Natsu and the Fairies

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CHAPTER 3: The Celestial Dragon.

Lucy Heartfillia woke up from the sounds of broken dishes and laughter from the kitchen. She sighed as she got up from the bed wearing nothing but a simple black lace panty and went to her dresser. She put on a simple tank top and skirt while the other person on the bed simply admired her.

"I really hate that cat of yours Natsu, especially now that he has kittens of his own." Lucy groaned as she looked at the man on her bed.

"Don't be too hard on Happy, he's really fond of you, you know." Natsu replied. "Besides what would Luna think if her mother threw out her favorite uncle?"

Lucy released a sigh before she stormed out of the bedroom grumbling about annoying talking cats. Natsu laughed when he heard his wife strike an argument with Happy which he knew full well that she'll lose as more crashing noises erupted from downstairs along with children's laughter reverberating throughout the house. He looked at the picture frame on their nightstand where he, Lucy, and a little girl about four years old is sitting on his right shoulder, holding Happy like a stuff animal. The little girl was a spitting image of Lucy aside from her obsidian eyes and a smile that is reminiscent of Natsu.

He lay down on the bed, looking at the ceiling. Closing his eyes as he returned to the time when he decided to breach the line of their friendship, and to pursue a much deeper relationship.


"Hey Lucy…" Natsu spoke breaking the silence that surrounded the two ever since they left for a job.

"What is it Natsu…?" Lucy replied looking at Natsu curiously taking in his new look. Gone was his black and orange vest replaced with a high collar black trench coat with his right sleeve removed showing his Fairy Tail stamp, coupled with white pants, and sandals.

"Are you going out with Gray?" Natsu asked bluntly stunning the stellar mage enough for her to back away, slipped off the road, rolled down the hill, and into the river. She looked up to see Natsu laughing his ass off while clutching his sides.

"What was that for Natsu?" Lucy fumed as she got up from the shallow riverbed. Glaring holes at the annoying Dragon slayer that landed on the river bank snickering at her.

"You're so clumsy Lucy." Natsu snickered as she continues to glare at him. "But seriously, are you two going out?" he asked in a serious tone staring at Lucy, whose face is just a few centimeters from his.

"W-why do you ask?" Lucy stuttered as Natsu continues to lean on her.

"Just curious." Natsu said with a shrug as he stepped back. "Besides, is it wrong to ask the person I like if she's dating someone." he couldn't help but smirk at her flustered face as she tried to say something but nothing would come out. "I'll take that as a no then." Lucy was stunned silent as Natsu walked away, not even looking back at her direction. Truth be told she has a big crush on the pink haired mage ever since she joined Fairy Tail and got to know Natsu. "Hey, are you just gonna stand there all day Lucy?"

"Wait for me!" Lucy shouted as she ran after Natsu catching up beside him.

She would steal glances at Natsu during their trip and would blush after each try. She wanted to ask him what he meant and if he really meant what he said to her, it wasn't a secret from the guild about Natsu and Lissana's relationship that started right after her return. It was then that she realized that she is in love with Natsu and regretted not pursuing the Dragon slayer when she had the chance as she had always thought that they would be a couple in the end like all those romance novels she'd read. She became a little depressed after that and was evident from the letters she writes to her mother, Erza noticed her growing depression and asked her albeit forcefully what was bothering her. She told Titania what it was and receives an amused and somewhat depressed laughter from Erza, and it was then that she found out that Erza was also a possible competition for Natsu's affection having grown emotionally attached to him like most of the women in Fairy Tail that knew him very well.

She stole another glance at Natsu and this time he saw her and gave her an amused grin that made him look quite handsome as her face exploded in crimson. He stopped in his tracks and places a hand on her shoulder guiding her towards a tree effectively pinning her. She tried to push him away. Keyword 'tried' as her arms fell limp on her sides as he leans down on her again.

"Now here's how its gonna be" Natsu said sounding like a mafia goon. "I won't let you go until you tell me what I wanna hear and after the count of three, and if I still don't have an answer. I'll steal a kiss from you." Her eyes widen at what he said and judging by the look on his face, he's dead serious. "Now…are you going out with Gray or not?" he asked narrowing his eyes on the stellar mage that resembled a radioactive tomato.

Lucy licked her suddenly dry lips and swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as his lips slowly descended upon hers, his warm breath washing over her quivering lips, and just as about his lips is going to make contact. "No." she spoke and just as quickly as she said it, he pulled back a self satisfied smile on his face and continued on his walk like nothing happened leaving the blushing and bothered Lucy behind.


