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So... YOU NEED TO READ TWINSMOM'S FIC "CREATION" to understand this fully, as this oneshot starts off right after hers ends.

"wonderful mornings"

(post-bd, a sequel to Twimom's fic "Creation" / It came down to this…)

Prompt #20 – Morning

As far as Rosalie remembered, mornings always brought good news for her.


As soon as she was out of Carlisle office, she went looking for Emmett, which wasn't hard as he was currently lazing off in the living room.

Rosalie strode over him gracefully, an uncharacteristic skip on her step. Absentmindedly, she acknowledged the presence of those in the room, but other than that did nothing.

The LCD showed a cartoon show, Nessie having grabbed hold of the remote long ago. The girl, now five years old although looking like a twelve-year-old, sat on the floor in front of the LCD, Jacob sitting comfortably next to her.

Jasper, who was sitting by the window, gave her a curious look, probably sensing her good mood, and she only smiled in response. Esme made no comments nor did she gave her any curious looks, only smiled pleasantly at her on her way out of the living room, heading to Carlisle's study, happy to see her happy.

Ignoring Edward's inquisitive eyes, Rosalie rounded the couch, happy to note that Emmett's eyes had been on her since she set foot in the room, and with the grace and comfort that came from years of experience, she slid onto his lap, straddling him.

Emmett smiled, obviously enjoying this rare display of happiness, and grabbed her hips, giving them a firm squeeze. "What's got you so happy, babe?"

Before anyone could say something, especially Edward, who most likely saw what she planned to do, Rosalie kissed him—long and hard and sensuously, forgetting everything outside the little perfect world Emmett's embrace created. Unfortunately, the moment was broken when something soft, the armchair's cushion, hit their heads. She felt much too elated still to be mad at Edward, but Emmett was not and he growled at their brother.

Edward ignored him and looked at her sternly. "Rosalie, there are kids in the room."

This seemed to bring them completely back to present, and while Emmett smiled sheepishly at him, Rosalie turned to smile at Nessie, who responded in kind before returning her attention to her cartoons. Only a second later, her smile turned smug as her eyes drifted a bit to the left, and she spoke.

"I'm sorry about that… pup."

There was a collective snicker in the room, but was soon drowned out by Emmett's booming laugh. Jacob bristled, but wasn't given the chance to formulate a witty come back, as Rosalie stood quickly, grabbing her husband's hand and led him outside.


Emmett couldn't help but wonder what had happened to make Rosalie this happy, because, damn it, she was radiant! Now, of course, whatever it was could make his wife this happy was always welcome in Emmett's eyes, but…

Well, he was curious. And he really, really wanted to know.

When they finally stopped, he realized they were far enough from the house so nobody would hear their words or their thoughts. With a wicked grin, he thought she wanted the privacy for some wild, loud loving, but when Rosalie made him sit at the base of a tree, while she started pacing in front of him, he knew better. The happiness she exuded was still there, going strong and steady, but there was a determined gleam in her eyes now.

That's when she rounded on him, standing still for a few second before a smile blossomed on her face. "It's possible… Emmett, it is possible," she said, as if that was explanation enough.

He must have looked pretty darn confused because his lovely wife knelt in front of him and proceeded to relate everything that had happened these past few days. About the crazy idea that formed in her mind when she took Nessie shopping along with Alice; how she thought of the unlikeness of said idea given their —her— nature and how, then, came with the perfect solution to that predicament. She told him all this, along with a play-by-play of her conversation with Carlisle just a few minutes ago.

"He said it's possible, Emmett. Carlisle believes it's possible," she said, barely containing the exited squeal that was probably attempting to come out.

He blinked a few —more like several— times to clear his thoughts, certainly not expecting… this when Rosalie led him out of the house. His mind was a complete chaos and yet he was calm enough to realize now what was it that had his Rosalie brimming with happiness.

"An… embryo?"

Rosalie smiled at him —and God did that smile blew him away— beautifully and grabbed his hands tightly. He noticed a slight tremble and couldn't really tell if it was her or him the one trembling. Tugging at his hands excitedly, she inched forward until their faces were only a few inches apart, and nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, yes!" she answered, but then sobered up a little. "Of course, Carlisle said there would have to be tests and whatnot, but if I still have my eggs and they are viable and compatible with your sperm he can make an embryo, Emmett…"

Rosalie paused, grabbed his face in her hands, cupping his cheeks lovingly with the most tender expression he's ever seen on her face, and that had him chocking on his own suppressed feelings.

"Emmett… we can have a baby."

Still to stunned to actually process what her words really meant, he grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his face, letting his head fall against the tree trunk, which shook violently as he wasn't paying attention to his own strength.

"Carlisle… actually said we could…?"

She let out an exasperated sigh, but not even that dimmed her joy. "Well, yes, with a strong surrogate to carry the baby… He insisted that there would have to be many tests, but I already know that, and also said that I talked to you first and saw how you felt about this, but, Emmett, it is possible, we can—"

"What if I don't want to?"

