appeared at the corner of her eyes as her as she screamed her lungs out as the pleasure tore through her.

"I'M CUMMING!" Mirajane screamed hanging limply across Natsu's strong arms as he peppered her cheeks with kisses and nuzzled her neck.

"How was it?" Natsu asked a satisfied smirk plastered on his face.

"Amazing" Mirajane replied simply as she kissed him chastely that he returned with a full blown kiss spinning her around and crushing her breast against his chiseled chest, his hands caressing her back and butt. Mirajane's hand wandered over his toned torso loving the feel of the rippling muscles underneath, running her hands over his abs and chest up to his shoulders removing the black vest he always wore.

Grabbing Mirajane's firm thighs Natsu lifted her up and placed her over the edge counter as he extracted himself from her lips, lowered himself up to Mirajane's heaving breast kissing both nipples before settling on the right suckling on the sensitive tip, nipping and rolling it around his tongue as its sister is fondled by Natsu's trained hands. Wrapping her arms around Natsu's head whispering words of encouragement as he alternated between breasts slowly bringing the beautiful Majin into another orgasm, sinking lower until he is face first into her soaked sex as he massaged her inner thighs, pressing his nose over her pussy loving the heady scent as he gripped the bands around her hips pulling them down the satin material dangling on her left ankle.

Dragging his tongue along her pussy lips parting them as he reached the sensitive bundle of nerves at its tip placing his mouth around it, sucking on the sensitive bud and flicking it with his skilled tongue honed through years of pleasuring the woman in front of him who arched her back at the immense pleasure as the heat from her snatch spread setting ablaze every nerve in her body. Natsu spread her pussy lips with his fingers sucking and licking her swollen labia as she bawled her lungs at losing herself in the throes of passion. Natsu digs his tongue deeper inside his lover's cunt, his finger busy pleasuring her clit the feel of his hot and wet organ slithering and squirming inside her core expertly hitting pleasure points inside her and the feel of his rough fingers on her abused clit brought her to another mind numbing orgasm as she exploded on Natsu's face firmly pressed against her sex, lapping up her juices as she catches her breath.

Natsu stood up licking his face clean, grinning while showing his pearly whites as she returned it with her own smile through half lidded eyes leaning forward and wrapping her arms around his neck sharing another searing kiss with her pinked haired lover exchanging saliva and her juices through their tongues slowly guiding her down the counter as he climbed up along with her wrapping her legs around his waist. Pulling back Natsu smiled at her again before he removed his trousers along with his boxers releasing his swollen member from its confines. Mirajane released a moan at the sight of his throbbing member, the same one that has brought her to countless orgasms throughout the length of their relationship hidden from their friends for almost two years. Natsu rubbed its tip on her soaked cunt sending bolts of pleasure through her brain as he slowly slid inside her depths reveling at the feeling they received from the simple act. The familiar stretching of her walls filling her to the brim coupled with the unnatural heat coming from his member slowly ate away at her restraints. Meanwhile Natsu loved the feel of her velvety walls surrounding him, wrapping and massaging his shaft and the familiar heat and wetness coming from it as his grip on his mental restraints slowly fade as the baser of his instincts fought to take control.

"You're so beautiful Mira" Natsu whispered engaging into another lip lock this time slow and deliberate as they showed their love for one another that had developed from the simple act of consoling one another to something deeper that they now enjoyed.

"I love you, Natsu" Mirajane whispered back something that it took her two years to finally admit shocking the Dragon slayer who pulled back staring at her with wide disbelieving eyes. Thinking that she just crossed the proverbial line that she always avoided in fear of losing what they had tried to apologize, but was surprised when Natsu kissed her with such ferocity that she felt he would suck the life out of her.

"I love you too! Mira" Natsu exclaimed grinning broadly threatening to split his face in half. Mirajane clasped her hands on her mouth, tears began to pool at the corner of her eyes before tackling the stunned Dragon slayer peppering his face with kisses as she pinned him under him.

"Let me return the favor" Mirajane whispered low and sultry a hint of her old self returning. Proud and in control a pleasurable shiver ran across his body and wondered how she managed to become even sexier than she already is.

