In response to the livejournal challenge 30fluffs, I bring you this massive project I fully intend to finish. Of course, featuring my favorite couple of the Twilight Saga, Emmett and Rosalie.

All the chapter are going to be non-related oneshots. If I decided to change that, I'll let you know of course.

Well, yeah, that being said, I hope you enjoy this first shot, a plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone.

Prompt #13 – Magic

"A Miracle, Perhaps"

(Post-BD. AU-ish / Five years after the Volturi incident, Emmett and Rosalie find themselves locked up in a cabin up in the snowy mountains, where an unexpected gift awaits them.)

From the moment he opened his eyes, Emmett knew something was… not the same. But for all that was Holy, he could not pin-point what was out of place, and even when he tried to ignore it, the nagging feeling that something was not quite right wouldn't leave him alone.

His hand moved to the empty side of the bed, fingering the warm sheets —and before his mind wondered why the sheets were warm, he remembered that next to his ice-cold skin almost everything felt warm to him— as he listened to Rosalie speak to the lady that delivered their breakfast. He would have thought she was wasting her time by bringing them food, after all they wouldn't eat it, if it weren't for the fact that there were other five cabins on this side of the ski center she delivered breakfast to.

Taking an unnecessary deep breath, he sat up on the bed. He couldn't remember the last time he felt so relaxed, so at peace that it almost felt like he was actually lazy. In fact, he would have been very happy to just stay in bed the rest of the day, but he had promised Rosalie they would go skiing.

Emmett could still hear his Angel talking to the woman on the entrance of their cabin; the woman sure was insistent on feeding them extra well after realizing what they had been doing ever since they arrived. Certainly, a normal human would definitely need those amounts of food, and the fact that they were not human was something they couldn't share with her, so for the past four days they'd gathered obscene amounts of food on their purposeless freezer.

He hopped off the bed, and walked across the room to pick up his pants, that lay forgotten near the balcony, surprisingly still in one piece; though how it had survived last night's activities was a wonder. He put his pants on, letting them rest low on his hips, before pulling the curtains open, realizing a second too late what was bothering him. And he froze.

His hands tightened around the curtains as he watched the sunlight hit his bare chest, panic crawling slowly into his mind. That sight alone was nothing out of the ordinary, but the proof of his vampirism, of his immortality, was… gone. There were no sparkles, no nothing, just his sun-tanned skin, the very same he had before becoming a vampire.

Moments later, Emmet became aware of many things at once. His labored —and very, very necessary— breathing, his fast and somewhat erratic heartbeats, and the dampness he suddenly felt on his temple, and the blood rushing through his veins. Then there was the fact that his surroundings seemed to have lost some of its clarity, he couldn't make out the noises coming from outside this four walls, and he certainly couldn't smell the animals that he knew were running free up in the woods. Still not wanting to believe what was happening, he slid the glass panel open, and the icy wind that hit his half-naked body erased any hint of doubt from his mind.

"Holy shit…"

He was human.

The sound of shattering glass snapped him out of his reverie and he became painfully aware of something else.


His wife. What would she say when she found out he was human again? No, scratch that, she probably knew already. With her enhanced senses she could hear his heart beating faster with every second, could smell his blood.

Oh, this is bad. What do I do now? Will she get mad at me? It's not like I wanted to become human, I don't even know how it happened. But if I could go back to being human again, then she probably can too. But how did I change back?

He began to pace around the room, trying to remember anything that might give him a hint as to what happened to him, and ignoring completely the drastic change of temperature in the suit.


The panic lacing Rosalie's voice was enough to make him rush out of the room even before his mind processed what he was doing, begging to God that no harm had come to her while he was away. And once he entered the kitchen, having found the living room empty, he saw her standing there, frozen on the spot, staring at her hand…

"Emmett, I'm…"

…at her wounded hand.



Rosalie knew she shouldn't be surprised when she heard the loud knocks on the cabin's door, she knew who was at the other side and she was almost expecting that person to arrive, right on time, like the last four days. But the fact that she was, indeed, surprised that the breakfast lady disrupted her much needed sleepwhich was ridiculous, because vampires didn't sleep— disturbed her beyond words. She ignored it, though, as she did with most things that bothered her now.

She also ignored the lost of warmth as she slipped out from under the sheets, Emmett's occasional snores as he slept peacefully sprawled across the bed, and the chill she felt as she put on his shirt on her way towards the front door. She even ignored the icy wind that hit her barely covered body when she opened the door for the breakfast lady to come in.

This self-defense mechanism was working perfectly well, until the middle-aged woman opened her mouth to talk.

"Did I wake you dear?"

No, you didn't. Because I'm a vampire, and therefore, I don't need to be woken up.

Her thought was squashed and pushed aside quickly; because yes, the woman had waked her up. "Yes, but it's okay."

