Chapter two

A royal affair

Alex sighed as she woke up. It had been a long day for her, practicing for the upcoming audition. She also needed another person on her band, the rules clearly stated the fact that teams must comprise of four members each. She hadn't chosen anyone, but she had to as soon as possible.

She yawned, there was a knock on the door. Who on the earth had come to wake her up so early?

"Kuru!" she thought and got to the door.

"Good morning, Alex! " it was her dad, not Kuru, which was a surprise. Sure, he had informed her about the coronation, but then, why did he not choose to greet her like he usually did?

Oh well, he had that blonde girl who was throwing herself at him, didn't he? Alex sniggered at the memory.

"Morning dad!," she mumbled and dashed towards the bathroom.

She could hear her dad whispering 'are you okay hun' but ignored it.

~Later in the school

Alex hurried along the stairs, nearly knocking into some one.

"My guitar!" she shrieked in horror as it slipped from her hands. Someone caught her guitar while balancing her, holding her by the shoulders.

She looked up at her savior assuming it to be Kuru, she smiled, "Kuru! I- uh..."

She stuttered seeing some other boy. He was of her age, with fair complexion, he was at least six feet tall with dark hair.

"You okay?" he inquired extending his hand, "I'm George! You?"

"Alex, " she replied smiling a bit.

"Nice name! Well, its obvious that you play guitar! I play it too! But I won't throw it around! By the way, I'm a final year from, Notts-ville. Are you into the competition?"

"Um.. yeah, I well, we are a band of three! We're looking for the other! How come, I haven't seen you before?" She shook his hand as they walked towards the canteen.

"Oh, well, I got transferred actually! Long story!" the guy brushed off, began eating his stuff.

They talked for a while starting from their habits to music, contemporary politics and what not. Alex had a feeling that he was a nice guy, actually.


She turned around to spot Amada and JB. The four talked merrily for nearly an hour and George smiled.

"You guys are really cool! I never thought, I could find friends on the first day of my school! Really, I'm so glad!"

Alex shook it off, "well, how about you pay us back!" she asked him.

"How?" George was curious.

"You can join our band, you see it's a great offer! What do you say!"

George thought for a moment and smiled, "I'm in!"

"That's great!" Alex cooed. Amada looked unsure, could they trust this guy? But Alex looked confident, even JB was okay with this. She would ask Alex afterwards.

"How about we practice, now?" George asked her, "I don't think, I would attend any class!"

"Oh sure! But ah-" Alex glanced up at her watch, "We'll meet you here in the evening, outside the school! Right, now, we're off somewhere!"

Amada nodded. They bid good bye to their new friend and walked around the corridors.

"Where the hell is Kuru?" Alex wondered aloud. She could not go to the kingdom with out him.

"May be at your home, " Amada suggested as they together made their way towards the Wilson mansion.

Alex stormed into the back yard and took in a deep breath. There was Kuru, standing by the side of the elephant graciously smiling at her. She wanted to yell at him, curse him so badly, yet some how, she found herself smiling back.

"Kuru! Where have you been?" she asked, standing next to him.

"My greetings to Her Highness! I was asked to lend a hand in the preparations for your coronation!" Kuru replied with a bow.

"Coronation?" Amada, Alex cried in unison.

"Yes, its on behalf of people of Manjipoor! Please hurry up, princess Alex!" Kuru urged Anala and they teleported to the magical land

It was a great day for Alex, the coronation went well. The love of the people, the way they treated her brought tears of happiness in her eyes. Not to mention the music, the food and the royal dance. She enjoyed every bit of it. She was tired would be an understatement, but somehow she managed to meet George at the school, they practised and Alex was so glad to call off the day. So many things were happening around her. The audition, the fresher's party, the royal ceremonies! She reached her home and sighed. She hadn't still decided who she would take to the fresher's party, there was a special ball arranged and she really couldn't ask a guy after her break up with Marcus.

'Guys were, well, guys! And they always break girl's heart!' she thought before she dozed off in her bed that night.