A groan escaped his lips when she ground her hips with a few moans escaping hers as his member scraped along her walls bracing herself on the counter as she increased her pace sending bolts of pleasuring to her brain with Natsu adding more by pressing his thumb on her clit. Wanting more she placed both of her hands on his hips and began bouncing on his cock with gusto as lust infused moans escaped her lips as she continued to impale herself on his raging cock. Natsu on the other hand watched with lust filled eyes as the beautiful Majin ride his cock. Her enormous breast swayed, her long flowing silver hair flailed from her movements as lewd and wet sounds from their love making filled the halls accompanied by her moans of pleasure. A scream erupted from her mouth as he met her thrust with his own gripping tightly on her firm buttocks as he began to pound into her as she fell on his chest, hands clenched into tight fist. Natsu continued to pound into her from below in time with her own thrusts aided by the firm grip of his hand bringing her down to him while the other played with her asshole with two fingers buried up to the second joint as he marveled at the sight of her face drowning in pleasure, eyes clouded in lust, her panting mouth parted gasping for air a few dribble of saliva trailing down her chin, her tongue would occasionally stick out when he hits her G-spot that he would suck on to before going for her mouth.

Mirajane felt the hand on her butt leave as its brother wrapped around her waist feeling their change into a shift in position not even stopping from thrusting her hips as they made out bouncing on his cock, her taut nipples dragging along his chiseled chest, her clitoris stimulated as they rub against a tuff of hair on his pelvis, the hand that left returned to her asshole renewing its efforts adding more pleasure. Natsu would lick her neck, nipping and kissing the smooth skin as he found the vein on her throat sucking on it leaving a bright red mark causing Mirajane to groan and thrust her heaving breast to his face. Knowing what she already wants and a little annoyed at his current position sitting on the counter as his lover continued to ride him manage to fold his legs to the side and with little effort change into a kneeling position and began to meet her lovers thrust who moaned out in joy, her body assaulted from four places, her ass, pussy, clit and breasts expertly handled by her enthusiastic lover as another orgasm hit her. Her back bent like a bow as the powerful sensation hit screaming his name, flushing her fluids on his hips and thighs as her walls contracted on his cock urging him to cum. He exploded inside of Mirajane painting her walls white with his seed.



Natsu gently placed her back on the counter panting and gasping for air, her lungs burned from the lack oxygen but she wanted more always thankful at how considerate Natsu as a lover is as he allowed her to rest. He pulled out from her a disappointed groan escaped her lips a he stroked himself in front of her coaxing more and splattering it on her dress and some on her heaving breast as she instinctively took his cum on her breast and tasted it moaning in delight at his taste. Mirajane glanced at Natsu smiling and looking at her panting just like her but wasn't in the least bit tired from their current exertions.

"I'm happy that we finally got together Mira" Natsu stated sitting cross-legged still smiling at her.

"Me too, I was always afraid that we'll never get beyond sex and end up getting tired of each other or you finding somebody else" Mirajane replied sadly as those dark thoughts plagued her ever since she started developing feelings for the pink haired Dragon Slayer almost a year after they began.


It was raining that day. She stood alone in front of her sisters grave alone and shivering from the cold. Her tears mixing in with the rain grieving for the life they have lost, she threw away due to her carelessness performing a rookie mistake that ended in her getting knocked out and forcing her little brother to save her by assimilating the beast that was too much for his current strength ending in his lost of control and becoming the beast himself. She fought in the form that she was known for. Majin the demon of the battlefield decimating those that stood in her path and those stupid enough to threaten her family. Yet she didn't fight and block and took the abuse hoping that he'll regain some semblance of control as she called out to him.

She withstood every blow he sent her way as she called to him over and over until her body can't handle the abuse any more. Another bone crushing blow and he sent her sailing back to the ground her power receding leaving her at his mercy and then she arrived telling her that the people has been evacuated asking her about what happened. A deafening roar echoed throughout the valley as her brothers monstrous form appeared as fear gripped her being not for herself but for her.


She stood in front of her as she ignored her words and placed her body in front of her own reassuring her that everything will be alright. She looked at her big brother a smile on her face calling out to her big brother asking him to stop, that it's time to go back. He stopped and looked at the small girl in front of him and lifted one of its massive arms swatting away the person that blocked his path.

Time seemed to stop as she watched her little sister flew off into the distance as she screamed in horror willing her battered body to find her and hope to god she is alive completely ignoring the beast as it released a pained scream grasping its head and walking off to the valleys wall.

She ran and ran her body screaming at her to stop and rest but she ignored it and pushed through until she saw her. Lying on the ground unmoving made her hard stop as she rushed to her side finding her barely alive. She cried as her sister consoled her telling her that'll be alright and that she still has Elfman and their family that is Fairy Tail and urged her to check on their brother as she reluctantly left to find Elfman not knowing it would be the last time she'd see her.

