Natsu and the Fairies

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CHAPTER 7: The Dragon and The Tiger Lady


Natsu 'Salamander' Dragneel finally arrived at the location where the paper instructed. A mansion as large as the one The Heartfillia's once owned, as he scratched his head. He stood outside the rather impressive gate and read the request once more that required a Fire mage and would pay a hefty seven million Jewels.

"Hello!" Natsu shouts at the empty courtyard that is at least ten meters from the mansion itself. Naturally, it was a stupid decision since his voice didn't even carried halfway across the courtyard.

Natsu's eye twitched and decided to just jump the three meter high gate. Again this was a futile attempt since a rather powerful Rune barrier protected the whole place as he landed on his back side.

"What the fuck are you doing?" A rather angry redhead wearing an elegant yellow dress barked from behind the gate. She was beautiful in Natsu's opinion aside from the demonic scowl that trumped Erza's, her blue eyes twitching as it bore down on him. "Give me one good reason not to go ape-shit on you?!" she demanded.

Natsu felt fear creep at his being on a level equal when Erza's the one who's angry at him. He immediately showed the request as she scrutinized the paper, her eyes switching from him and the request. "I came here for the job!" he screamed in fear, and blamed Lucy for living in an apartment that never stopped piling her rent.

A look of disappointment and annoyance crossed the woman's features, eyes twitching at the idiotic looking mage. "I swear, mages these days looks stupider than they used to be!" she remarked and any retort died down his throat from the threatening look the woman has and decided that she's worse than Erza. "Come in! Don't want to keep your employer waiting." She barked.

Natsu was about to ask about the gate as the woman started walking without him, but before he could voice his complaint, the gate opened and he wordlessly followed. The walk was painfully silent for Natsu's taste as the woman exuded an aura of 'I'll pound you shitless if you talk to me' and remained quite.

They finally reached the large mansion and made their way to the study where his employer was. This time he was able to fully admire the intricate and expensive decors that littered the area, not to mention the gaggle of beautiful women that seemed to loiter around. "At least this guy has a better taste in women." Natsu commented and saw the woman bristle and glare at him.

Natsu managed to release a sigh of relief when they finally arrived at the study where a man with short brown hair and the stormy blue eyes wearing an expensive suit stood. Beside him was a woman with long purple hair wearing a sleeveless black dress ending mid thigh. Seating on one of the expensive chairs is another woman with styled black hair wearing a strapless dress with a slit on her left leg, her slanted eyes bore down on him and he could sense the air of arrogance from the woman, but rather than be intimidated he scowled at the woman.

"Here's your fire mage, idiot." The redhead said, crossing her arms under her impressive bust. "Don't you have anything better to do than flaunt yourself to my husband, Misato?"

The purple haired woman named Misato merely grinned and draped herself on the young man that blushed as she did. "Now, Asuka, you're not the only wife in this house. Remember that there are five of us that share him." she pointed out.

Natsu and the other person in the room watched as both women bare their fangs at one another and both of them decided not to get involved in the arguing pair. Marriage to multiple women in Fiore wasn't that rare especially to those that are royalty or rich and powerful merchants. After the brown-haired man managed to walk his wives out of the room and let them continue their bickering outside. The man turned around and offered an apologetic smile to his visitors.

"Sorry about that. They argue from time to time." He apologized and walked back behind his desk and took his seat. "I'm Shinji Ikari, mage and a rather successful merchant." He introduced, shaking both mages hand.

"So, what's the job anyway?" Natsu asked eagerly as the woman in front of him rolled its eyes.

"It's like Fairy Tail to ignore proper etiquette." The woman remarked earning her a glare from the Dragonslayer.

"What do you know of Fairy Tail, Huh?" Natsu demanded, stomping his right foot forward and eyeing the raven-haired woman. "What guild are you from, huh? Don't you know that Fairy Tail is the strongest guild of them all?!" Given than that was seven years ago, he never did thought of it that way.

The woman simply stood up and met his gaze with one of her own. Even when their height was practically the same, she was practically looking down on him. "I'm from 'The' strongest guild in Fiore, Sabertooth, and I'm Minerva, its strongest member." Minerva said before shifting her attention to their employer. "It's good to finally meet you, Mr. Ikari, you've made quite a noise in the magic world in the last six years. I heard you're quite powerful." Minerva flirted with the brown-haired man who simply smiled. She loves powerful men, especially those that can defeat her in combat.

Shinji simply scratched his head in embarrassment and smoothly shifted the conversation. "Thank you, but let's get to the reason of your visit here." He began as the temperature in the room suddenly fell as the light seemed to leave the room and focus on the man standing in front of the window creating an imposing figure.

"A rather powerful demon has taken residency in my lands and his presence is causing the forest and wildlife to die. If he isn't stopped, the nearby village might end up getting caught in the destruction. I want to take care of it myself, but I'd cause more damage if I did. I want the both of you to defeat this demon and get rid of his taint." Shinji explained, his voice cold and unfeeling before the light returned into the room and the temperature returned and they saw the man smiling again.

Was Minerva frightened? Yes. Was she attracted to him? Yes. She loved powerful men and the smiling young man was oozing with it. "I see, I shall take care of it personally. You can send this man back to Fairy Tail." Minerva said, batting her eyes at the man.

"What do you mean, 'send me back'?" Natsu snapped, glaring at Minerva. "The magic games maybe less than four months from now, but I wouldn't mind starting it right now!" his body erupted in flames as he prepared to show Minerva the error of her ways.

Shinji watched as important documents started burning from Salamanders flames and knew that he had to stop things from escalating. "Now, you two, the enemy's out there," he pointed outside, "Not here…" he saw that the two aren't going to budge as Salamander's flames grew in intensity –burning the chair behind him- and Minerva's hands gained a purple glow to them.

So, left with no option, he had to send them out before they destroy the house. A small black dot appeared between them before it expanded large enough to devour the two and disappear moments later.

Natsu landed and face planted into the hard earth as he fell from the sky, his body falling like a log seconds later. He scratched his head while spitting out dirt and looked in front of him to see the thicket of trees and a path that lead to it, he could smell the foul stench coming from it. He was about stand up when a pair of feet landed on the back of his head, planting his face once more into the dirt.

"I didn't know you're a gentleman, Salamander." Minerva mocked as she stepped off Natsu's head and stood in front of the glaring man. "If you're happy with embracing the dirt just like what your guild has done in the last couple of years, then be my guest." Minerva looked down on the Dragonslayer; a cruel smirk appeared in her face. "The weak must always bow to the king."

A growl escaped Natsu's lips as he pushed himself off the dirt and lunge at the woman using his Fire Dragon's Iron Fist. But much to his annoyance the woman disappeared in a blink of an eye. Natsu grumbled in annoyance as he walked towards the forest and minutes into his walk the foul smell of poison assaulted his senses.

"I'm glad that I fought that jerk, Cobra, or I wouldn't be able to think of burning any poison that I inhale." Natsu muttered, as he walked through the woods unfazed.


