Disclaimer: This is complete and total FICTION. That means it never happened and is completely untrue. In fact, this is so far from the truth that it isn't even in the same country as the truth. I don't own anybody: Big Time Rush, the characters, and all referenced scenes belong to Nickelodeon, and I make no money off of this. I am not in any way implying said characters' sexual identities.

His car started right away- that was a good sign. Kendall spent the lunch period with him and James and Carlos (who weren't arguing today), which was another positive.

Logan's math teacher threw out the pop quiz results, and when the principal called him down to the office, Logan was worried.

"Mr. Mitchell, I looked through your file and saw that you've never had detention, and that yesterday was the first time you've ever been late to school- in 12 years of schooling. Therefore, I am removing the detention from your record."

After school, Kendall called him and said they were going to the Wild game. "You wanna go?"

"You're not taking Jo?"

"No. She hates hockey, and this is a boy's night out. Come on."

"Ok." Logan said. Everything was good. Sure, his dad hadn't come back, but now that he looked at it, it was for the best; his mom was the happiest he'd seen her in a long time.

Today was a good day.