My Fate

The moment my master returned, I should have known,

Known that no mercy would befall on me,

But I had no choice,

I never did,

I who was born in slavery.

So the purge began

With the slaying of the suitors.

We twelve were summoned.

We twelve witnessed the carnage:

Splattered blood and spewing guts;

Mangled limbs and crooked necks;

Startled faces and twisted lips

remaining etched in my head until the end...

We lifted many a limp body away,

Then the intense scrubbing began,

The Master's word had been explicitly clear,

The cold hard floor bruised my knees,

Salty tears ran down my cheek,

Teeth gritted in anguish,

Watching the hollow eyes of the other girls

My blood mingled with

That of the suitors',

I scrubbed on, wishing

my Fear

my Sorrow

my Shame,

Would also fade,

It was not so

The words of Telemakhos were spoken with venom,

The insult revolved around my head,

I prayed to the gods,

But realised it was perhaps their will,

Nemesis had done her job,

So it was with a heavy heart,

That I too faced my fate,

Into the clutches of Hades

Wadzanai Mufunde