Minerva on the other hand realized that she's bitten off more than she can chew. After teleporting herself into the middle of the forest and immediately used her magic to clear the area of the poison. It was an endless cycle of jumping in and out around the poison filled forest and clearing the area of the poison.

Minerva finally landed in a place where the poison seemed to avoid and knew that she found where the enemy resides. "I know you're here… come out so I could finish your pathetic existence." Minerva's hands started to glow with magic.

Silence was the only reply she received and the sound of rustling leaves was all the warning she needed. Minerva immediately leaned back just in time to see the black blade that would've have cut her. She realized that the weapon that was used to attack her was the poison given solid form as it came from the shadows. She sent a wave towards the shadows direction and felt her attack connect as a smirk appeared on her features.

She immediately used her magic to teleport her enemy into view. The demon was all black with three crimson eyes – one on its forehead, white hair that acted like a mane and a physique that rivaled Orga's with intricate tattoos on its body and four arms with gold bands around its arms.

Minerva noticed the poison recede around them and knew that she had an easy victory - such is the way of things for those on top of the food chain. She looked at the demon, or what's left of it, its torso and arms was the only thing trapped inside her magic. "I thought demons were supposed to be powerful and devious, but here you are, trapped and dying." She mocked and began assaulting the demon inside the sphere, relishing in the sight of carving her enemy to pieces.

The demon took and felt all of the attack coming from different directions and cried in pain each time until it finally stopped when his body is barely recognizable. But rather than beg for his life, the demon smiled and started laughing.

"You're a masochist, I see." Minerva commented idly, "Any last words?" she asked tiredly.

The demons eyes shone with glee and it was then that she realized that it was a trap. "You shouldn't have left the fire mage." The demon remarked before his body exploded into black mist that ruptured the sphere Minerva created and made her inhale some of the poison.

Minerva wondered what the poison does as her body was still as nimble as before dodging the countless shadows that threatened to impale her. The demon finally appeared as it lunged at her, swinging its swords with lethal precision and accuracy, blocking each powerful blow with her magic. Minerva quickly noticed the black mist roll into the clearing she's in and decided to stop it from its tracks as well as put an end to the demon. She immediately jumps back and waved her hands in a circular motion and created a statue beside her.

"Yagdo Rigora" Explosions erupted in the area starting from the demon as Minerva used one of her most powerful attack. Smoke filled the clearing that obscured her enemy from sight, but the moment when she thought victory was assured. She felt something struck her in the chest and saw a sword buried halfway in her body. There was neither pain nor blood coming from the wound as she stared at the weapon, too stunned and confused to act.

"The poison you inhaled isn't lethal, but it's useful against mages. It dampens the strength of their attacks, especially mages like you who has too much power in their hands." The Demon remarked walking past the cloud of smoke unharmed. Four shadow blades shot towards her, impaling her in the wrists and legs and held her in the air.

The demon touched the sword in Minerva's torso as it began to glow and unimaginable pain wracked her body. It only lasted for a second before it stopped and saw her midsection cleared of the offending blade. "What did you do to me?!" Minerva demanded, glaring daggers at the demon as it cupped her face with its thumb and forefinger.

"Losers have no say. Have the decency to follow your guild's rules." The demon remarked, its large hand landing on top of her left breast before it gave it a hard squeeze. She winced in both disgust and pain at the gesture. It was humiliating even without other people seeing her debasement as the demon sexually harassed her.

"I'll kill you!" Minerva seethed, spitting at the demon's face. "The moment my powers return, I'll make you wish you never existed."

The demon remained unfazed as he wiped the spit from his face. Seconds later, a rip resounded in the small clearing as she felt her front exposed as she turned her head to the side in shame. Her body reacting to the cold as her nipples stood erect, eyes screwed shut to stop the tears from coming out before she glared at the demon and noticed the black tattoo on her midsection where the sword once where as the humiliation continued.

"If you're wondering what the mark meant. It only means that you could only use the bare minimum of what you can normally do." The demon leaned forward dragged his tongue along her cheek. "That means you're under my mercy until you're ready to become one with me."

Minerva never felt what fear is until now, looking at the deep red pools that is the demon's eyes. She was going to get raped by a monster and there was no one that's coming to save her. Salamander from Fairy Tail would most likely be dead and escape wasn't an option until a thought struck her, a solution to all her current problems.

"I would rather die than let you ravish my body!" Minerva shot back, gaining a semblance of relief. "I would bite off my tongue the moment that time comes." She knew it was the coward's way out, but without her powers the option of fighting back was taken from her.

The demon began to laugh; a cruel and sadistic glee filled its voice that made her declaration once again feel hollow. "To think that you'd break as quickly as that, you humans think that you're above everyone once you tasted power, but the moment it's taken away from you, you would cower away and would willingly chose death than fight back." it was then that the shadows holding her up pulled back, dropping her into the ground.

Minerva stood up, but rather than relief, despair once again overcame her. Yes, she was free, but her body was no longer hers. "That mark on your body allows me complete control over you. The only reason you could still talk is because I allowed you. So, you're little plan is no longer available and by the crestfallen look on your face. It's time that we become one."

The fire in Minerva's eyes was lost as she finally accepted her situation. The black mist started swirling around her feet as it slowly rose and enveloped her. This of course brought confusion in her and looked at the demon for answers. "Don't flatter yourself that I would take you as a man would take a woman. You're not worth the effort since you break so easily, but we'll still be one. I'll 'Take Over' your body and use it to leave without that man noticing." The demon held her chin and forced her to look back at him. "Don't worry… I'll help your guild win that farce this year. After that, I'll kill everyone in it while you watch." Minerva's eyes widen at the news. She wanted to thrash and fight back, but as the shadow continues to envelope her, it also took away the fight from her. The last thing she saw before the small hole closed was the demon's victorious smile before a profound chill wrapped her body and black was the only color to be seen and just as she felt her soul is slowly devoured.

"Found you!" The familiar voice broke into the darkness as red flames surrounded her and a pair of strong arms enveloped her.

Minerva looked up and saw the imposing figure that was Salamander. His obsidian eyes burning with anger as his flames enveloped her body, warm and inviting. She wanted to talk, but her body was still under the demon's spell.

"Cat caught your tongue?" Natsu asked, looking down at the woman before he released a shocked scream after realizing that she was naked from above her waist, cursing himself for coming up behind her. "You're naked!" he immediately looked up and placed her down on a tree. He removed his coat and threw it behind him so she could cover herself up.

"How did you manage to get through the poison?" Minerva asked, but it wasn't her that was asking the questions as the demon manipulated her body.

Natsu still not looking behind him thought she was still busy putting on his coat. "I'm a fire mage," he pointed out, "I simply burned whatever poison that's in my way."