The very next day she decided to confront Lissana about Natsu's advances toward her. It's not that she didn't like it, but because it was wrong and didn't want to hurt Lissana. So now they are walking around Magnolia in the pretext of doing some shopping.

"Uh…Lissana…" Lucy began getting the attention of the woman beside her.

"What is it Lucy?" Lissana craned her head to look at the stellar mage already having an inkling as to what she is thinking. "Is it about Natsu?" the woman beside her tensed at the name and a light pink dusted her cheeks. 'Hit the nail on the head.' She thought to herself. "He told me you know…"

"What!" Lucy gasped looking at the frown Lissana is directing at her and she began spouting nonsense. It didn't take long before Lissana started laughing stunning the stellar mage beside her. "W-why are you laughing, aren't you mad that I seduced Natsu" she asked in exasperation causing the snickering woman to look at her in amusement.

"Tell me Lucy, did you really come on to Natsu?" Lissana asked as she shook her head. "It's ok Lucy, Natsu and I broke up a few weeks after our return from Tenrou Island…" Lucy tried to speak up but she held up a hand to stop her from speaking. "It's not because of you that we broke up…well come to think of it, we did broke up because of you."

"I'm sorry Lissana…I didn't…" Lucy stopped when she saw her laughing again, frowning at the youngest Take Over sibling. "I'm being serious here, Lissana!"

"I just can't help it Lucy, you're just too serious just like what happy told me." Lucy huffed folding her arms under her breast and glared at the woman beside her. "It's true, your part of the reason we broke up, but you're not the whole reason behind it." Lissana paused for a moment a gentle smile gracing her lips. "We broke up because we noticed that our relationship is going nowhere, it's not that we aren't happy with one another. In fact I couldn't be happier when we became a couple, we would go out every day and he would always make sure I'm happy. But I slowly noticed that our relationship wasn't going anywhere, it's like we're in a never ending loop. I don't know how but it's just is."

"I see…I'm sorry…" Lucy whispered feeling guilty about Lissana and Natsu's break up.

"Don't be." Lissana replied. "Just keep Natsu happy for me ok." Lucy nodded smiling the other girl. "Come on let's head back, I know that you just asked me to go shopping with you so you could talk to me alone."

Lucy smiled sheepishly at her poorly hidden ploy, while Lissana just smiled at her. "Was I that obvious?"

"Uh-huh, just promise me ok." Lissana nodded.

"I promise." Lucy replied as they have come into an agreement.

Both women returned to the guild as Lucy went to their teams table while Lissana went to the bar and ordered a drink.

"So how did it go?" Mirajane asked after handing Lissana her drink.

"It was fine, but I did play with her conscience a little." Lissana replied as Mirajane raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "At least let me have that for letting go of Natsu."

Mirajane placed a hand over her head and ruffled her hair. "It's ok I understand."

"Hey brat, I want you to accompany me on a job." Laxus ordered causing Lissana to turn around and look at the imposing figure of Laxus Drayer. "I need somebody of your talents."

Mirajane stared at the man questioningly causing the self professed strongest mage of Fairy Tail to shrink from her shrewd stare. "Just make sure nothing happens to her Laxus or there is going to be hell to pay, not just from me but also Natsu."

Laxus clicked his tongue inside his mouth and scowled at the Majin. "Whatever, come on brat we don't have all day." Laxus grabbed her belt and slung her over his shoulder ignoring the protest of his captive and walked out of the guild.

Mirajane giggled at Laxus' awkward show of interest towards her little sister. She could see that his a change man ever since his return after his defeat from Natsu. 'And speak of the devil' Mirajane thought as she saw him enter the guild and go to their teams table.

"Hey Lucy come on, let's go on a job!" Natsu exclaimed waving the request on her face annoying the stellar mage.

"Fine, fine, just stop waving the request on my face!" Lucy exclaimed annoyed at his persistence.

"Okay let's go!" Natsu exclaimed placing his hands on her waist and just like Laxus earlier, slinging her over his shoulder. "You're getting heavy Lucy." Natsu huffed before running out of the guild with the woman on his shoulder followed by Happy.