The question was out of his mouth before he had the time to fully process it and prevent it from happening, but, amazingly enough, he didn't regret saying it. Instead, Emmett watched the emotions playing across Rosalie's face carefully. First, there was a blank expression, obviously caught off guard by his question, then came the confusion, mingling briefly with shock, before going back to pure unadulterated confusion.

"I… well, I—I thought… I didn't think you'd…"

Her words died there, and comprehension descended over her like a thick blanket, seeming to push her down along with her happiness.

It hurt to see all the happiness leave her suddenly and without warning, like throwing a bucket of water to a roaring fire. It hurt him even more to know it was his doing that said happiness slipped away, that because of him the brightness of her eyes was gone along with her beautiful smile. He knew his question made it look that he was refusing, and honestly, he wasn't, he couldn't refuse Rosalie anything even if he tried his damnest best, it was futile. But, God, he wanted to know, he needed to know!

Her shoulders slumped a little, her prideful nature preventing her from looking anything short of the confident, strong woman she had become, but her face said another story. She was utterly and completely destroyed. And it killed him seeing her like that—but this had to be done.

"You didn't think…"

Rosalie didn't let him finish his statement, only shook her head.

Ofcourse she didn't think he'd refuse, he'd never refused her anything before so why would he do it now, and with something she so desperately wanted? This should be proof enough that she hadn't stopped to think of what he would want, of how he would feel, assuming he'd just go along with it because she wanted him to… and really, he'd do just that. He'd do it a thousand times over if it meant she'd have that happy smile on her face again, always, regardless if what he was about to ask confirmed his deepest fear or not.

But he wanted to know first. He wanted to know just how far his Angel would go—

"Well then, I guess there's no point in doing this," she said suddenly, cutting his train of thought rather abruptly, her voice was firm, steady, but devoid of much emotion —he could hear the underlying pain there, as clear as their own shallow breathing— and her eyes locked somewhere above his shoulder. "I'll tell Carlisle to forget about it as soon as we…"

—oh. Oh, oh, oh. Oh.

Rosalie stood up, and he did the same, grabbing her shoulders before she could turn around and run back home, like he was sure she yearned to do.


She frowned, momentarily forgetting her pain in favor of being confused. "Why what?"

"You just… you're going to throw the possibility of children away, Rose, and I want to know why."

Her frown deepened, the confusion mingling with the pain and the anger that was growing inside her now, he could see it all so clearly.

"I don't think I understand what you mean, Emmett. Why question my decision now, if you obviously don't—"

Again, she couldn't finish her sentence, only this time she cut it short instead to letting die slowly. The pain took over her pretty features. Emmett saw this as his opportunity to get everything that'd been silently tormenting him for years off his chest. And it was going to hurt him as much as her.

"Rosalie, your one biggest desire has always been having babies on your own. You have made it quite clear to anyone who would listen that, while you are content now with this life, you would give anything to be human again. Anything and everything. You said so to Bella, did you not? You even said it to me. And I'm okay with that, really, I am. Call me selfish, call me whatever you want, but the main reason why that never really bothered me is because I know you can't be human. None of us can."

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment to gather the strength he needed to go on. When he opened his eyes, and looked at her, he hissed at her broken expression.

"The sole purpose of wanting to be human, Rose, is because you want a family, with children and grandchildren, right? Children. And now that you can have them, now that there's a way, you… you're throwing it away."

Rosalie returned his pleading stare, her eyes no longer shadowed with pain, nor confusion, there was only understanding, as if she finally reached the answer to a complex mystery. "Yes," she said simply, firmly.

"But why?"

Emmett could not see it, but his face showed all the pain and agony he was currently feeling, the desperation of wanting to know if his mate would really give him up for children, for a little resemblance of humanity. He could not see it, but Rosalie could, and she did, reacting the only way she knew how.

She kissed him.

He didn't even have time to kiss her back, shocked with her reaction, when she pulled away, her expression softening and a tender smile blossoming on her face again. "I love you," she said, stroking his cheek.

Rosalie urged him to sit, he complied, and she sat on his lap comfortably, looping her arms around his neck. On their own accord, his arms wrapped around her and they remained in silence for several seconds. Emmett felt disoriented, not believing they would end up like this after his outburst, but enjoying the perfect way his Angel fitted in his arms.

And then, Rosalie spoke.

"I should probably thank Bella for obsessing with Edward so much."

A pause, for emphasis.

"You are right, Emmett. I never hid from anyone how I would do and give anything, everything, to be human. To be human so I could have children, but, you know… it's only recently that I realized, right after I told Bella my story, that having my humanity back wouldn't mean much if I can't have you with me."

He gasped and tightened his embrace reflexively. "Rose?"

"I know now, that if I were given a choice of becoming human but had to leave you behind, I would choose you… It would pain me greatly, I won't deny that, and I would sulk and rage for hours on end, but I would still choose you," she pulled back a bit, enough to look at him in the eyes, and her smile widened. "You're everything I've ever needed and all I've ever wanted. You're perfect for me. So, yes, I would choose you. I chose you back then when I found you in the woods of Tennessee, and I'll choose you over and over again for the rest of eternity."

"You'd choose me over the possibility of children too?"