~Next morning

She was greeted by Kuru in the kitchen who was savoring a sandwich, her mother made.

"Good morning, princess!" he began swiftly, reaching out for his bag.

" 'Morning, Kuru!" she smiled, as she watched him working out on his model.

He was trying to glue the parts of his model, the one, each student was supposed to submit by that evening, but in vain. He had worked on the topic, that was just great! How could he manage to do, so many things? Wouldn't he get tired at all?

"I can help you, if you want!"

He seemed to have engrossed in his work, refusing to look at her.

She sighed and dragged the model towards her, sitting by his side, "I said, I'd help!"

He blinked, " no, no magic please! Its wrong! I have so many things to do! I still haven't decided on taking someone o the party on sunday!"

"It doesn't hurt to use a bit of magic to join these bits!" Alex sneered, "how could you think about party, here! I'm sure, you wouldn't want to take that blondie!"

Kuru looked unsure. She muttered a quick spell and his model was ready.

"Thank you, princess! That was so kind of Her Highness! I wasn't planning on anything princess, that girl wouldn't just leave me!"

"Stop calling me princess!" she smirked, "now lets get to school!" she added, dragging him along, "I'm off! Mom, dad! See you later!"

Alex walked out of the classroom, setting her model on top of her lap, she seated herself over a bench in the corridor. School was getting tougher, the works taking a toll on the students. The only relief was sunday's ball. Jb joined her, by the bench.

"You going to ball?" he asked.

"No, I'm not sure. Haven't asked anyone yet, you?" Alex smiled sadly.

"Oh, yeah, it's a surprise!" JB smiled, she didn't press the matter.

She wanted to go to the ball, that would lighten her mood but then, she wasn't sure.

"Where's Amada?"


"Oh!" Alex nodded and looked away just in time to see Kuru walking out with a huge smile on his face.

She was about to smile back at him when a girl launched herself into his arms.

"Hello, Kuru!" the girl began sweetly, "you know, I just couldn't stop thinking about you! You look too good, to ignore!"

Kuru was trying to push her away, the girl however desperately clinged to him.

"Your heart is just as good as you're," she went on.

Alex sneered, "what does she think of herself! Can't she see he's not interested in her!"

JB raised a brow, "but Al, don't you think Kuru needs to have some fun, going to one party wouldn't hurt!"

Alex nodded, "but her? Why her? That girl is insane! She practically flirts with every guy in the school and Kuru is.. well, we can't let this happen to him!"

JB nodded," you're right."

"Don't you want to go to party with me! It would be fun, " she reached up to kiss his cheek and Alex had seen enough.

She marched over to the pair, as JB watched her with interest.

"I- actually-.. I don't think, " Kuru hesitated a bit. Surely he could push her away, but that would be mean.

"He's going with me!" Alex yelled, the girl let go of the poor boy to look at her.

Kuru's eyes widened. Did he just hear, her say that?

"W- what?" the blonde girl squeaked.

"You heard me!" Alex, now reached up hold Kuru's hand, "we're going together! And how dare you ask him out? Did you forget that you're a freaking first year?"

Kuru couldn't recall a moment when the princess was mad at anyone.

"Prin -.. Alex!" he began swiftly, she shushed him.

That girl mumbled a quick apology, before storming off.

Next chapter

"I'm your servant- I just can't go with you!" Kuru reasoned, "its wrong!"

"Can't you just be my friend for one night?" Alex asked, "please!"

Kuru sighed, "you don't need to say 'please' princess! But what if Omar came to know I danced with Her Highness..."

"Oh, well, don't tell him!"

"But its so wrong!"

"Okay, if you hate dancing with me so much, you don't need to come with..."

"I actually wanna see what they do.. It would be an honor to go with you as friends, princess! But.."

"Oh go to hell, Kuru!"

Alex rounded the corner and Kuru yelled, "I'll go! Please, Alex! I could hardly ask anyone out!"

Alex smiled at her victory, she could go to the party with Kuru as friends! Oh wow!

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