After that day Natsu and Lucy started dating amusing most of the guilds mages because of the couple. Natsu would always tease Lucy along with Happy in front of the guild annoying the stellar mage to no end as they wondered how she managed to stay with Natsu who wouldn't stop teasing her. But what didn't they know was how much of a gentleman the annoying Dragon slayer is when it's just the two of them alone. They would go out on dates and walk around town, enjoying each other's company as she found out how much of an amazing kisser Natsu is, something she has to thank Lissana for as she was a complete newbie on such things. Lucy has also become wary of both Mirajane and Erza as the pair would constantly ask her on how well Natsu performs on the bed much to her chagrin, especially when Erza forces the issue on her while Mirajane ask her at awkward times.

The two women eventually confronted Natsu on the subject of consummating their relationship, but the reply they got was something they already knew amusing both women and couldn't help but be jealous of the stellar mage.

"Now Natsu, I want to know why you haven't had sex with Lucy?" Erza asked glaring at the Dragon slayer.

"Erza's right Natsu." Mirajane added. "You and Lissana did it a few weeks after her return. Don't tell me you just did that to get a quick lay."

"What, I'm not like that!" Natsu replied appalled by her assumptions causing Mirajane to giggle. "Not funny Mira."

"I know, she told me everything and I must say I'm impressed and jealous at the same time, I should've snagged you when I had the chance." Mirajane replied causing the scarlet haired mage to look questioningly at her former rival.

"She told you how they did it?" Erza asked a light pink dusting her cheeks.

"Yup, Natsu was the reason she was walking funny for a few days, he was in her words 'a demon in bed.'" Mirajane replied a sly smile on her face as she looked at the blushing Titania as she recounted everything Lissana told her.

"Kyaa, too much information!" Erza screamed covering her face with her hands in embarrassment while Mirajane giggled.

"That's not nice Mira." Natsu chided while she merely pouted at the Dragon slayer for ruining her fun. "Besides I'm not like that, what Lissana and I did was something we both wanted, besides Lucy and I will do it when she's ready."

"I know Natsu. Just take your time ok." Mirajane reminded. "And do tell me how you two did it."

"No way!" Natsu exclaimed crossing his arms. "You're just going to hassle Erza with that information."

"Mou, spoilsport!" Mirajane pouted.


Lucy managed to find out about Natsu's conversation with Erza and Mirajane stunning the stellar mage as she too wondered why they haven't consummated their relationship. She couldn't help but see Natsu in another light at how considerate he is about her and decided to reward him.

"Hey Lucy come on we have job to do." Natsu bellowed entering from her front door.

"I'm here Natsu." Lucy replied in a husky voice. Natsu walked towards her room to see her in lying on her side, her head propped up on her elbows while wearing a black lace underwear showing off her hour glass figure. "Like what you see?"

Natsu stopped for a moment taking in her curvaceous form; he always knew she was sexy from the clothes she wears but this is the first time he saw this much exposed skin from her and Lucy's self confidence blasted through the roof from his stunned reaction. "Come on Lucy stop lazing about we have a job to do." and with that comment Natsu went to her small fridge to get something to drink leaving a stunned Lucy on the bed. "Hey Lucy you're out of milk, come on Lucy get up we're leaving."

She stared wide eyed at the Dragon slayer unable to fathom how he managed to remain unaffected of her feminine wiles. "Natsu come back here!" she growled bounding towards Natsu and throwing him on her bed.

"Lucy, what the hell!" Natsu snapped glaring at the skimpily dressed girl walking towards him.

"Can't you see what I'm wearing?" Lucy asked gesturing on her scantily clad body.

"I see them, so get change your wasting time you know." Natsu retorted making Lucy scream in frustration.

"I'm seducing you Natsu, can't you see that, god…you're so stupid!" Lucy growled as she began pacing back and forth ranting about his supposed stupidity. "Natsu I ha- Gyaa!" Lucy shrieked when she was pulled from where she's standing and pinned to the bed by Natsu.

"I know what you're doing Lucy." Natsu remarked looking at her large orbs which are her eyes. "But are you sure about this?"

Lucy returned his gaze and took a deep calming breath. "Yes Natsu, I'm sure about this."

Natsu smiled seeing the certainty in her voice, he leaned in and gently placed his lips upon hers initiating a kiss as he lets go of her arms. Lucy wrapped her arms around his neck entangling her fingers on his soft spiky mane as their liplock intensifies, he licked and sucked on her lower lip and she granted him access as their tongues dueled for dominance. Lucy moaned when she felt his palm over her clothe breast, kneading, rolling, and squeezing the soft flesh earning more gasp and moans from the stellar mage.