"I see… that is his weakness." Minerva replied as she finished putting on his coat. In her mind she screamed that he stay away from her or even use his senses to try and realize that something was wrong, but Natsu remained oblivious to her plight. The black mist formed a hand beside her and handing her the same sword from before as she took it and a sinister smile appeared on her face. "Did you see him when you saved me?" Natsu shook his head in the negative, "too bad for you then…"

Natsu felt something struck him and pierce his back and saw the sword sticking out of his stomach as moments later, pain wracked his body on the level when he ate Etherion. He saw a tattoo appear on his midsection as he jumped away from Minerva.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Natsu demanded, feeling his powers suppressed for some reason. "Do you really hate Fairy Tail that much?"

"Stay away!" Minerva screamed, her head hung low, "The demon is controlling my body! Run away if want to live!" she cried out desperately, looking into him as tears fell from her eyes before the demon once again took control of her body. Minerva may think lowly of those she considered weak and couldn't care less if they died because they fought her, but the thought of someone using her body to kill just for the sake of it went against her principles. Salamander maybe an idiot in her eyes, but he came to her aide nonetheless, and the thought of having a man with such burning potential die weighed heavy on her conscience.

"I thought you wanted nothing to do with people that are beneath your standards." The voice came from everywhere. Moments later the demon appeared from the shadows, coming from behind Minerva. "It seems that this woman found something special in you." He remarked, running a finger under Minerva's chin up to her cheek.

The sight of the demon touching the woman made Natsu's skin crawl and his anger flare. "What did you do to her?!" Natsu demanded, the look he gave would've have turned the demon to ash.

"I simply commandeered her body using the mark that you now have." The demon explained, "And just like her, I have you under my control." But rather than be afraid as Natsu's body started moving against his will, Salamander merely grinned.

"Do you think I'll let that happen?" Natsu asked as he slammed his palm on his midsection as smoke rose from the spot.

The demon was stunned at the sight as Natsu's midsection was cleared of the mark. "How…?" was the only words that came from its mouth.

"I'm a Fire Dragonslayer, whatever mark you gave me, I could just burn it off my body!" Natsu declared as he looked at Minerva, the woman unmoving as her eyes held an empty look in them, as flames erupted from his body. Anger was the only thing running in his mind as he glared daggers at the demon. He didn't know the woman personally and he could honestly say that he dislikes her with a passion, but the sight of her crying and the desperate look in her eyes made him remember Erza when she too was at her lowest back at the Tower of Heaven.

The demon immediately realized that victory was now rather difficult to achieve as he sent the black mist that covered the forest towards Natsu. It surged forward like a tidal wave, cutting through the trees from the speed the demon used, falling trees left and right. The amount would kill the Dragonslayer as it will not only suppress his magic, but completely erase it. The black mist swirled around Salamander as the demon thought that it was a well earned victory even though it would take time and magic to recreate the amount of mist he used to defeat Salamander.

"Didn't you hear what I just said?!" Natsu roared as the black mist is burned by his flames, roaring with intensity. "She was crying just like Erza. I may not like her, but for someone like her to look as desperate like that just landed you on the top of my shit-list! And that means you're dead!"

The demon was stunned at the sudden turn of events and used Minerva to attack Salamander. Minerva used Ih Ragdo to capture Natsu, but he simply dodged as he lunged at the demon. Minerva immediately moved to block Natsu and used Yagdo Rigora, but before the statue could fully form, Natsu struck her in the midsection with his Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang sending her tumbling into the dirt.

Natsu followed through and countered with his fist colliding against the demon's swords creating an explosion.

The demon growled as his swords exploded into pieces as the smoke blocked Natsu from view before he could create new swords. Natsu's head exploded from beneath the smoke, head-butting the demon. The demon staggered backwards from the concussive blow, cradling his head and glaring daggers at the Dragonslayer. Natsu on the other hand was far from done as his flames grew in intensity and lunged at the demon.

"Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist!" Natsu rained countless blows to the demon, blowing away parts of the demon as it tried to recover. Natsu delivered another explosive punch as it sent the demon crashing into a tree that fell on top of it.

"I'm not done with you!" Natsu seethed as his flames is wrapped in lightning, activating his Lightning-Fire Dragon mode. He charges at the demon once more. "Lightning-Fire Dragon's Talons!" Natsu sent the demon flying into the sky as he followed suit, propelling himself towards and beyond the demon, cocking his upper body back. "Lightning-Fire Dragon's Roar"

The demon took the full brunt of the attack as it sent him crashing back to earth. The demon collided painfully to the ground as Natsu dragged it a few feet away from their original location before it stopped and a massive explosion of fire and lightning that destroyed the forest followed. The demon tried to regenerate parts of his body, the only thing that remained of the demon was his torso and his left arm, half of his face is already gone. But the damage was great and the lightning paralyzed his body.

The demon heard rustling behind him and saw the Dragonslayer still enveloped in lightning and flames stalk towards him. Panic and fear wracked his being as he tried to get away and just as Salamander was about to deliver the final blow. The same substance that captured him earlier was once again surrounding him before four intricate statues appeared and before he was enveloped in the explosion that would kill him, he saw Minerva standing a few meters away looking at him with barely contained rage before death finally took him into its cold embrace.

Natsu stood up from getting thrown back when the explosion occurred wondering what happened and saw Minerva standing a few meters away before she collapsed. "Hey, are you alright?!" Natsu called out to her as he started towards her direction only to fall into a heap on the ground from exhaustion. "Stupid side-effects." He grumbled.


Minerva slowly sat up from where she was laying and saw the large room she's in. it was filled with shelves with books that gave the room a Spartan look, but with elegantly furnished walls and the king sized bed she's in. It didn't take a genius that she's back at the Ikari mansion.

"What happened? How did I get here?" Minerva wondered having no recollection of the events prior to her killing the demon.

"You were unconscious from severe magic exhaustion." A cold if not clinical voice said, Minerva turned to the side to see a blonde looking at a clipboard wearing a lab coat over her blue blouse and black skirt. "On the matter of your arrival here," she looked at the purple haired woman whose hair reminded her of her rather obnoxious friend and co-wife, "The Dragonslayer brought you here while you were unconscious and if you want to know where the pink-hair is. He's staying in the town for the night."

Minerva nodded as the woman that she now realized wasn't really blonde closed her clipboard and glanced at the woman. "You can stay here for the night or you can leave, whatever suits your interest. The rewards over there with a little bonus from what the demon did to you. Goodnight, then." She bid farewell and walked out of the room.

After the woman left, Minerva sat up and got off the bed, pulling the bathrobe closer to her body as she looked at the reward on the table before looking out at the large window. Minerva then looked back at what happened to her earlier today as she gripped her arms tightly as anger and despair washed over her. She, the strongest of Sabertooth, fell victim to a demon that violated and showed her her weakness, something she didn't want to experience ever again.

Power and strength is what Sabertooth represents, what she represents, and yet, she was defeated and when she expected no one. Salamander came, the man that Sting wanted to defeat, he was an idiot and somewhat dim, but the strength he possess was even greater than what she anticipated. Even when she was still a kid, news about Salamander and his fights were always received with different views, some wanted to be like him, and others wanted nothing to do with him. Minerva was on the later, she disliked him quite a lot as he stole the spotlight from all other guild especially Sabertooth which was in its infancy back then.

