Seeing Double


Disclaimor: JK's World Twisted to my sick liking

AN: first F.G.H fic be gentle I'm new to threesomes lol


"Hermione hurry!" Hermione was walking down one of the many corridors in the Hogwarts School when a young first year rushed up to her and grabbed her hand.

"Susan what's going on?" Hermione asked as she was pulled by the small yet surprisingly strong girl.

"The Weasley twins have been up to it again!" Hermione furrowed her brow with annoyance as she was pulled around another corner. This time she found tons of other prefects surrounding a large door, screams and loud pops were heard inside the room.

"what's going on in there?" Hermione asked rushing over.

"We can't get them out I've tried every unlocking spell I can." One of them said.

"Nothing works?" Hermione asked. "try blowing up the lock, that might work while you do that I'm going to go find the men who are responsible for this."

"We aren't sure it's the Weasley twins." He said.

"When is it ever not the Weasley twins?" she asked.

"Good point." He said turning to start blowing up the locks. She rushed down the hall to the library.

"Are the weasley twins in here?" Hermione asked with a soft smile.

"They did something didn't they?" the TA asked.

"Now why would that matter?" she asked.

"Because they only come in here to hide out." She smirked.

"Where are they?"

"Very back." He said pointing. "the secret study rooms."

"Thank you so much." She walked easily trying to calm herself the whole time as she passed the only few students in the library. She moved along the bookshelf until she reached the back where she turned and walked to a special room that had been made out of bookcases. she took a deep breath before walking in with a pleasant smile. Sure enough Fred and George sat on the table snickering before freezing to stare at her.

"Hello granger." George said a little fearful.

"Hey what are you two guys doing in here?" she asked closing the door and walking to one of the bookcases to look at one of the numorous novels.

"Uh why are you here?" Fred asked looking to his brother with a raised eyebrow.

"Same reason I'm always here looking for something good to read, all the interesting books are held back in this room." she said pulling one from the shelf.

"You're not here for any other reason?" George asked breathing a little easier now that he thought she didn't know about their latest prank.

"Oh uh no…" she said. "Why you two haven't done anything have you?" she asked letting the book drop. "Oh like… let's say lock a couple first years into a classroom and set off god knows what on them?" her voice was calm as she smiled sweetly.

"We did no such thing." Fred said. She sighed heavily as she slipped off her robes and rested them on a chair. The boys eyed her as she rolled up her sleeves.

"Look I'm not mad just tell me how to get them out." Hermione said

"Nope." George said earning him a smile from his brother.

"Look… Fred George it's amazing what you did…." she said. "I mean I couldn't even get the lock undone, that's very impressive because I know spells that could get past greengotts locks. So just tell me how to unlock the doors and I swear I won't report my findings on who did it and I won't give either of you detentions." She said.

"Well that's great but we didn't do it." George said.

"Guys I know you did." she said growing tired of their game.

"It's true we did." Fred said giving in.

"But we still aren't telling you how to unlock the doors." She sighed heavily.

"I didn't want it to come to this. But I'm just too tired to use the usual interrogation techiniques…" She said as she neared the twins who had fearful looks. She grabbed George's collar and pushed him back onto the table he had been leaning against. Hermione crawled up onto George, straddling him as she set her wand down beside him. her expression softened as her brown eyes became smoldering.

"Mione…" George muttered.

"You'll tell me what I need to know…" she whispered as she moved her fingers through his hair his eyes drifted close peacefully at the feeling.

"What makes you think I will?" he asked huskily, Hermione rocked her hips against him. He groaned at how amazing the sensation was. Hermione smiled as she bent down and kissed his neck rocking into him again.

"because…" she whispered. "if you don't I'll stop…"

"alright… That's enough." Fred lifted Hermione off his brother who whimpered slightly.

"You'll get your chance Fred…" she said. the words made him blush furiously as she wrapped her arms around his neck. George got up onto his feet and walked over to the two not wanting to be left out. He moved against her back as he pulled her to his body away from Fred who glared at him. George sat down on the table and lifted Hermione into his lap where he kissed her neck as her hands moved through his hair. Fred was with them in a second her arm moved around his waist pulling him close as she kissed his neck and he kissed hers.

She had to admit it was over whelming but she had tried everything else with the boys. Nothing else would make them tell her what she needed to know. She pushed away from George and wrapped her legs around Fred's waist as her arms moved back to cradle George's head as he nibbled her ear. Georges hands lay at her waist massaging into them as she moved against him. her eyes snapped open she could feel something, something which told her she needed to concentrate. She pulled back from Fred as he kissed her cheek moving towards her mouth.

"Fred tell me…" she whispered. "I have to know…"

"Tell you what love?" Fred asked as he kissed the corner of her mouth, before he could capture her lips she turned away to look at George who was behind.

"George what's the spell you used on the door?"

"don' worry about that now." he muttered as he tried to get her attention by moving his hand up her thigh. She moved back a little causing her to grind into Fred who moaned slightly. She blushed, not meaning to cause him pleasure at all.

"I have to know it will bother me if I don't…" she said they didn't say anything but instead kept trying to pull at her attention by doing different things. She hadn't expected them to battle over her like this. She had expected them to get awkward and tell her everything right away. She had expected them to tell her just to get her to leave. Hermione smiled having an idea pop into her head. She moved forward towards Fred who looked up just in time to kiss the corner of his mouth while looking at his lips with hunger.

"Please…" she whispered. George looked up to find Hermione close to kissing his twin. He pulled back slightly and tilted her head back to gaze at him. Fred made a disapproving noise, she had been so close.

"it's an atrilous charm." George said kissing the corners of her mouth to get the first kiss. She pulled away and turned Fred, who was looking at his brother. George was sending him a challenging look.

"How do you take it off?" she asked. Fred ran his fingers down her cheek softly, her eyes drifting close from the touch.

"Fire, Fire makes it unlock." Hermione's eyes flashed open just before Fred's lips would have connected with hers. she moved away just in time to have the brothers crash into each other. They opened there eyes seeing they had just kissed each other.

"Oh gods!" they jumped away from each other wiping their mouths and turned to see Hermione straightening her clothes and grabbing her robes.

"Thank you boys." Hermione said winking at them before walking out of the secret room.

"She just…" Fred said.

"Played us…" George continued. The two twins looked at each other with the same lopsided look.

"Well done…" Fred said.

"Didn't know she had it in her." George muttered.

"Oh!" a teenage girl jumped as she walked in to see the boys in a disheveled look. Fred had his shirt un tucked his hair sticking up at all angels, while George at some point had taken his sweater vest off and now wore a highly wrinkled white button up shirt that hung out of his pants.

"What?" Fred asked seeing her furiously blushing face.

"I didn't see anything!" she said before rushing off. Fred and George eyed each other's looks before hitting themselves in the forehead.

"It's not what it looks like!" George shouted.

"It may be a little what it looks like!" Fred commented.

"but not what it looks like!" George bellowed.


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