Natsu pulled back leaving a thin bridge of saliva connecting their lips, Lucy panted as she looked at Natsu with half lidded eyes before starting it all over again with renewed fervor. During their intense liplock she managed to turn them over as she now straddled his waist. She pulled back and unclasped her lace bra that barely contained her enormous breast, bouncing after being set free from their lacy confines leaving Natsu enthralled by its size. He always knew Lucy's breast were big, equal to Mirajane and Erza. But seeing it up close, it is enormous in comparison to Lissana whose bust size is only half of what Lucy has. Not that he thought it made her any less attractive to the young Dragon slayer as he couldn't help but compare.

His mouth latched on the right nipple earning him a startled gasp from Lucy as his hand fondles her left breast. He sucked on her hardened nipple, twirling it with his tongue, and lightly nipping on the taut flesh while his hand fondles her other breast as he pinches and tugs on the other nipple making the young woman in front of him gasp in pleasure from his ministrations as she pulled him closer to her breast. He continued to pleasure Lucy by alternating from each nipple as she brought her closer to climax. She released a disappointed whimper when Natsu stopped, looking at him with questioning eyes only for him to gesture for her to get on to the bed. She stood up and laid down on her bed blushing and panting as Natsu crawled on top of her initiating another kiss before he trailed kisses on her jaw line, her neck, her collarbone where he left a bright red mark, the valley between her breast, her toned stomach, and finally landing over her black lace thong with frills on it with a small wet patch on the fabric. He dragged his tongue along her covered sex, grazing her clit causing her to shriek in pleasure after experiencing her first orgasm. Natsu looked up to her and grinned to find her panting face reeling in ecstasy, she opened her eyes to look at Natsu a content smile on her face.

"That…was…amazing…Natsu." Lucy remarked smiling.

"That's nothing; we haven't reached the good part yet!" Natsu exclaimed as he placed his hands on either side of her waistband before pulling the lacy material off her waist, through her long legs, and off her dainty feet throwing it on the floor as he gazed at her soaked pussy glistening from her juices. "Beautiful…" Natsu whispered causing her to blush as he spread her swollen sex taking in the bright pink color of her labia.

She bit her finger to suppress the treacherous moans that would escape her lips as Natsu stuck his tongue inside her pussy, wiggling it inside her walls trying to taste more of her as she writhed in pleasure. He continued to pleasure her pussy by licking and sucking her labia, to sticking his tongue inside her walls sending her closer to her second orgasm. He latched on her exposed clit flicking it with his tongue and nipping on the taut bundle of nerves before sucking on it fiercely causing another powerful orgasm to rip across her body as she gripped Natsu head tightly to stop her from getting away as she rode out her second orgasm of the day.

Natsu sat up and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants along with his boxers releasing his throbbing erection, positioning himself between her legs as they wrapped around his waist. He gave her another peck on the lips and brushed away a stray lock on her face. "Are you sure about this Lucy?"

Lucy leaned up and kisses him on the lips and nodded. "I tried to seduce you didn't I?" Lucy remarked smiling warmly at Natsu who smiled back.

Kissing her one more time before aligning his cock along her pussy and slowly pushed himself forward, stopping at meeting her hymen. He looked at her the last time and gripped her hips tightly which was a chore to begin with as her body is covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Natsu steady himself before hurling himself forward breaking her hymen and taking her virginity, her hands gripping the sheets tightly as unimaginable pain coursed through her body, and the discomfort of being filled to the brim by Natsu's impressive girth and length. Natsu just held the woman in his arms and kissed away the tears that stung her eyes waiting for the woman to get comfortable with his size so they could both enjoy the pleasurable experience together.

Lucy pecked him on the lips giving him the signal to move. He sat up and unlatched her legs around his waist much to Lucy's annoyance, slinging it over his shoulders, and pulled his cock up to its head before pushing himself back in as Lucy released a shuddering breath at the action. Natsu started on a slow and even pace allowing Lucy to stifle her moans that escaped her lips, pumping in and out of her

While slowly gaining speed as he released his hold on her legs that returned to their former position on his waist as he leaned over her, supporting his weight on one hand while the other fondle her undulating breasts unable to keep his eyes away from the hypnotically swaying orbs before latching his lips on hers in a fierce and hungry kiss. Their tongues battling for dominance as her hands wrapped around tightly on his neck tangling her fingers on his pink locks.