"You know you'll get sick" Mirajane looked to the side to see Natsu standing beside her. The guy was missing for two days that even Happy didn't see him leave his room after finding out about Lissana's death and now he was standing beside her. His hair clinging to his face, deep circles under his eyes and if she didn't know any better hasn't been sleeping the last two days he spent in isolation, looking as worn out as she is.

"Speak for yourself" Mirajane replied the usual spunk in her voice gone. They stood there in silence with nothing to talk about staring at the grave of the person they both hold dear and reminiscing about the past would only hurt as the wounds were still fresh.

"Come on let's head back" Natsu broke the silence as he held her free hand and slowly guided her out of the cemetery as she reluctantly followed realizing that she didn't want to go back home or go to the guild as the memories of her will come rushing back.

They walked along the road as she followed him through the town not caring where they went. She didn't ask when he entered a store and bought something and looking at the bag his carrying to see a few bottles of alcohol and wondered since when did he started drinking but she didn't really care. She didn't even notice that she was already standing inside Natsu's house that no one has ever seen. It was simple; a living room filled with different objects, souvenirs from the different jobs his taken, but what got her attention was the copy of the drawing Reedus made when they first met Happy and the happy memories that followed.

"Here, you should dry up" Natsu's voice brought her back to reality as she turned around to catch a towel thrown at her. "Second door down the hall"

She nodded numbly passing him by and entering the bathroom and saw that he already prepared some clothes for her as she took a hot shower. She looked at the cask on her left arm before she ripped the cloth holding her arm in place and flexed her arm wincing a bit but relatively fine, finding something to break the cask and a can opener inside his medicine box wondering why it was there in the first place and decided to ask him later.

She sunk into the tub leaning her head on the edge allowing the warm water soothe her aching body. Getting out of the tub and drying herself, she found the clothes he prepared for her a shirt and his boxer shorts. Getting out of the bathroom wearing the clothes he provided as she saw him drinking with two out of the twelve bottles empty. Taking a seat opposite him on the table with the only sign of him noticing her was a simple glance as he continued to slowly consume his drink as she took one for herself and joined him.

"Why?" Mirajane asked simply after her fourth bottle already feeling the effects of the alcohol looking at Natsu who remained silent with the only signs of him drinking was the reddening of his cheeks and the bottle in his hand.

"Just curious why Cana likes this so much… and to forget" Natsu replied emptying his sixth bottle before taking another bottle gesturing for her if she still want it, she shook her head as he nodded in acceptance. "But mostly, just to forget"

"To forget, huh?" Mirajane echoed looking at Natsu's blank expression. "Did it work?"

It was the first time she saw a shift in his expression as he cracked a grin.

"Not really" Natsu replied some amusement in his voice. "I just found out I can't get drunk, you?"

"Same here" Mirajane replied. "Though I think… I'm a little drunk" Natsu shook his head emptying his bottle in one go as he stood up and went beside her.

"Come on, you can stay here, I'll sleep on the couch" Natsu offered as she slowly stood pushing herself off the table a just a few steps and stumbled onto Natsu. "I guess you're more wasted than you thought"

She was silent as she leaned on his chest and enjoyed in the warm and welcoming feeling he always exudes and wondered if this is why her little sister fell for him. Looking up to see his black orbs filled with worry for her made her do something they both didn't expect. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or her desire to just forget her mistake as she pressed her lips on his closing her eyes not wanting to look at his expression. For a moment he just stood there doing nothing until she felt his strong arms wrapped themselves around her, drawing her closer to him, pulling back she looked up to see his face adopted a serious expression his cheeks still flushed and wondered if it was still the alcohol or their kiss that made him blush. He didn't react and just kept quite positioning himself to her side to support her as he slowly guided her to his room placing her gently on the bed. By the time they reached the bed her mind raced with thoughts she knew that were wrong the alcohol only clouding her better judgment as one thought kept repeating itself through the myriad of different ones her mind is spewing.

"I'll be outside when you need me" Natsu offered as he began to leave not wanting to stay any longer too scared that he might do something they would both regret. The short kiss they shared was both unexpected and welcomed at the same time due to his grief and it made him forget if only for a moment.

"Natsu, don't leave" Mirajane whispered holding on the hem of his shirt deciding that whether he'll end up hating her as long as she could forget if only for tonight.