The moment that the core members of Fairy Tail vanished, her father knew that it was time to prove their guild's power. They quickly rose to the top in a year's time and gained the title of the strongest guild after their victory at the first Magic games. Minerva led the charge, victory after victory as she proved time and again her guilds power, yet somehow, as years went by, the joy of victory was gone and replaced with complacency and sometimes boredom, hoping that some guild will be strong enough to bring back the thrill of fighting in the games.

Then, Fairy Tail returned after seven long years. Minerva welcomed the news with a mixture of excitement and annoyance, as thoughts of showing them how much things changed in seven years, and fighting their strongest members led by Team Natsu. The fires of competition she once lost renewed at the thought of fighting Fairy Tail as she waited for the day of the competition. Again, boredom took its toll as the days seemed like it took forever to pass as she decided to do some request to pass the time.

It was the reason she landed with the request that allowed her to meet Salamander. Taking it for the chance of fighting a powerful opponent and hoping to meet Salamander himself, and show him –and crush his confidence- the difference of their powers. That never did came to pass since she was caught, but it gave her a glimpse of Salamander's power and it made her realize that he could easily best anyone from their five strongest members. And that includes her.

Minerva opened the bath robe she wore to look at her midsection to find that the tattoo was gone. He cleansed her of the demon's mark. Back then, she didn't notice it and simply acted on impulse, letting her anger lead her to the demon and used all of her magic to kill it. Minerva looked at the single chair in the room where Natsu's coat is neatly draped; she took and wore the coat, finding it a little large for her lithe frame as she fixed her hair and took the reward, and moments later, she vanished from the room and appeared at the town. Natsu was powerful, that much she was certain, and she would reward him for services rendered while killing the thought of any attraction she might've develop for the rival mage.


Natsu once again wore his old vest as he left his coat to the woman from Sabertooth. The memory caused him to blush after seeing her partly naked when he saved. Sure, she wasn't as stacked as Erza or Mirajane, but her pair has their own allure to them. He shook his head to clear such thoughts in his head as he climb up stairs to the small inn he's currently staying.

"That Shinji guy sure is nice," Natsu muttered as he walked along the empty hall, "giving me some extra and offering to pay our debt from those wanna be's." He whistled a tune as he closed at his destination, wondering what his friends' reaction would be from the news and the thought of Lucy owing him so much made his day. The image of Lucy bowing in front of him while pledging her undying loyalty was very pleasing for the Dragonslayer since he'll have someone to clean his house.

Arriving in his room, Natsu entered without so much fuss not noticing the other person in the room until he was trapped and the unmistakable scent of a woman assailed his nose. "What are you doing here?!" he demanded as the woman turned him around.

Minerva simply smirked at his reaction as she walked towards the Dragonslayer. "Rewarding my savior…" she trailed one manicured finger in his chest that made Natsu's skin crawl in a good way, "and hopefully… depriving you of your chastity." The smirk on her face was both sultry and predatory as Natsu only picked up on the first one.

"You're going to rape me?!" Natsu paled as the woman gained a stunned expression, blinking for a few moments before she erupted in a giggling fit. Her? Rape him? It was both funny and unlikely as she continued to laugh. "What? You said you're going to steal my virginity!"

Minerva wiped the tear in her eyes –glad that she didn't have her makeup on- and met the Dragonslayer's gaze. "You are stupid as they say you are," she commented idly, "I'm going to do that, but it would be consensual. I'm feeling a little randy from the events earlier and I'm not keen on letting men below me touch my body."

Natsu eyed her for her response as he tried to break free, having understood the gist of what she said. "I doubt that I'd agree to do it with you," he thrashed in his bonds, "and didn't you say that I'm weak. Why would I agree to do it with someone who gets their engines going after a life threatening experience? And if what you said is true, then how come I didn't get any from Erza after I save her?" Natsu turned to the side at the last part in embarrassment, unable to believe that he'd spill the beans about his feelings for Titania.

Damn sexy red head and stupid hormones.

Whether Minerva cared about what he said, she didn't show it and simply pressed on. "Different tastes for different people, I suppose," she said with a shrug, "but what I'm saying is true, I want to sleep with you and repay you for your good deed. I have found you a worthy mage and showed me how much I misjudged your power." Minerva said as she tried to appease the Dragonslayer. She really is feeling randy from her brush with death, but it didn't mean she would sleep with some random man as her standards are rather high and her restraint even higher.

Natsu could see that she was genuine with her intentions, but the fact that he didn't know her personally, not to mention a rival guild that picked on Fairy Tail stopped him from agreeing. "Sorry, but my answer is still no," he looked to the side and blushed, cursing himself for being too soft when it came to women, "if we at least knew one another… maybe then…" he glanced at the woman and saw the hurt in her eyes.

Minerva released a sigh and used her final card. "How about I agree about your proposal for an earlier match?" she had to hide the smirk at his instantaneous reaction and knew she had him.

"What are you waiting for?" Natsu asked eagerly, "release me so we could get this fight started!" he had the inkling that he opened a can of worms large enough to cover the sea, but what's done is done, as the saying goes.

"You're easy." Minerva shook her head and dropped the other shoe. "We'll be fighting, but we'll be doing it in the bed."

Natsu rolled his eyes at her persistence. "I'm not having sex with you." He deadpanned.

"Are you afraid that you won't win, or is it because you're a virgin that has no knowledge about sex?" Minerva asked. He really was easy to goad.

"You're asking for it!" Natsu hollered in outrage, breaking out of his bonds and standing in front of the woman looking at her in the eye.

"I am," Minerva nodded, her smirk couldn't be wider. "Let's start with something simple… do you know how to kiss?"

Natsu nodded though it was the opposite as he awkwardly wrapped his hand around her waist, but it was Minerva that pressed herself on Natsu as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Natsu slowly leaned downed and met the woman's lips and did nothing else but press his lips against hers. The kiss itself was awkward since Natsu simply sat there doing nothing, their nose pressed uncomfortably against one another, that was until Minerva took control.

Minerva tilted her head to the side and began pecking Natsu's lips to try and make him do the same. She wasn't disappointed as Natsu mimicked her movements, and realized how fast of a learner the Dragonslayer is as the kiss felt better than a few seconds ago, his hands wrapping tighter around her waist. Minerva had kissed other men before, some are good and the others are bad, but with Natsu, it was different. He didn't try to take control of their kiss and simply allowed her to take the lead as he followed and learned under her. Minerva couldn't believe it, but he was turning her on faster than she thought possible, she traced his lips with her tongue and nibble on his lower lip.

Natsu a little confused at her gesture, decided to part his lips lightly, thinking and hoping that it was what she wanted. He was rewarded by her soft tongue slowly slithered into his mouth as it began to explore it and for the first time tasting the woman as she wrapped her tongue around his. Minerva let out a moan as she felt Natsu's tongue follow hers back to her mouth as he eagerly explored it much like a kid let loose on a toy store, until she decide that he had his fun and once again met his tongue with hers. The kiss went on for minutes as Natsu quickly mimicked her actions if not better as her body felt feverish from the act.

