Alex finds herself leading a happy life as Vashan temporarily vanishes from the town. After a spell goes horribly wrong, she faces Kuru in a whole new avatar as he accidentally falls for her. Will Alex find love? What's up with Vashan? Why is Diva not a trouble anymore? Can Alex manage to shine in her career despite all the mess? Read on.


The beginning

The sun was shining brightly high above in the skies and another peaceful day began for the people in Manjipoor. The kingdom had been restored to peace thanks to the efforts of the princess and her loyal servant Kuru. Little did they know that this was just the calm before the storm .

~Somewhere in the woods~

''Are you sure sir, this is what you wish to do?'' the ardent follower asked his master.

"Yes," the master crinckled his nose before proceeding in opposite direction, "this way!"

"It could be dangerous my lord," his female companion warned him and he shot her a death glare.

"Just one step ahead," he murmured, "and Manjipoor will be doomed."

~~The palace~~

The large elephant stood elegantly in the garden while silently enjoying the royal meal delivered to him. A young man in his early twenties sat on the grassy ground, his legs sprawled across the floor, his eyes twinkling with mirth. He had dark brown hair, captivating blue eyes and was a handsome lad who served the royal family.

"It's a lovely day Anala, " Kuru whispered, "don't you think so?"

The elephant swayed his head in agreement before chewing on its food.

He could hear the cheers and loud clapping of the people who gathered at the great hall to celebrate the end of the evil regime of Vashan. The fact that the former prince had fled the country elated the people and they were keen on organising yet another royal event to coronate their princess as the sole heir to the kingdom.

"Indeed, it is a lovely day, Kuru , " came a cool voice of Omar dragging him out of his thoughts.

"Good morning to you Omar," Kuru greeted the man with a serene smile.

They began calmly talking about the royal affairs starting from Vashan's mysterious disappearance and his suspected demise to the present event in Manjipoor.

"Do you really think," Kuru paused for a while, "Vashan is dead?"

Omar nodded, "I believe so, yes."

Kuru did not press the matter further but was raging an internal battle in his mind. He had to find a way to get the royal panel believe that Vashan's demise might be a fraud. How could Vashan and Diva vanish from the city all of a sudden?

"Did you inform the princess about her coronation tomorrow?"

Kuru's eyes widened .Oh! How could he forget that?

"I'll make sure Her highness will reach us on time," he glanced up at the watch that Alex had given him over summer.

Omar looked perplexed as Kuru continued, "its something the princess gave me to realise the time in her world. She might be on her way to college by now."

The man patted his back and left.

"Anala moke!" cried Kuru, "we have a task."

The elephant let out a loud growl before teleporting him to his destination.

~~Reef side high, the same morning~~

"It's time for a fresher's party in the college. But we're not prepared," complained JB clutching his brand new guitar.

"Honestly, do you want to play that? We already have a guitarist," Amada cooed while glancing up at the entrance.

"But don't you think we need another guy on team who could play this guitar?" JB began scanning the area for a certain brown-haired princess. Where was Alex?

They were all lined up before the large hall where the auditions would take place. They had recently enrolled their band called 'Rock-stars' for the musical fest in the college, being final year students would have its own merits.

"Hello," came a strained whisper from behind.

JB turned swiftly and took in his friend who stood breathlessly by the door. The girl smiled at the duo, her eyes sparkling with happiness and joy. She pushed some of her brown locks falling on to her fore-head aside before joining her best friends.


The princess smiled at them. She was dressed casually in her jeans and an elegant black tee, her guitar held tight in her hand.

"Sorry, guys! I guess I dozed off."

Alex gave an apologetic look.

"You dozed off? After, talking to me this morning?" Amada looked annoyed than ever.

"Look, but I managed to be on time."

Alex glanced at JB for help.

"Wrong! But anyway, let's start the practise," Amada gave a sly smile as she walked towards an empty classroom.

Alex shrugged as she and JB followed her. She was about to close the door of the empty class room when a high-pitched giggle interrupted her.

Her gaze drifted towards the nearby corner where she apparently found a blond first year girl flirting with a guy. She had her arms wrapped around his neck as she pressed herself onto the poor boy. The boy, Alex found was probably enjoying all that attention. Disgusted by their public display, Alex snorted and would have shut the door had the guy's shrill voice not echoed through the corridor.

"Look," the guy began softly, "I seriously didn't decide who I'd take, but-"

Alex's eyes widened at the familiarity of the tone.

"Kuru," She cried and the blonde girl kissed his cheek before walking away in the opposite direction.

"Hello, princess." Kuru smiled at her as Alex shot him a dirty look.

"I mean, Alex. I thank Her highness for saving me from that girl."

Alex eyed him weirdly, "you could've pushed her aside. You seemed to have enjoying the attention."

Kuru's smile dropped at the comment as he stared at the girl, "I promise, that was an accident, princess."

Amada smiled as Alex snorted. JB couldn't hide his jealousy. Oh how he wished that blonde girl would ask him instead!

"So you're attending classes this year?" Alex asked diverting the topic.

"May be I could graduate with Her highness," Kuru smiled, " there is a royal event tomorrow. I'm here to inform you."

JB and Amada squealed in delight as Alex nodded. Kuru bid them goodbye before walking towards his class. Alex picked up her guitar and sighed. She had to practise a lot.

There hope you like it.