"I'm not going anywhere Mira, like I said I'll be outside in the couch" Natsu replied lamely feigning ignorance of what her true intentions are. He knew what she wanted Cana was great example of that as she drank her sorrows away. She was drunk and he wasn't.

"Please" Mirajane's voice was just above whisper but it spoke volumes as he wondered if she kept everything bottled up for two days blaming herself for her death just like him acting like she has accepted it and everything was alright. "Just help me forget"

She stood up standing in front of him placing her head on his shoulder gripping his shirt tightly as fresh tears stained his shirt and reluctantly wrapped his arms around her and let her cry.

"I need this, we both do, just this once" Mirajane whispered as she looked at him the eyes, the same eyes she had, filled with grief and regret.

"What do you want me to do?" Natsu sighed knowing that she was right as a grateful smile formed on her face this time causing him to blush.

"Kiss me" Mirajane whispered as Natsu gently lifted her chin and pressed his lips on hers, his arms wrapping around her slender form the world slowly shifted to just the two of them.

Wrapping her arms his head as she slowly licked her bottom lip, nibbling on the soft flesh. Natsu parted his lips to feel her tongue come in contact to his coaxing him to join her as he intertwined his tongue with hers tasting her. Vanilla he idly as he delved into her moist cavern and wondered why as he continued his explorations. Parting for air and looking each other in the eye Natsu found her smiling and in turn brought a smile to him as she gently guided him to his bed. Straddling him on the waist and sharing another kiss a few moans escaped her lips as he massaged her sides his thumb grazing the underside of her breast the cold air of the night remained unnoticed by the two the heat coming from their bodies more so from her partner. Another moan escaped from her lips as she felt him squeeze her breast as if testing her reaction. Getting a positive one he began to knead and roll the soft orb of flesh his palm rubbing her hardening nipple through her shirt the texture of the shirt adding a pleasurable friction to his ministrations but she wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin.

Parting yet again staring each other in the eye and for the first time got a good look at her wearing his shirt straining at her chest and his boxers as a strange possessive feeling struck him at seeing her in his clothes. Mirajane gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulling it off clinging on her impressive bust before releasing them into an enticing jiggle as she threw it off the bed. She giggled at his expression staring intently at her breast and gasped when he placed him palm over it his mouth latching on the other sucking and twirling it around his tongue switching from one breast to the other. She hissed in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he bit on her nipple tugging it with his teeth as he pinched the other nipple tugging on it and felt herself moisten even more.

Deciding to return the favor she held his face and kissed him fiercely which he returned with equal vigor as she removed his shirt throwing it away, kissing her way down his jaw, neck, collarbone and his broad chest settling her lips on his left nipple and rub the tent in his trousers earning her a groan from the Dragon slayer a mixture of fear and anticipation at the feel and size of his erection, kissing her way down his chest to his hard abs until she's face first to the tent in his trousers looking at his blushing yet expectant face.

"You don't have to Mira" Natsu offered at seeing the apprehension on her face.

"It's ok Natsu, we both need this" Mirajane replied swallowing the lump in her throat and gripping the waistband of his trousers pulling it down with his boxers until his erection sprang free. Her nostrils were assaulted by the musky scent of his member and examined every vein along its shaft to the bulbous head with a dollop of pre-cum at its tip. Slowly wrapping her hand around the shaft amazed at how hard it felt, feeling it throb upon her grip and how smooth the skin felt. Natsu watched with baited breathe as Mirajane stuck out her tongue as she slowly licked its tip a groan escaping his lips at the sensations his experiencing as Mirajane continued to wrap her tongue around its bulbous head lathering it with her saliva, teasing the hole and licking ridge on the top. Mirajane pulled back parting her mouth before slowly taking its tip inside her tongue caressing the underside of his shaft as slurping sounds started to fill the room deafening the pitter patter of rain outside.

"It feels amazing Mira" Natsu groaned as he placed his hand on her head urging her to do more as the other gripped the sheets tightly trying to stop himself from blowing his load. Mirajane felt elated when she felt his hand on her head as she began to enjoy servicing Natsu loving the sounds coming from his mouth. She began to slowly bob her head in time with each suck along a third of his shaft her hand stroking the rest she couldn't get.