Both parties pulled back at the same time as the need to breathe arose, panting as their hot breaths washed over the other, lost in each other's eyes. Natsu's coat immediately became an annoyance for the woman as her body's sensitivity rose and the need to feel him with her naked body cut her patience short. Without a word, she took a step back from Natsu's warm and inviting embrace as she ignored his confused look, walking towards the single bed in the room and removing the coat from her body.

Minerva glanced back at the Dragonslayer, her smile and eyes were inviting him to come to her. Natsu was rewarded with the sight of her lithe body and her shapely backside covered by the black satin material, her long black hair cascading like a water fall on her back. "Are you just going to stand there all night?" her smile turned impish as Natsu shook his head and glared at her as he approached her.

Minerva turned around and welcomed Natsu with open arms as they kissed once more. Natsu shivered at the feel of her soft breasts crushed against his chest. Minerva wrapped her hands around his head and played with his spiky pink locks enjoying the feel of his body against hers. Natsu's hands caressed her back as they kissed, his arm brushing against the side of her breasts as the urge to touch them fought to take over. Slowly, he trailed his right hand away from her back, to her sides, brushing against the side of her right breast before he cupped it in his hand. They were larger than he first thought when he saw it as he squeezed the offered tit, rolling it with his hand, trying to find what would earn him more moans from the woman. Natsu then decided to focus on the hardened tip on the palm of his hand, placing it between his middle and index finger while rolling his hand before finally pinching it with his thumb and index finger.

Minerva's moans came out in waves as Natsu teased her nipples, tugging, pinching and rolling it between his fingers, alternating from left to right. It was enough to make the small spot on her panties grow as she felt herself get aroused even more and from what she could feel pressed against her thigh. He too was getting aroused. Minerva slipped her hands under his vest and slid it off his body to fully admire his toned physique. Natsu wasn't as buff as Orga nor as slender as Rufus, he was… in her opinion, just the right build.

Minerva shifts their position around and slowly pushed Natsu into the bed as he moved along it, resting his back on the pillows. Minerva crawled on top of the Dragonslayer, loving the feel of power she has over him as she straddled his waist, grinding her panty clad sex on his erection. A groan escaped Natsu's lips as she teased the Dragonslayer as she bit her lip to stifle her moans from escaping, and what better way to do it than locking lips with the Dragonslayer.

Their bodies rubbed sensuously against one another as her bid for control slipped from her hands and simply let the Dragonslayer do as he pleased. It was the first time that she allowed the man to take control, she was always the one who directed how things happen and sometimes relished when they plead for her to continue. But with Natsu, it was different because he didn't want to make her submit, but he was simply eager to learn. Minerva couldn't believe how wet she had gotten as she continued to rub herself from his erection as Natsu's hand gripped her butt firmly as he guided her along his shaft.

Natsu for his part was literally in both heaven and hell as his erection strained in his boxers as she constantly rubbed her soaked sex on top of it. "I'm about to explode…" he grunted, as they parted from their kiss.

"I'm impressed…" Minerva praised as she too had to stop, close to having an orgasm herself. "But it would be a waste if you'd simply release in your pants." She pecked him on the lips as she shimmied along his body until she landed on top of the rather large tent in his pants before she glanced up him and smirked. "Should I continue…?"

"Are you going to do it or not?" Natsu snapped, as she simply smirked. It took all of his will not to blow in his pants and kissing her did help him a lot, but he wouldn't tell her that.

"You're lucky, as I don't usually do this…" Minerva said as Natsu grunted. She pulled his pants and boxers off and came face to face with his cock. She felt intimidated at its length and girth as the tip glistened with his pre-cum. Never had she seen someone like him, Orga was on the heftier side while Rufus has length, and Natsu has both and made them look average. She could barely wrap her fingers around his shaft as he gave him a few pumps as she licked the dollop of pre-cum on the tip.

Natsu closed his eyes the moment Minerva placed his glans in her mouth, feeling her tongue swirl around his tip. He gripped the sheets tightly as Minerva stroked his shaft while bobbing her head and sucking on its tip. Her tongue teasing his sensitive glans and dragging it along his shaft, lathering every inch with her saliva before repeating the process all over again, sucking and stroking his cock with both her hands. The sensation he's experiencing was maddening, feeling the tip of his cock feverish and the urge to cum can't be held back any longer.

A groan was all the warning she received as his cock expanded some more as he came sending ropes of his sperm shooting upward. After his orgasm subsided, Minerva was covered in his thick seed; her hair, face, hands and breast were stained white with his cum as the musky scent overwhelmed her senses. She licked the side of her lips as she tasted the bitter substance before she gathered those that were on her lips with her fingers and swallowed it. Normally, she would never do such things as tasting men's sperm, but today was different and she was rewarding the man that save her.

"Sorry about that…" Natsu said, looking to the side in embarrassment. As much as it was a turn on to see her covered in his cum, he found it rather rude that he did so.

After cleaning herself of his cum, wasting nothing as she swallowed it all much to her amazement, she smiled at him. "It's only natural that you'd stain me with you sperm after I serviced you. Though I must admit, it's the first time I saw that much sperm in a single orgasm." Minerva's teasing smile was back.

This of course stoked Natsu's ego, and said. "I'm always full of surprises!" he declared proudly, if not competitively against the woman.

"Indeed…" Minerva agreed, as she stood up and removed her soaked underwear. "It's time for the main event; hope you last long enough for me to enjoy myself." She challenged as Natsu eagerly accepted.

Minerva maneuvered herself on top of Natsu's cock, rubbing its tip along her pussy lips before she slowly impaled herself halfway. She never felt so full in one sitting, as she squirmed in discomfort looking at the rather smug look Natsu shot her.

"You could stop if you can't handle it." Natsu said to Minerva as much as to himself. The pressure her vaginal walls applied to his cock was unbearable and pleasurable at the same time.

Minerva managed to smile at the Dragonslayer and said. "Thank you for your concern," she said evenly, but not without the sarcasm, "But… I don't shy away from a fight…much like you, Salamander." She moaned as she slowly sunk further, feeling herself being split like a log from his size.

A groan escaped their lips the moment their hips met. They both felt like they were struck by lightning –in a good way for Natsu- savoring the sensations new to them. Natsu felt his cock enveloped in a warm and slimy material that coiled around his shaft as the tip of his cock pressed against her cervix. Meanwhile, Minerva bit her finger as she marveled at the feeling of a man's penis filling her completely -even Rufus couldn't reach that far inside her- unable to help herself from rolling her hips as bolts of electricity shot up her brain. Natsu's cock felt unbelievably hot inside her.

Minerva feeling feverish, faced flush with arousal looked at the Dragonslayer who managed better than she expected. "I'll start moving, Salamander. I hope you don't cum prematurely…"

"Natsu…" Natsu said as he held Minerva's gaze.