He pulled back and placed his hands on her hips, lifting her lower body up leaving her head and shoulders to support her weight, and somehow the current change in position allowed Natsu to stimulate a different part of her pussy and the uncomfortable position increased the pleasure she's receiving from her enthusiastic lover as her moans slowly rise in volume. She cannot believe the ecstasy her whole body is experiencing as if every nerve in her body had been lit and Natsu seemed to be hitting all the right spots in her pussy. Natsu placed his hands on her waist and lifted the writhing woman of the bed as he sat on his knees and firmly placing them on her soft yet firm ass and began bouncing her on his cock. Lucy held on his head like a life line biting on her lower lip to stifle the moans as she bounced on his cock as he sucked fiercely on her right nipple as another orgasm quickly approaches the two, the world around them slowly disappearing into just the two of them, and just as about their simultaneous orgasm came something hard hit Natsu on the side of his head and the sound of Gray's voice echoed outside her room's window as they came crashing back to reality.

"Hey Natsu, Lucy come on we need to go!" Gray's voice boomed outside. "Oww!"

"It's not nice to throw objects at other peoples windows." Erza's voice chimed in reprimanding the Ice mages behavior. "Natsu, Lucy, if you don't come down from there, we'll be coming up."

Lucy panicked while Natsu angrily rubs his head. "What do we do Natsu?" she asked her lover for any solutions not wanting somebody to walk in on them and she would practically die of embarrassment.

"That stupid pervert, I'm going to kill him for robbing me of my first orgasm of the day!" Natsu growled his body heating up in anger as Lucy released a moan and began shaking her hips at the pleasurable heat coming from her pussy, but the sound of their team members outside stopped her from enjoying the feeling.

"Hey Natsu, what do we do?" Lucy panicked but a simple peck from the lips and the reassuring smile on Natsu's lips stopped her from completely freaking out.

"Just stick out your head from the window and tell them that you don't feel well." Natsu said showing his rarely seen smarts calming Lucy making her smile. She disentangled herself from Natsu as they both moaned in discontent from the loss of contact.

"We're coming in!" Erza stated but before she got one step Lucy's head appeared out of the window, hiding everything below her chin.

"Sorry Erza for not answering quickly." Lucy apologized. "I suddenly don't feel well to go out and join you." She added as the others noticed her disheveled look and flustered face.

"I see, but where is Natsu? I think we should go up there and check on you." Erza replied and just like earlier Lucy stopped her before she could take another step.

"It's ok Natsu's here with me." she replied quickly as Erza narrowed her eyes on the stellar mage.

"Are you hiding something from me Lucy, and where is Natsu?" Erza asked leveling her a glare.

"Natsu, Natsu, Erza is looking for you." Lucy called out looking back at Natsu sitting on the bed cross leg, eyes closed and a visible tick mark on his head trying to keep himself from killing the Ice mage. Natsu opened his eyes to see Lucy's frantic face but what caught his attention was her swaying heart shaped backside and dripping pussy, he grinned as the blood came rushing back from his slightly limp erection and quickly jumped off the bed walking towards Lucy. "Don't worry his coming ooouuuutt-Mmmmm…" Lucy's sentence turned in to a drawn out gasp ending in a moan, her hands gripping the window sill tightly as Natsu just slid his erection inside her and slowly thrusting his hips from behind.

Erza being the observant person she is noticed her reaction. "Are you alright Lucy, do you want some help?" she asked again worry etched on her beautiful features as she took another step only to be stopped yet again.

"It's…Mmmm…ok…I, my fevers…Mmmm…won't stop…bothering me…I have…NATSU…Mmmm…STOP…it from…getting worst…" Lucy responded with shaky breaths, Natsu's chest is pressed on her back dragging his tongue on her neck, nipping and sucking on her smooth skin. His right hand has found its way on her right breast playing with her nipple while its brother is pinching and twisting her clit as she glared at the Dragon slayer.

"Hey Erza!" Natsu called out sticking his head out off the window waving at Titania, deciding on just circling his hips to create friction along her walls. Lucy closed her eyes, her lips parted lightly as light moans escaped her lips. "Don't worry I'll take good care of Lucy, she's my girlfriend after all."

"I see." Erza nodded a light frown on her face before it disappeared, it's not that she didn't like Gray's company; she just loved Natsu's exuberant behavior that's all. "Take care of her Natsu; we'll just have to invite Juvia to come along us then." And just as she mentioned the azure haired girl's name she appeared.