"Faster Mira" Natsu pressed as she complied taking in more of him inside her mouth until it hit the back of her throat as Natsu reveled in the warm sensations of her mouth as she slowly pulled out and took him in again as she bobbed her head bathing his cock in her saliva making it wet and slippery. Something inside Mirajane wanted to hear more of his pleasure filled groans as she began to caress his balls as more of those sounds erupted from Natsu's mouth. She pulled out from his cock bathe with her saliva and began to stroke it as she began to lick his balls sucking on the sensitive flesh giving it the same attention as his shaft occasionally dragging her tongue along his length, licking its tip, sucking on the skin along his shaft as the urge to cum is slowly overwhelming the Dragon slayer. Mirajane returned to bobbing her head on his shaft taking it all the way to the base until she settled on a comfortable length for her, bobbing her head and rolling her tongue over the head while adding a twisting motion as she stroked the rest.

"Fuck! I'm cumming Mira!" Natsu cursed as he placed his hand over her head. Her eyes bugged out when she sunk all the way to the base in time with the explosion of his warm seed filling her mouth, forcing her to swallow his cum with the rest dribbling down her chin as he held her in place bracing herself on his inner thighs, releasing her from his grip panting she swallowed the rest. He was about to apologize when he saw her pick the one on her chin with her finger and placed it in her mouth as the familiar stirring in his loins struck him at the sight. She looked at his member to see it's still hard and began to remove her boxers and aligned herself on his member, rubbing it along her lips before impaling herself on his erection biting her bottom lip, tears threatening to spill from her eyes from the pain even with the added lubrication as Natsu shot up and wrapped his arms around her and simply held her until she was ready. Natsu for his part felt like he was about to explode again when she suddenly impaled herself on his shaft her walls wrapping around his cock like a fist the heat inside her core was something he had yet experienced as he felt his cock about to melt.

"I'm ready Natsu" Mirajane whispered as she moved her hips to test if the pain was still there only to feel a pleasure.

"Ok" Natsu nodded kissing her chastely; grabbing her butt cheeks and lifting her slowly till only the head is left before dragging her down along his shaft as bolts of pleasure surge through their bodies as he began to pump into her at a slowly quickening pace her arms wrapped around his back on his shoulder blades her fingers digging on his skin. Natsu gripped her butt tightly gritting his to stave off his orgasm as her velvety wall slick with her juices clamps down on him with every scream, sucking him in every time he pulls out as the woman in front of her screams out in pleasure asking him to move faster, to dig deeper into her soaked cunt as squelching noises and the sound flesh slapping against each other filled the room. Feeling his orgasm getting nearer he placed her on the bed, her leg wrapped around his waist as he continued to pump into her core with uncanny force as she felt him hit her womb with each thrust capturing her lips into a heated liplock their tongues dueled for dominance, he grabbed both of her legs and pinned them behind the knees next to her undulating breast swaying flailing wildly with each thrust elevating her ass as she held them in place gripping her ass tightly, the new position allowed him to go deeper than before with the urge to cum slowly overwhelming the both of them.

"I'm gonna cum, Mira" Natsu groaned his face contorted in concentration.

"Haa…me too…Ahhh…Natsu…cum inside me, cum with me…ahhh!" Mirajane replied looking directly at his eyes placing a hand on his cheeks before they snapped back to the bed gripping the sheets tightly as her orgasm came. Natsu buried his cock deep into her cunt as he pumped copious amount of his hot seed into her womb as the rest seeped out of her cunt along with her juices. Natsu pulled out of her wet snatch sitting and catching his breath as Mirajane did the same enjoying the euphoria her orgasm gave her along with the warm feeling in her womb.

Only a few minutes have passed before they were at it again continuing to immerse themselves in the pleasures of the flesh accomplishing what they intended to do. To forget and they did finishing well into the dead of night wrapped in each other's arms sharing the comfort each one can offer afraid that if they let go it will follow them into their dreams. The following morning came and they had breakfast but never talked about the incident and took their separate ways, he slowly returned to normal while she changed drastically from the tomboy everybody knew to the sweet and loving waitress, they never talked to each other but never avoided each other. It was a week after their first time when he heard someone knocks on his door in the middle of the night; opening the door he found her standing outside wearing the pink dress she wore after their first time, he let her in and they ended up having sex and she'll leave and go home, the more time they do it, the more reluctant she is to leave and him to let her go.