"Hmm…?" Minerva wondered as she paused and returned his gaze.

"If we're going to do it, might as well call each other's name…" Natsu said, looking away when Minerva smiled at him.

"Minerva…" She offered as she draped her body over Natsu and kissed him like a lover. "That's my name, Natsu… you're lucky for I don't allow others to use my name freely."

Whether Natsu believed her or not, she didn't care as they shared another kiss. For the first time since she started having sex, she felt a deep connection with her partner. It confused her since she only met him today; yet, she felt comfortable around him that she allowed herself to be his equal and not his superior. She pushed those thoughts aside as she sat up and gave him one last look as slowly raised her hips until only the tip is left.

Minerva impaled herself on Natsu's cock as she moved in a steady rhythm, eyes shut while gasping and moaning in ecstasy. A thin sheen of sweet covered Minerva's body as she bounced on Natsu's lap as he guided her by placing his hands on her hips. Natsu watched as Minerva's modest breasts bounced as her hair swayed and couldn't help but admire the sensual view as her moans grew louder, planting her hands on Natsu's chest.

Their eyes locked unto one another as Minerva's flowing hair created a curtain around them. The strange feeling of connection once again returned as she gazed at his obsidian orbs that resembled hers, scaring and confusing her. Minerva pushed herself back and changed her position as Natsu faced her back making him wonder. She wasn't supposed to feel attraction that's beyond physical to someone she just met even if she regarded him as an equal.

Natsu in his confusion sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist making her stop and almost teleport herself out of his arms. "What's wrong, Minerva?" he asked, his warm breath tickling her ear.

Minerva calmed her nerves and turned her head away from Natsu. "I'm conflicted whether to continue this tryst or end it. Being with you Natsu is stirring strange emotions inside me… emotions I buried long ago." her words only made Natsu confused, but remained silent.

"How about you call me Salamander and I call you Tiger Lady." Natsu offered, "If you're afraid of getting close to me, then let's just call each other that." Minerva shook her head at how he sounded. Smug and caring at the same time.

"You're only digging yourself a deeper hole, you know." Minerva said, "But… a king must always stay true to its words."

"You have a serious case of megalomania, don't you?" Natsu asked as Minerva laughed sexily, her hips moving sensuously making Natsu groan in pleasure.

"Power is the most beautiful thing in the world, Natsu, and I'm addicted to it." Minerva confessed, "I would do anything to keep it close to me."

Natsu found it strange that he's finding more about Minerva from their current situation. He was still lodge firmly inside her, his arms loosely wrapped around her waist as he listened to her, and whether she didn't know it or not, Minerva was caressing his cock inside her. This made Natsu a little bit antsy.

"So, you're addicted to power. That's fine and all…" Natsu began as he leaned in the crook of her neck, "but are we just going to talk all night or are we going to go at it like rabbits, I mean we still have that fight going on and…"

Minerva craned her neck and smirked. "Ah, yes, we've wasted enough time," she shook her waist sending bolts of pleasure through their brain, "And I intend to win this little battle."

Natsu returned her smirk with a grin. "Not if could outlast you!" he declared as he shifted his hold to her thighs.

Minerva started to panting and moaning as she moved rhythmically on top of him. Natsu started fondling her breasts, cupping them and feeling how heavy they are. Like his earlier observation, her breasts weren't as large as Erza's but large enough that they'd spill between his fingers. It was easily apparent that Natsu didn't know what he was doing as he blindingly fondled her breast, but she found it endearing and strangely enough, it was more pleasurable than she would've imagined.

Natsu quickly learned the ropes as he focused his attention at the hardened tips on the top of her breasts. The reaction was instantaneous as Minerva arched her back as Natsu pinched her nipples hard as she raised a lovely voice from the stimulation. He immediately capitalized on his advantage as he pinched, tugged and tweaked the sensitive nub.

"Are you at you're limit?" Minerva asked, hearing Natsu's grunts and even though Natsu continued to fondle her breasts. Being dominant in bed gave her enough stamina to endure Natsu's touch. "You clearly are… out of your league."

Natsu scoffed as best he can. "You wish… I'm not done yet!" he growled as he doubled his efforts. He could feel his orgasm coming and Minerva looked like she could still go on cursing his cluelessness when it comes to sex. In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, Natsu reached between her thighs and accidentally grazed her clit.

It was enough to make Minerva scream out in ecstasy as she came, flushing her juices on Natsu's thigh and the sheets. Natsu followed suit as he felt her vagina strangle his cock, unloading his seed inside her as the hot liquid caused her to cum once more. Natsu held her firmly as she lay limp in his arms, amazed that by simply grazing on the small nub on the tip of her sex made her orgasm. He continued to thumb her clit, prolonging her orgasm as light moans escaped her lips.

Minerva placed a hand on top of Natsu's to stop him. "That's enough…" Natsu smirked,

"You win this round but the battle is not over." She pulled out Natsu's still rigid cock and pulled him to the edge of the bed. "Let's see how long you last."

Minerva turned around and impaled herself once more unto Natsu as she started moving once more. Their sweaty bodies move seamlessly against one another. Natsu suckled on her left breast as he fondled the other, Minerva's arms wrapped around his head, arching her back from the pleasure. Natsu pulled back from her breasts as he gazed up at her pleasure filled face, she opened her eyes and returned his gaze before she leaned forward and kissed the Dragonslayer fiercely.

Their current position gave Minerva the upper hand as she rode Natsu into an orgasm. Salamander pulled the woman close as he came filling her once again with his seed. Minerva shivered as he felt his seed inside her, smiling as she didn't came the moment he did, scoring a victory for her.

"I guess… I'm in the lead…Natsu…" Minerva commented, as she held his head between her breasts.

Natsu looked up and grinned, "We still have all night." He pointed out as Minerva returned his grin.

"That we do." Minerva agreed as they started once again.


The unlikely couple continues well into the night. Minerva enjoying herself throughout their coupling while Natsu learned everything he needs to know about the act, pulling his inhuman stamina to keep up with the woman. In the end, Minerva won by one point over Natsu before they retired at the crack of dawn.

Minerva was the first one to wake up as she slowly sat up from her position atop the Dragonslayer. She gave him one parting glance before she took his coat and put it on, vanishing moments later. Her meeting with him caused unwanted emotions to surface. Emotions she considered useless for her to reach the top. Minerva decided that this one time was enough and she would once again bury her emotions.

Natsu woke up an hour later to find that Minerva was gone and no matter how much he wanted to stay calm about it, he couldn't. He knew that what they shared shouldn't have any lasting effect to him, but sadly, it did, as memories of the night they shared filtered back into his mind. The countless time they called each other's name and the genuine smile she had when they finished. It was a happy smile, not arrogant or amused, but happy.

With his day ruined, Natsu took a quick shower, taking the reward and leaving to return back to Magnolia before they leave for training.