"Juvia is ready to go!" Juvia exclaimed appearing beside Gray and latching on his arm.

"Very well, see you later Natsu." Erza replied waving at the grinning Dragon slayer and the stellar mage who forced a smile.

The moment the group is out of sight, Natsu quickly reached for the windows burying his length deeper inside Lucy and slams the windows closed and locking it for good measure. Heaving a content sigh he looked at the woman in front of her glaring at him angrily before she slams the back of her head to his face with enough force that he fell backwards and slips out of her pussy.

"Oww my nose! What the hell Lucy?" Natsu asked rubbing his sore nose as Lucy walked over him.

"YOU IDIOT!" Lucy screamed at the stunned Dragon slayer. "Erza could've easily caught us because of your little stunt!"

"You enjoyed it didn't you?" Natsu retorted as Lucy kicked him in the gut, knocking the wind out of him.

"Yes I did, but that's irrelevant." Lucy snapped glaring at the man beneath him. "I swear next time you do that I'm breaking up with you!" Lucy grounded turning away with an angry huff. Crawling away from under the woman, he stood up and wrapped his arms around Lucy. His right hand massaging her thigh and the other one is drawing circles on her toned stomach, he slowly but effectively wore down the woman's annoyance as light moans escaped from her lips.

"I'm sorry, Lucy." Natsu whispered as he nibbled on her earlobe. "It's not my fault Gray killed the mood, besides don't tell me you're not annoyed from having denied from cumming?" he asked and she nodded in the affirmative. "Well then let's remedy that!" Natsu exclaimed claiming her lips as his right hand traveled to her pussy slipping a finger in her wet snatch while his left hand fondled her breast.

Natsu pinned Lucy between the wall and himself, aligning his cock along her pussy and easily slips in loving the feel of her velvety walls massaging his cock, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him as he pound into her from below as he alternated from sucking her breast and kissing her lips. It didn't take long before their consecutive climax came screaming each other's name.

"NATSUUUUUU!" Lucy screamed as she felt his hot seed fill her and paint her walls white as he ejaculated copious amounts inside her pussy.

"LUCYYYYYYY!" Natsu groaned feeling her walls tightened around his cock like a fist, milking him of every last of his seed. Their heads slumped on each other's shoulder as they basked in their orgasm. The first for Natsu and third for Lucy unable to believe how pleasurable sex is especially with someone she loves. "Ready for round two?" Natsu asked making her shake her head in amusement before nodding in the affirmative.


The two lovers spent the whole day just having sex and exploring each other's body to their hearts content. After that event it became an occasional thing for the couple to have sex especially when they feel like doing it, not caring where they did it as long as they keep each other happy. Lucy realized something during the length of their sexual relationship that she easily missed and in hindsight was practically staring at her in the face. Every time they did it, Natsu is always the one pleasuring her and not the other way around, nor did he even strike a conversation about it, and being the caring and considerate person she is decided to return the favor.

"What are we going to do down here Lucy?" Natsu asked as he was dragged by her girlfriend down the underground library while having a friendly conversation with Mirajane and Erza at the bar.

"Just come along Natsu." Lucy ordered dragging Natsu away from his friends in the pretext of needing help with searching for books to help in her writing.

Arriving at the library and standing in the middle of it, Natsu looked around at the large room filled with books as Lucy stood in front of him doing some thinking. He was stunned when she suddenly attacked his lips pinning him between her and the table, easily getting her meaning wrapped his arms around her waist and placed one on her cheeks to deepen the kiss. He was stunned yet again as her left hand came down from his neck and held his coat's zipper and pulled it down, running her hand on his toned chest, down to his six pack abs, and lower above his pants rubbing his slowly growing erection. It was something they never did or he didn't let her do because he thought she wouldn't like it.

Her hand dipped inside his pants and boxers to stroke his erection, feeling it throb and pulse between her hand, and the unusual heat coming from his cock. Natsu leaned back on the table as he supported his weight with his hands, her mouth leaving his and traveled downwards reaching his broad chest and latched on his left nipple, using what she learned from Natsu as she continued to stroke his painfully throbbing erection. She continued her travels south until she reached his pants pulling it down freeing his cock, licking her lips from the size. She knew from personal experience that he is well hung but seeing it up close gave her a mixture of fear and wonder.