Three months passed and they were now enjoying sex as it is doing it whenever or wherever they feel like it hidden from everyone else. Their former motives replaced with a new one as they become closer to each other in the passing months enjoying the closeness and intimacy they get after every session slowly falling for each other. It was made apparent when she asked him to help her shopping in town and when they were walking back taking a more scenic route by the park and just enjoyed each other's company, he grabbed her hand and pinned her on a tree thinking that they would end up doing it in the park again she looked on either side to see no one was there. she looked to face him as he leaned in and kissed her gently almost lovingly different from those full of need as she dropped the bags in her hands, her heart pounding beneath her chest not because of the rush and thought of doing it outside, but something out of sheer joy at finally accepting those feelings she tried to deny. Pulling back he smiled at her and took the rest of the bags as they walked back to the guild that was when they both realized what they meant for each other as the days went by getting closer than anyone would have ever thought but afraid to act on it in fear of losing what they had.


"Hey Mira ready for round two?" Natsu asked grinning at his lover already knowing the answer as they could literally go all night long without even stopping.

"Always" Mirajane smiled. "So how do you want to do it?"

"From behind" Natsu exclaimed.

"On all fours or bent over the counter?" Mirajane asked arms crossed under her impressive bust, tilting her head cutely on the side knowing its effects on him, seeing the lust filled look in his eyes promising to fuck her silly until they're both out of it sends a pleasurable tingle in her spine as she began to moisten.

"You're so damn hot when you do that!" Natsu complained his erection became painfully stiff at the sight as she let out a sexy laugh the urge slowly overpowering him. "Bend over the counter now!"

Jumping off the counter, she walked towards the right end of the counter the one facing the closed doors while adding a seductive sway on her hips earning her a growl from Natsu. Bending over the counter and bracing herself with her hands. She looked back at Natsu enthralled at the sight of her plump ass and soaked cunt spread apart by her fingers teasing him to no end.

"Come now Natsu, it's not nice to make a lady wait" Mirajane replied in a singsong voice shaking her ass making them jiggle causing him to snap.

"Fuck!" Natsu cursed jumping off the counter, grabbed her waist and slid all the way to the base making her arms collapse bracing herself on her forearms, her hard nipples grinding along the smooth polished wood as he pound into her with reckless abandon screaming her lungs out at the speed and strength of his thrust. Every thrust was long, hard and deep hitting her sweet spots with pin point accuracy over and over again experiencing her first orgasm in a matter of minutes contracting and clamping down on his cock that continued to pound into her. Natsu pressed his chest on her back tilting her head to the side as he kissed her fiercely a thin string of saliva connecting their lips, grabbing both of her bouncing breasts as he began to knead and squeeze it the soft fleshy orbs making her arch her back, dragging her body back to him forcing his member deeper into her as he brought her into another searing orgasm, her moans filled the halls, long, load and full of need, broken up by his pounding.

Natsu hooked his hands behind her knees, her right hand wrapped around his head to balance herself as he continued to pound into her from below. Natsu felt the familiar stirring in his balls as the urge to cum become unbearable, bending his knees and releasing her legs from his grip, resting over his thighs placing his hands over hers, his thrust came in short rapid strokes signifying his close release. Mirajane's walls tightened as she came squeezing down on Natsu's member forcing him to reach his own peak, a throaty growl escaped his lips as his member pulsed, shooting streams of semen inside her already packed walls, seeing out though her snatch. Gasping for air the couple shared another kiss riding off their orgasm when they heard a scream.

"GYAAAA!" Erza Scarlet fell unconscious on the floor at the sight of a half naked Mira and bare Natsu making out.

"Oh yeah" Natsu looked at Mirajane questioningly hoping for an answer before he dies the moment Erza wakes up. "Erza was about to ask me about something and we were supposed to talk tonight"

"How long do you think she'll be out?" Natsu asked thinking that if his going to die tonight might as well enjoy it to the fullest.

"Half an hour, an hour tops, why?" Mirajane asked quirking an eyebrow and the grin on his face told her everything she needs to know.

An hour later Erza woke up with the couple looming over her Natsu poking her cheek with his finger angering Titania and strangling the poor Dragon Slayer while asking questions about what the two were doing and how long. The two explained everything to Erza editing everything of course as Titania ordered them to tell everyone about their relationship tomorrow a little betrayed at the thought of keeping their relationship a secret. The couple nodded and went their separate ways returning next morning to make their announcement as they now stood in the middle of the stage, all of its members present even the usually absent Laxus is there.