Rosalie was so distracted with trying to make sense of what was happening that she barely put up a fight when the woman set their breakfast of the kitchen table, and again, it wasn't until she mentioned her eyes color that Rosalie acknowledged that something was not right. So, after bidding the lady good bye, she went back into the kitchen, picking up a hand-mirror on her way, and examined her reflection.

She gasped, letting the mirror fall from her hand and collide with the floor.

What happened next was a blurry mess in her mind, though she did remember kneeling to pick up the pieces of her mirror, cutting herself on the process. That was when she screamed, and Emmett stormed into the kitchen, looking exactly how she thought he would look if he were human: tan, as soft as a man with his build would look, not so graceful, and his blue eyes wide in surprise above reddening cheeks.

Even now, as she sat on the bathroom, watching him treat her wound, she had a hard time to believe what she saw. But could you blame her? She never thought she would ever see her violet-blue eyes staring back at her again, or the rosy tint that adorned her cheeks now, a clear indication that there was blood running through her veins. Nor she thought she would ever cherish so much the single fact that she breathed because she needed to breath, and not because she needed to fool someone else, or the feel of her heart speeding up at the mere sight of Emmett's bare chest.

The heat that erupted within her as she let her eyes take in all of his splendid body, his cute frown of concentration, his blue eyes, and those dimples, made her say a silent, heartfelt thank you to whoever had been merciful enough with them to give them their humanity back.

Emmett kissed her bandaged hand once he was finished, and she couldn't stop the tears any longer, nor could she stop the tender smile that graced her face. He didn't say anything when he saw her crying, because he understood the reason behind the tears. He smiled back at her, a loving, dimpled smile, as he moved her to sit on his lap. There he simply embraced her and let her cry, caressing her back in an unhurried manner.

She clung to him for dear life, letting reality wash over her.

She was human. And so was he.


They spent the next three weeks doing everything they couldn't do when they were vampires. Eating, enjoying the feel of the sun warming their skin and the snow cooling it when they played with it, sleeping, and enjoying it as much as they could because the knowledge that this was too good to be true loomed over their heads like a dark cloud full of rain.

Rediscovering long forgotten things about themselves was another plus they cherished dearly. They learned that Rosalie was, indeed, a vegetarian, and that Emmett could take most of his weigh in food without even blinking. Also, while he was obviously the sporty type, she was not, though she did work out, just to keep herself in shape. And so the list went on and on.

Now, they were enjoying their last night in the cabin before going back home, simply lying next to each other.

Rosalie drifted in and out of sleep, feeling her sore muscles relax under Emmett's ministrations. His left hand stroked softly her back, threatening to soothe her into oblivion, but just when she was about to give up and let sleep take over her, he moved his hand to stroke her hips in a seductive manner, sending shiver through her body. Then he wandered further south to her thighs, massaging the length of them with his big hands, paying special attention to her inner thighs. When his hand moved northwards and rested flat on her stomach, pulling her against his chest, she let out a small whimper, her blissful expression quickly morphing into a frown when she felt him smiling against her shoulder once he leaned down to kiss her there.


He nuzzled her neck, pulling the covers more tightly around them. "I'm cold. Should we warm up once more before falling asleep?"

"I'm exhausted, Em. And I don't think my body can take more of your wild romping," she said, looking lazily at him over her shoulder.

His deep laugh vibrated through his chest, and due to their closeness, through her body too. "My wild romping? Allow me to remind you, this afternoon, you were the one going wild here. You ravaged me."

Something Rosalie noted about herself these past weeks was that, no matter what, she never seemed to be able to stop the blush from tinting her cheeks whenever Emmett said something particularly suggestive, and he was obviously enjoying this new talent of his.

And that moment was no exception.

Emmett propped himself up on one elbow, chuckling at her bashful expression. He watched fascinated how her blush crept down to cover most of her upper body, and couldn't resist the urge to lean down and trail open-mouth kisses from her neck down to her exposed shoulder.

"I love the way you blush," he whispered against her flushed skin.

Her blush only deepened at his comment.

Maybe it was the tenderness emanating from her, or because he really wanted, but whatever the reason, Emmett was sure he meant every word that came out of his mouth next, to the very core of his being.

"Marry me."

The shock on her face could not be mistaken as she turned around in his embrace to face him. Rosalie blinked a couple of time before replying to his proposal.

"Not that I don't want to, but we got married last year, Emmett."

"You married Emmett Cullen last year. And I think two Mrs. Cullen are enough for this family," he said, caressing her face lovingly.

His blue, love-filled eyes stared down at her, as if trying to memorize every detail of her face all over again, and it had her wondering… What was it about her that made Emmett love her so unconditionally? Most of the time she was just like Edward described her: selfish and shallow, and more often than not she had been too obsessed with the thought of having children. So what was it that Emmett saw when he looked at her that made him love her like he did?

"Right now, I'm not asking you to marry me as Emmett Cullen… I'm asking you as Emmett McCarty," he said, sitting up and pulling her up with him.


