Danny could tell he was underwater but he could breathe "sam where are you?" he said but it sounded pretty funny, finally he realized he couldn't feel his toes. When he looked down he saw that he didn't have toes anymore he had a tail a fish tail to be exact (Google pics of it) after he was out of shock he thought he heard music "no that's imposable" but sure enough as he swam clumsily towards the sound it was clear that he had heard correctly as he listened a crab came into view and HE was the one singing "this is familiar somehow" then he swam closer and heard the crab singing "under the sea under the sea where the sardine beguine Its music to me what they got a lot of sand we got a hot crustacean band each little clam here know how to jam under the sea each little slug here cutting a rug here under the sea each little snail here know how to wail here that's why its hotter under the water yea we in luck here down in the muck here under the sea!" after the song was done danny saw sam, she was as beautiful under the sea as she was on land to be truthful she looked like she was having the time of her life swimming gracefully (if that's even possible) towards him "danny were in the little mermaid that was Sebastian singing." She said "who?" said Danny confused "ugh the red crab dude" "OH THAT GUY!" yelled Danny in triumph. They saw a red haired girl swimming with a yellow fish "let's follow her Danny she's the star of the movie Ariel" A/N so did you like it is it rushed is it crap