"Lucy you don't Nnnn…" Natsu's words died down in his throat as she took his cock in her warm mouth, lathering it with her saliva. She used her tongue to pleasure him more by rolling it around his bulbous head and the ridges underneath, pursing her mouth and began sucking on his cock. He was in heaven as Lucy continued to use her mouth to pleasure him, her head bobbing up and down his length while stroking the rest she couldn't reach as his whole length has been covered in her saliva.

Natsu regretted looking her in the eyes as she stroked him off with her mouth as he almost blew his load at the erotic sight of his girlfriend sucking his cock and the look of lust on her brown orbs. She released his member from her mouth with an audible pop and continued to stroke him while giving him a sexy smile as he bit his cheek to stop himself from cumming at the arousing sight. He was shocked yet again as she slid his length between her cleavage the saliva coating his cock served as a lubricant, her tight top squeezed her breast firmly and in turn squeezed his cock between her soft breast, and began stroking it with her massive tits and placing what she can't reach into her mouth. Pleasure filled moans and groans filled the archives as Lucy's fellatio brings him closer to orgasm while her hardened nipples is chafed along his abs with the clothes texture making the experience more pleasurable for the both of them.

"Fuck, Lucy, I'm cumming!" Natsu groaned as he exploded inside her mouth, releasing copious amounts of his seed. She pulled out his cock from her mouth spraying her face and her breast with his cum, she also found his taste quite to her liking as she cleaned herself of his cum.

"Not bad." Lucy mumbled after her quick clean up and releasing his cock in between her breast. She shook her head when she saw how hard he still is, standing up she pushed Natsu all the way over the table, sliding her silk panty to the side, then rubs his erection along her pussy lips before putting it in, her pussy wet enough from their foreplay for her to slide in without any discomfort, and loving the feel of his cock spreading her nether lips and filling her to the brim. "Mmmm…" she moaned as she grinded her hips back and forth as she waited for him to move.

"That was amazing Lucy!" Natsu remarked moaning every now and again from the stimulus from his member. "But…why though?"

"Just returning a favor." Lucy replied simply before leaning in and sharing a passionate kiss with Natsu.

Natsu held her hips guiding her as well as dragging her back as she bounced along his cock and meeting her thrust, propping her hands over his chest to balance herself. Her large breast bounced in time with her, swaying hypnotically with each thrust, and drawing Natsu's hand over them moving them in a circular motion, while pinching her clothe nipples earning him more of her melodious moans. Thanking that the place they are in is few ways down the guild with few visitors as Lucy became more vocal during their love making. He sat up and pulled her top over her breast sucking and tugging her hardened nipple heightening her pleasure as they increased the pace of their love making. It didn't take long before Lucy climaxed biting Natsu's shoulder to stifle her voice, leaving a bright red mark.

Natsu laid back down on table with Lucy draped over his torso panting a little but nowhere near exhausted. Giving Natsu a quick peck on the lips she change her position with her back facing Natsu showing off her backside to the Dragon slayer, shaking with every bounce she makes, biting her finger to keep herself from moaning out loud. Natsu sat up again placing his right hand on her left breast fondling it while his left landed over her pussy playing with her clit, and finally cupping her chin and kissing her fiercely as he fell on his back bringing her down with him as he continues to pump into her from underneath. He lifted Lucy's left leg up to her breast and rolled them to the side while continuing to pump into her without missing a beat. Lucy's thoughts was slowly dwindling to nothing as she drowned in ecstasy, he continued to pleasure her not really caring if they would be found out by Mirajane or anybody else as Natsu stimulated every sensitive part of her body, her pussy, her clit, her breast, her neck, and the top of her ear. He stopped his movement making Lucy moan in discontent as Natsu released her leg and craned his body on top of her and smiled at the cute pout she had from the lack of stimulus.

"Why did you stop Natsu?" Lucy moaned shaking her hips to recover the loss of stimulus. "I was so close…Mmmm." Natsu covered her lips with his own lancing his tongue past her lips and dueled with hers.

Natsu pulled back, removed some of the stray locks on her face, and smiled at the glazed look on her face returning his smile. "Before we get to that…" he began changing their position again for the last time, holding her left leg and turning her to lie on her back with her legs wrapped around his waist, Natsu leaning on top of her propped on his arms. "…I want you to marry me Lucy." All of the lust clouding her mind was blown away from the sudden proposal; he used his fire magic to get his pants from the floor and took out a small black box and showed to her its contents. A gold band with a rather large diamond attached to it.