Minerva never knew the meaning of irony until now. In front of her was the man that she slept with three months ago, and in turn, literally ruined her for everybody else. The pink haired man glared at her father, unable to notice her under his anger induced rage.

"You should stop this ruckus… Natsu…" Minerva spoke as she caught his attention.

Natsu blinked his eyes as they landed on the woman that he thought he'd never meet again. "Minerva?" he gasped, the wind knocked out of sails after seeing the woman that took his first time and left the very next day.

"Do you know this punk, Minerva?" Her father, Jeimma, the Master of Sabertooth asked.

Natsu pulled his fist back as he looked at the ruthless if not sadistic woman in front of him. "Come with me…" he hissed as he grabbed her arm and started dragging her out.

Everyone in Sabertooth was stunned at the sight before them as the person they consider the strongest out of all of them became rather subdued. Jiemma stunned at the sight of her daughter being dragged away by the same man that barged into their hotel made him attack Salamander. But before his attack could hit, Natsu once again entered his Lightning-Flame Dragon mode and fired a breath attack at Jiemma. Everyone from Sabertooth watched in awe as Natsu blew a massive hole into their hotel even as Minerva had a knowing look on her face.

"If anybody should ask of what occurred here… tell them it was your fault..." Minerva ordered, using her magic to teleport herself and Natsu.

Sting looked at Rogue and saw the disbelief in his partner's eyes. "What Happened? Why did she leave with Natsu?" he wondered as his partner has a very different answer for his question.

"Would we win against him, Sting?" Rogue asked, seeing the damage Natsu caused in a short amount of time.

This gave Sting pause and the reality of what just happened sunk in. He saw their Master unconscious and injured from the single attack. Moments later, a section of their lodgings collapsed and a small regiment of Rune knights arrive to question them of what happened, they gave them the answer Minerva wanted.


Natsu was stunned but remained composed remembering that the woman can teleport herself and anything she wanted at will. They now stood at the hollowed out field of the coliseum where the battles were held without the worry of someone hearing their conversation.

Natsu focused his attention at the woman. "Why did you leave without saying a word that day?" Natsu asked, crossing his arms as he waited for her answer.

Minerva's usual confident look was gone as she looked at Natsu. Having met the Dragonslayer in a job that not only changed her view about herself and her guild, it made Minerva question what real strength is. She gazed into his obsidian eyes and saw the same fire and unwavering strength it exudes and memories of that day came back. Filled with passion and lust, but more importantly. It made her attracted to him as they simply lay on the bed after their coupling.

"It was nothing more than a one night stand, Salamander." Minerva said, staring Natsu down.

Rather than gave her a decent reply, Natsu vaulted towards Minerva fist ablaze. Minerva easily moved her head to the side and attacked him with her magic. Minerva sent Natsu flying back and right into her attack that wrapped around his body. Before it could do him any damaged, Natsu burned the substance before it could touch him, lunging once again at Minerva.

The fight continued for awhile limiting the use of their magic so no one would notice. But even with their limited magic, the damage that they create was starting to pile up especially on their clothing. Natsu's clothes are in tatters leaving him in his pants shredded up to his knees, his coat long gone from their exchange. Minerva was in the same predicament, her elegant dress cut up to her upper thighs, and a hole in her midsection that extended almost halfway into her breasts.

"I thought I finally broke you out of that stupid, Megalomania of yours!" Natsu roared, as he crushed the ground beneath her with his heel. "I was starting to like you!"

Minerva managed to dodge the attack, but it grazed her dress that exposed her breasts. "You thought wrong, Natsu. Power is the only thing I could rely on and that night we shared made me lose track of what's important to Me." she countered Natsu's attack by kicking him in the midsection sending him tumbling backwards.

"Yagdo Rigora" Natsu's eyes widened as he saw the familiar statue in front of him, before he's caught in a massive explosion.

Their little fight would've alerted the guards if not for the scheduled fireworks that's a constant when the day ends.

Minerva was stunned as Natsu erupted from the explosion, tackling her until she felt the coliseum wall. Natsu's hand firmly planted on her shoulder as he cocked his right fist back, aimed at her face. Minerva waited for his fist as she stared him down, his eyes filled with anger. The fist she was expecting didn't come; instead it was Natsu's lips crashing against her own.

Minerva didn't respond until she felt Natsu's hand on her exposed breasts, squeezing the globe of flesh that elicited a moan from the woman. Natsu took the opportunity to add his tongue and it didn't take long before Minerva closed her eyes and returned the kiss before teleporting themselves off the coliseum before the guards could find them.

They appeared in an empty hotel room somewhere in Crocus, she fell back on the bed as she was no longer supported by the wall. Natsu continued to ravish her mouth as he fondled her breast. Natsu pulled back from some much needed air as he discarded his scarf and tore off his ruined pants as Minerva tore off her own ruined clothes off, leaving her in her purple satin panties. She waited for Natsu to return back to her arms, but she didn't expect when Natsu held her thighs and positioned himself between them.

Minerva raised a lovely voice as Natsu started eating her out. She writhed in pleasure as Natsu's tongue lashed out at her labia, tracing its length and sucking on the pink folds, his sharp fangs grazing the sensitive flesh every time he dipped his tongue inside her vagina. She couldn't believe how wet she's become as Natsu continued to pleasure her, grinding her hips to his face while pushing it deeper with her hands. Minerva screamed as she came after a few seconds of Natsu wrapping his lips on her clit as he pumped his finger inside her, flushing her juices on Natsu's expectant face.

Minerva gasped as she felt Natsu penetrate her, inch by agonizing inch as she gripped his forearms. It felt like it would last forever until he stopped and she saw that he was only half way there. She tried to move, but Natsu stopped her.

"Why did you leave?" Natsu asked as she stared Minerva down.

Minerva glared at the Dragonslayer, "I don't have to answer you, Dragon-" Her demands turned into a drawn out groan as he slid all of his length at once and withdrawing it, leaving the tip inside.

"Why?" he repeated.

"Move or I'll end it~!" Minerva cried in pleasure as Natsu repeated the process.

"If you want to stop then I'll pull out and I'll let you find someone that can satisfy you while I'll just go to Erza and finish what I started!" Natsu argued as he glared at Minerva who did the same. Even though the part with Erza was a lie, he needed to make a point to the woman. "Tell me why you left?"

Minerva's venomous gaze decreased in intensity when she saw how serious he is. God knows how many times she slept with Rufus and Orga just so she could erase the memory of the night she spent with the Dragonslayer. But the reality that she couldn't be satisfied with the two would always show its ugly head, none of them could make that connection to her, even when she allowed them to take the lead.

"You are distracting me from my goal, Natsu…" Minerva admitted, she only needs to wait for either Sting or Rogue to mortally wound her own father after their certain defeat against Natsu knowing her father's low tolerance for weaklings; punishment will be dealt to the two. By then she could manipulate Sting to do her own bidding, but Natsu happened, "Being with you made me feel that I wouldn't need power... that staying by your side is enough… and… it's against my principles!"

