Hermione Harry Ron and Ginny stepped off the train. They had returned to Hogwarts. Taken their final exams and had all passed with flying colors. Now they were back in England. They all still felt the sting of the battle at the ministry that had happened only a month and a half before. Harry wasn't talking much but everyone understood why. Ron was sticking close to Ginny more then he usually did. She couldn't be sure if this was because of the department of mysteries or her new found closeness to Harry.

Hermione was doing better than the rest of them. The summer before had prepared her for the worst of times. Sense the twins leaving she was a constant companion of Harry's hardly leaving his side for anything but mutual bathroom breaks, this was something he didn't seem to mind all that much. Still Hermione and Harry couldn't stand to be too far away from each other something that the others had learned to accept.

"Look there they are." Ginny said waving at her parents. Hermione smiled brightly expecting to see the twins but she only say Mrs. and Mr. Weasley and a few order members. She frowned slightly before Harry slipped his hand into hers.

"Come on Mione…" he said.

"Right…" she said.

"They'll probably see you at the burrow…" he added.

"Maybe they're just too busy for me now."

"Never." He said giving her hand a squeeze. From someone on the outside looking in they would have looked like a young couple in love, but everyone who did know them knew that they were scarred individuals who would always take solace and find support within each other.

"Really think so?" she asked.

"Of course darling." He said putting on his best debonair English accent. She laughed swatting him in the chest.

"Honestly Harry." She said as he laughed.

"Come here hugs all around." Mrs. Weasley said pulling them all in along with Mr. Weasley.

"Mr. Mrs. weasley." Harry said with a smile.

"Harry good news your uncle said you could stay with us the first two weeks of summer maybe longer." Mr. Weasley said.

"Great so I'll be heading straight to the burrow with you?" he asked his mood greatly improving at the news.

"That's right dear." Mrs. Weasley said. Hermione smiled glad to know he would be there instead of at his horrible care takers house of horrors. She was hugged by Mr. Weasley as he did she looked over his shoulder and gave a laugh.

"She's spotted them." He said letting her go with a chuckle. Hermione pulled away and ran right past him towards two identical smiling faces. She leapt up into the nearest ones arms planting a passionate kiss against his mouth. She then jumped from Fred's arms right to George's who caught her easily. She kissed him deeply before pulling away the biggest smile they had ever seen planted on her beautiful face.

"I thought you guys were too busy." She said jumping back to the ground.

"Never too busy for you love." Fred said shaking off his stupor from the hello kiss.

"You're our bookworm goddess after all." George added. Hermione smiled at them brightly as they both put out bouquets of sunflowers. She smiled as she took them.

"You two are really charming…" she said looking them over.

"Just figured it out huh?" Fred asked with a smile.

"Just figuring out a lot of stuff…" she said with her own. "I really missed you two."

"We missed you too Hermione…" they said taking her in their arms. When they pulled away they took both her hands in theirs and led her back to their family.

"You know at the start of the year… I never thought I'd be ending it holding your hands…" She said looking to them with a bright smile.

"Don't we know it." they said in unison making Hermione laugh.


The End




Hi everyone thanks for sticking with and reading this Fred Hermione George Fanfic, it was my first with the three way pairing and I hope I did it justice. While writing this fic over the course of two years yes I've been writing it in secret for two years I have completely fallen in love with this different kind of Trio so if you loved


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