"Everyone, we have an announcement to make" Mirajane's sweet voice echoed throughout the halls gaining each and everyone's attention.

"Yeah, so listen up she's only going to say this once" Natsu added glaring at everyone earning him different reactions from everyone, Laxus scoffed ready to leave, Gray glared back but remained quite, both Elfman and Erza had a bad sense of foreboding at what was about to come, and Lucy simply curious as the rest of the female populace.

"Well, last night Erza caught me and Natsu in the act" Mirajane began the mages turned their heads on Titania a massive blush on her face that would rival her hair though everyone thought they were simply kissing. Many of the men in the room wanted to choke the man standing beside Mirajane sending him hateful glares which he pointedly ignored.

"To make things short, I'm pregnant and we're getting married" Mirajane said simply her infallible smile in place.

"WHAT?" everyone in the room screamed all at once. Laxus fell on his chair along with his grandfather, Macao made a great impression of a fish out of water his dream girl gone, Gray sprayed his bear on Elfman who is stunned silent frozen in shock, Gajeel dropped his food on jet a couple pounds of scrap metal, Erza and the rest of the ladies had dreamy expressions on their face more so Juvia staring at Gray even Natsu is shocked at her announcement not about their marriage but the fact she's pregnant.

"What? Pregnant? How long?" Natsu asked, not that he didn't like it, he was just wondering.

"Two weeks, I just forgot taking the pills once and now I'm pregnant" Mirajane gushed as Natsu's eyes widened.

"You mean, when we did it on Elfman's room?" Natsu blurted out remembering the places they've been.

"What?" Elfman screamed eyes blazing at how unmanly to use his room to have sex.

"Oh yeah, nice room by the way" Natsu commented not noticing the deathly aura Elfman is generating as nails are hammered at his proverbial coffin.

"No, silly" Mirajane whispered to his ears and placed the final nail on his coffin.

"Erza's" Natsu gasped as Mirajane nodded mentioning Titania's name loud enough for her to hear.

"PERVERT! DIE!" Erza roared unable to believe what she perceived he did, when it was by chance that they ended up in Fairy hills to look after it as she was going to be away for three to five days.

"I'M GOING TO DESTROY YOU FOR DEFILING MY ROOM!" Elfman added transforming into the Beast.

"Help" Natsu squeaked seeing two monsters after his blood.

It was one of the most brutal beatings Fairy Tail has ever seen, after the two enraged mages cooled off, Natsu was left as a bloody pile on the floor twitching. While Mirajane was grilled by the rest of the guild at when they started and how long have they have been doing it. The answer she gave made every female blush as all the males sent hateful glares at the bloody pile that was Natsu as Mirajane recounted the times they did it, the places they've been through and how often they do it, Elfman returned to beating Natsu after finding out the two did it more than twenty times in his room, Erza followed suit at finding out did it inside the guild and through Mira's words "not a single area of the guild was left untouched". The girls were blushing madly as she told them all the sordid details of their copulations with the men all passed out bleeding through their noses on the floor.



Two weeks later Natsu and Mirajane was married in Kardia cathedral a lot of people came to see the wedding. Elfman was Natsu's best man for obvious reasons followed by Gray, Gajeel, and Macao. Mirajane's bridesmaid is Erza her rival and friend next was Lucy, Levy, Cana, Bisca and Juvia. Makarov dressed in his attire as a wizard saint walked Mirajane to the altar wearing an elegant wedding dress giving her to Natsu. Natsu greeted her with a kiss as the ceremonies continued binding their lives together for as long as they live, Mirajane threw the bouquet as it landed on Juvia's hand standing next to Gray who blushed when he looked at Juvia smiling bashfully at him before sending a glare to herself appointed rival Lucy.

"I love you, Mira" Natsu whispered kissing the top of her head, Mirajane draped over his body.

"I love you too, Natsu" Mirajane whispered back as they lay at the same bed where their relationship began, realizing that it was the second time they did it here after all the times they did it in his house she now calls her own.

Mirajane gave birth to a healthy baby girl that resembled her mother except for her pink hair they named Lissana after the person they both held dear, who followed after her mother's spunky attitude when she was young learning her magic, and a year later she gave birth to another baby this time a boy with white spiky hair named Shiro resembling his father's in attitude and personality learning his type magic. Mirajane couldn't be happier, a devoted husband that would make her laugh not to mention great in bed and a loving family with two beautiful kids that brought fame and glory to the guild they grew up with carrying their parents name with pride.

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