Natsu stared at the woman whose answer he already expected, "if you really want to be at the top, then why don't you leave your guild and come with me to Fairy Tail." Minerva balked at his statement then realized she accepted that Natsu would defeat their Twin Dragons. "If you want to be close to power, then I'll be the strongest mage in the land. You may not be able to manipulate me freely, but you're always at my side."

Would she be able to accept that? He not only told her that her guild is second only to theirs, but asked her to leave as well. Granted, she wanted to change their guild for the better as she found excommunicating those that failed to meet her father's standards is a waste of good mages. The real reason for the change was Natsu, he was notorious for bringing destruction everywhere he goes, but he was still a member of Fairy Tail.

"You want me to compromise?" Minerva asked as Natsu nodded. Her guild in exchange for power in the form of Natsu, she knew what he stands for. Things that are considered as a weakness in her guild yet tolerated. Like any other mage, she has pride for her guild, the place where she grew up in and aspired to be a member of.

Minerva stared at the uncannily patient Dragonslayer who waited for her reply. "Do you really believe that you could back up your words?" she already knew the answer, but she needed to know.

Natsu simply pressed his lips and kissed her fiercely as if it was the answer she was searching. Natsu pulled back and grinned, "Of course!" he declared proudly.

Minerva seemed to accept his answer. "I'll think about it."

"That's good enough for me!" Natsu grinned as he trailed his hands on her sides, as he slowly turned her over, on all fours on the bed. Natsu positioned himself behind Minerva and plunged into her, leaning forward as he used her breasts as handholds to pull her backwards.

Minerva's impassioned moans filled the room when Natsu started moving, his hips surging forward in a forceful rhythm, raising Minerva's backside. This was how she liked it, doing it with someone that knows how to please her, the nights she spent with either Rufus or Orga so she could bury the time she shared with Natsu failed miserably.

None of them could make her feel this way, wanted and revered as Natsu showed it through his actions. They wanted her for her body, but Natsu wanted her as a person, sure they only met and shared a bed once, but it was enough to leave a lasting impression on both of them, especially Minerva.

Her first orgasm came as she cried out in pleasure; her hands gave way as she collapsed on the bed as Natsu slid out of her snatch. Another orgasm followed as Natsu penetrated her again, pressing his weight on her back as she laid stomach first on the bed. Her fingers gripped the sheets tightly as another wave of pleasure hit her. Natsu's relentless pounding made her feel lightheaded as pleasure overwhelmed her senses.

It was the first time she let herself submit to a man as Natsu hooked her left knee and shifted his weight to the right before moving once again. He fondled her modest breasts, kneading the soft flesh while pinching her hardened nipple and licking her neck. Natsu then craned her neck to meet his in a searing kiss, his tongue dueling with her own and sucking it out of her mouth.

Without breaking the kiss or being joined in the hip, Natsu rolled Minerva unto her back until he's situated between her legs, her arms placed above her head in submission as Natsu continued to thrust into her while pinching her nipple. Her legs dangled helplessly on Natsu's thighs pressed firmly on her backside as he's hunched over Minerva who supported herself with her elbows to prolong the kiss. Their saliva covered their lips from the sensuous kiss as Minerva's panting breaths washed over Natsu.

Natsu paused for a moment as he changed his and Minerva's position, lifting her legs and pressed it on either side of her breasts forming a 'V', raising her backside into the air leaving him in a squatting position. Minerva raised a sweet voice as the new position allowed Natsu to go deeper and hit her weakspots as it brought her closer to orgasm. Natsu who's also close to his release let's go off her knees as it rested on his thighs while he fondled her breasts.

"I'm cumming, Minerva!" Natsu grunted as his thrust became short powerful jerks.

Minerva's voice came in short and ragged pants that grew in volume, feeling Natsu's glans trying to wrench open her womb. The moment Natsu came, he placed his hands on Minerva's thighs, spreading her legs further as he deposited his load inside her.

The two spent the rest of the day having sex until they passed out in each other's arms. Like the last time Minerva was the first one to wake up, but this time she didn't leave and merely spooned closer to the Dragonslayer until he wakes up. The moment he did, it was then they decided to return to their respective guilds. No other words were said between them as they parted, whether Minerva would leave is up to her as Natsu would simply wait for her to decide.


Minerva now stood in front of her still injured father, his eyes burning with anger and disappointment. She lost the Naval Battle after being thrown off by Juvia out off the stage, her mind continued to ponder Natsu's proposal that it distracted her enough to lose.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Jiemma asked his daughter.

"I lost because I was careless." Minerva answered looking at the same black pools as her own. "It will never happen again."

Jiemma's fist clenched at her daughters emotionless façade, she wasn't apologetic or afraid of her answer. "I know… for as of now, you are hereby expelled from the guild!" he bellowed, stunning everyone.

Appeals for him to reconsider his decision came from his members went ignored as she stared at his daughter. Weakness and failure are traits he didn't allow in their guild as it would tarnish their reputation and her daughter was no exception. The person he expected to carry his guilds name failed against a guild he considered beneath them, but what cemented the decision of kicking her daughter out was the fact the she chose Salamander when he assaulted the guild.

It wasn't a secret to him about her daughter's relationship with the other members of his guild as long as they performed to his expectations. But the knowledge that her daughter would sleep with someone from Fairy Tail, and Salamander to boot, consider herself an orphan.

"Very well then, I'll take my leave," Minerva began walking away from her father, before stopping six feet away from him, glancing behind her. "Father…" with those parting words, Minerva vanished from their sight.

Another wave of anger washed over Jiemma as he ordered their members to get out of his sight and make sure to crush Fairy Tail.


Minerva appeared in the fountain at the center of Crocus, nowhere near sad or regretful of her decision to leave Sabertooth. She walked along the perimeter of fountain until she saw the familiar figure standing at the edge of the fountain playing with kids.

Natsu stood up and looked to the side to find Minerva standing with her usual air of composure and pride. "How did it go?" he asked, while shooing away the giggling kids.

"Better than I expected." Minerva shrugged, walking towards the Dragonslayer.

Natsu tilted his head to the side in genuine confusion, "Really, I thought you'd be as dejected as Yukino, if not worse." He countered as they walked towards Fairy Tail's lodgings.

Minerva scoffed at his words. "You still know nothing about me, Salamander." She pointed out.

"Natsu." he corrected.

"I'm only interested in power, if what you said is true then I don't care about leaving Sabertooth. As long as I have power. I'm content." Minerva stated and whether Natsu understood the real meaning of her words, she didn't care.

"Whatever," Natsu shrugged, "let's head back to the hotel I'm starving." He then pulled the woman as he started running towards Fairy Tails hotel.

Minerva simply allowed the Dragonslayer to drag her along the streets of Crocus. For now she would let herself follow Natsu and leave the plotting and controlling for later. Minerva would tolerate anything so she could stay beside the power she had always sought after.

Sometimes a king must listen to those around him and act accordingly.


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