She clasped her hands over her mouth as tears stung her eyes. "Yes Natsu, I'll marry you!" Lucy screamed in joy wrapping her arms around Natsu's neck crying in joy.

Natsu ignored the ringing of his ears from her joy as he would put it. "Now why don't we celebrate!" he exclaimed which she is more than happy to oblige.

She laid down back on the table as he began to pump into her rekindling the lost passion they had earlier as their climax quickly approached them, he gained speed and force behind his thrust as they chanted their names and with a few more thrusts Natsu exploded inside her walls and in turn made her orgasm. Their juices mixing together inside her pussy, seeping out from her packed walls as he slumped on top of Lucy.

"I love you Lucy." Natsu grinned kissing her chastely on the lips.

"I love you too, Natsu." Lucy replied returning the kiss.

The lover's tender moment is interrupted when they heard something crashing into the wall before tumbling down the ladder. She paled when she saw the unconscious form of Makarov lying in a pool of his own blood seeping from his nose a perverted grin plastered on his wrinkled face. The event caused quite a ruckus in Fairy Tail that made her want to disappear into nothingness, it wasn't because out of total embarrassment but because of the never ending teasing she got from Mirajane and her sister Lissana and the rest of the female members. Erza was kept in bay by Natsu's threat of letting Mirajane sic her, meaning tell her every sordid detail of their act as Erza would put it, which Mirajane would be more than happy to do.


Lucy returned to their bedroom whining about annoying talking cats, and being the caring and loving husband he is wrapped his arms around his wife placing kisses along her neck to blunt her annoyance at Happy and his kittens.

"Don't be mad at Happy, you know how he is." Natsu whispered in between kisses.

"Mmmm…I know, I just want a single day to just cuddle with you in bed all morning." Lucy whined a few light moans escaping her lips as Natsu began to fondle her breast while drawing circles on her stomach. "Is that too much to ask?"

"No." Natsu replied simply teasing his wife. "So where is he now?"

"I managed to scare him by telling him that I would tell Charle that he's been sneaking fish from our house." Lucy muttered and turned to look at Natsu to find a perverted grin plastered on his face. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well…I was thinking of having hot naked sex with my wife for starters…" Natsu began slowly pinning her to the bed. "…and maybe…just stay at home and have sex all day long, just like last time." Natsu grinned wiggling his eyebrows.

Lucy seemed to be deliberating on his proposal and seconds later she gave him a sultry smile. "I think we could do that…"

Just as about their lips are centimeters apart they heard someone running towards their room, and second later a girl about four years old bounded into the room. She has shoulder length blonde hair with a ribbon in a single bunch on the right side of her head, smiling brightly at her parents.

"Welcome back Luna!" both parents greeted separating from each other. The little girl tackling her father on the bed giggling as Natsu raised her above his head before placing her down on his lap. Lucy watched her daughter and Natsu catch up as they left her for three days at Mirajane's care due to a job they had to take. She smiled at how lively her daughter is telling stories of what she did during the time they are away that clearly reminded her of her husband Natsu.

Luna released a yawn as Natsu looked at his daughter. "Weren't you able to get some sleep at auntie Mirajane's house?"

"No, Uncle manly and uncle grouchy were playing naked wrestling with auntie Lissana and aunt Ever." Luna mumbled as another yawn escaped her lips.

Lucy glared at Natsu who smiled sheepishly as the memory of being caught by their little daughter of them having morning sex and had to explain what they were doing. It became really awkward when she asked them if she could join them in playing naked wrestling. "Well let's go to bed then, you could sleep with us." Natsu offered as he lay down on the bed wrapping his arms on their little daughter.

"Goodnight mommy." Luna mumbled as Lucy shook her head in amusement and lay beside her daughter placing a protective blanket around the world.

"Goodnight Luna." Lucy replied.


A month after getting found by Makarov they are married at Kardia cathedral with everybody in the guild present. Cana was Lucy's maid of honor and the rest of the female members of the guild as her bride's maid. Natsu has Happy as his best man and like Lucy had his closest male friends as groomsmen. It was the happiest day of her life and a month later she was pregnant with their daughter and named her Luna from taking the first two syllables from their names. She still continues to write to her mother and father along with her daughter telling them how happy and content she is with her life and became a famous novelist with fans all around Fiore.

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