"Say you'll become Mrs. McCarty, please," the intensity with which he said this made her heart want to leap out of her chest. "Marry me, Rosalie."

Rosalie smiled, truthfully, and nodded. "In a heartbeat."

He smiled brightly at her, dragging her down with him when he fell back into the pillows. They went back to their touching and caressing, trying to convey every detail of each other's body into mind again, fearing their memories would start to fade. And it was at that moment, as he trailed his hand up and down Rosalie's back, enjoying the warmth of her body, that Emmett was struck with a sudden thought.

"I think we ought to call Carlisle and tell him what happened," he said, picking up a strand of blonde hair and twirling it around his finger.

"We don't know what happened, Emmett," she replied softly, moving a little to lay half on top of him.

"But we should still call and tell them we are…" he trailed off, the rest of his sentence died out before making out of his mouth properly, his soon-to-be wife (once again) was effectively distracting him with the butterfly kisses she placed along his wide chest. "That we are… human."

Rosalie moved her ministrations further down, kissing through the well-defined muscles of his abdomen, paying special attention to his bellybutton, before backtracking to his chest. "Alice probably knows it already," she said in between kisses.

She stopped to rest her cheek above his chest, where his heart beat frantically, and sighed contently. "What do you think happened to us, Emmett? What made us change?" she asked softly after a while.

Emmett stayed silent, as he pulled the blankets more tightly around them both, not really knowing what to say. He didn't know actually, though he had theories.

The first one being magic, and if under other circumstances he would have laughed at the mere suggestion that magic existed, the fact the he lived in a world were vampires and werewolves, and human/vampire hybrids were real, magic was as well as possible too. So he thought that, somehow, some sort of magic made them become human again; now where that source of magic was, and when and how they came across it was beyond him.

The second theory was that everything was an illusion—he prayed to God that wasn't the case. And if this theory was true, whoever or whatever was casting the illusion over them, no matter how talented this thing or person was, it ought to weaken at some point. Actually, there were times over the past weeks were he almost expected to snap out of this illusion and find themselves… wherever they were before falling trap of it.

By the time he had gathered his thoughts to answer her question, she was fast asleep. Emmett chuckled a bit before placing a tender kiss on her temple. "Good night, Rosalie, sleep well."

She mumbled something against his chest in her sleep —even without his vampire hearing her words where clear to him— that had him smiling all throughout the night. And it was like that, with Rosalie pressed tight against his body, that he fell into a deep slumber.

I love you, too, my Angel.


From the moment he opened his eyes, Emmett knew something had changed, and oddly enough, for good. It was nothing like the feeling from weeks ago, but, again, for the life of him, he did not know what he was overlooking.

And as he pried himself out of Rosalie's iron grip slowly, not to wake her up, rolling off the bed and walking out of the room after pulling on a pair of sweatpants, his mind was still trying to figure out what was bothering him. It was only when he walked into the kitchen, missing Rosalie's warm body pressed into his own, ready to make himself some coffee, that he realized what had changed for good.

"Good morning, Emmett."

Just in time for Carlisle to scare the hell out of him.

He didn't scream, mind you, that would've been unmanly to the extreme, but he did started, dropping his coffee mug. Later, he would thank Carlisle for not letting the mug touch the floor, he didn't want to wake his fiancée up. At the time tough, he could only stare.

"So, Alice was right after all. You and Rosalie are humans again," Carlisle said, leaning on the counter while he motioned Emmett to take a sit. "This is truly amazing, Emmett, something without precedent…"

Emmett was too shocked with his adoptive father's sudden appearance and with his own revelation to comprehend what Carlisle was saying. How could he not have understood the whole significance of being human again? Of course! They were aging, changing! Their bodies were changing! And that meant… that Rosalie would go through her menstrual cycle again, and then he… they… they could have a family now.

A family, with children, and grandchildren, and a big house with a white-picket fence.

I can give Rosalie her Happily Ever After…

A light tap on his shoulder —well, it was supposed to be light, but it certainly was painful— snapped him out of his musings rather abruptly.

"Ow!" he yelped, looking up.

Carlisle smiled apologetic at him. "I'm sorry, Emmett, I forgot… I'll have to get used to be more careful around you now."

"It's okay," he said, rubbing his aching shoulder.

"Back to the matter at hand… Emmett, what happened?"

There it was, the question to which he had no answer. He thought of telling Carlisle that he had been asking himself the same question, and nor he neither Rosalie had found an answer. He also thought about talking to him about his theories, but in the end, he settled for telling him what he believed to be the most accurate answer at the time.

"A miracle happened," Emmett said, and smiled.

A very beautiful miracle.


Well, that's for now, I'll update this as inspiration strikes. I have two other oneshots ready, but as I no longer have a computer of my own, I won't be able to submit them until a few more day at the very least.