She nodded slowly, her smile, while not as radiant as before, was still beautiful. "Yes, I would. Because right now, this is all we have, a possibility, and I rather have you forever than having just a maybe."

He smiled then, feeling as if a monumental weight had been lifted off his shoulders, and grabbed her hand, interlacing their fingers. "What if this possibility was confirmed? What if Carlisle told you that you definitely will have a baby? Would you still choose me then?"

"Emmett," the way she said his name made it sound like a reprimand and an endearment. "You big idiot, you're the only one I want to have children with. No one else. So, of course I'd choose you. It's not just children I want now, I stopped wanting just children a long time ago."


Rosalie smiled at him in a way that told him he was missing something huge, but he just blinked in response. Rosalie sighed and smacked his head lightly.

"Silly! I want your children now. Our children!"


Well, that explained a lot. Now it was him the one feeling happy, and seeing his wife smiling at him like she was doing a while ago, made him want to laugh until his sides hurt. Crashing his lips to hers, they both ended up sprawled on the ground, Rosalie pinned safely under his massive form. She broke the kiss after a while, giggling at his antics and he grinned back at her.

"So…" Rosalie began hesitantly, "I take this as a yes?"

"You know I can't refuse you anything, Angel."

"I know, Emmett, but I need to know if you want this too."

He pecked her lips tenderly, and proceeded to nuzzle her neck. "If there's something I want almost as much as I want you, is to have a baby with you," he mumbled, then moved his head back up to look at her. "That good enough?"

His reply was a world-shattering kiss.


Rosalie let Emmett lead her —more like drag her— back to their home, enjoying his eagerness.

After their conversation, she felt like their relationship had moved onto a new stage, a good stage; and she knew, feeling something akin to shock, that even if Carlisle failed to make an embryo… she wouldn't resent him… she wouldn't resent Emmett or herself. She'd be sad, that's for sure, and she'd want some time alone to cope, but ultimately she'd be fine. Really, she would.

Soon enough, Emmett got tired of her not hurrying up, and hoisting her up onto his shoulder, he sped towards home. She complained, of course, half-heartedly though, that this was no way of treating a lady and Emmett,yourshirtdoesn'tcovermeenoughasitis,likethisitleavesnothingtotheimagination, but he only laughed in response. He stopped at the edge of the woods bordering the house, long enough to put her down, and then raced in, making a beeline to Carlisle's study.

She ignored the stunned looks their family sent their way, who were no doubt wondering what had happened to her clothes but having a good idea of the answer. She was used to the stares, as often enough Emmett got a little too eager in their lovemaking and shredded her clothes.

Once they reached Carlisle's study, Emmett banged on the door, softly by his standards, and waited; once, he had barged in and the sight that greeted him was not something he wished to repeat.

Esme opened the door, looking her gentle self, no rumpled clothes and Rosalie dared not wonder if something had happened in there. Their adoptive mother ushered them in, closing the door gently after them.

She caught Carlisle's stare, and knew instantly the man didn't need to hear anything they had to say to know why they were in his study. She smiled at him and then stifled a giggle as her father frowned slightly at their state of clothing. She knew Carlisle didn't particularly like it when Emmett got rough in their intimacy, but seen as she didn't complain, remained quiet.

Emmett stopped in front of the blonde man, jumping excitedly on the ball of his feet, grinning like a maniac. "Let's do this!" he said, barely containing his joy.

Esme smiled at her from her place next to her husband, having seated herself on one of the arms of Carlisle's highchair, and Rosalie knew Carlisle had told her of her idea.

"So… you've decided already," said their father calmly, surveying them carefully.

Her husband nodded enthusiastically next to her, and she spoke up. "Yes, we're ready. You only need to tell us what to do now, so we can…"

On a regular basis, Emmett's happiness was very contagious, always managing to light up her mood; now though, as they were both happy, actually happy, the feeling seemed to intensify, as both Carlisle and Esme were soon sporting huge smiles on their faces, pleased to see them so merry. Briefly, Rosalie wondered how Jasper was managing with such intense feelings, and felt sorry for her twin as he was always the most affected by the sudden mood changes in their family.

"Well, if you're completely sure, we can begin doing the tests as soon as Leah agrees to this—you're still going to ask Leah to be the surrogate, right?"

She nodded, feeling nervous all of a sudden. Thinking of Leah was not something she'd done, out of fear her idea might backfire, but now that she had Emmett's consent on this as well as Carlisle's, she started to wonder.

"Well, talk to her, Rosalie, and if she agrees to it, we can begin right away."

Rosalie nodded her head absentmindedly, too preoccupied with Leah's possible reaction to pay attention to anything other than Emmett's gentle hands guiding her out of the study. Without her really noticing, they reached their room, and she found herself sitting on their bed, her dear husband kneeling at her feet.

"Is Leah really your choice?"

"She's our safest choice. The pregnancy shouldn't be too hard on her, as her body is stronger than the regular human, and she knows all about us so…"

"We wouldn't be breaking any laws or treaties… You thought this thoroughly, babe, I'm amazed."

She smiled at him, and leaned in to kiss him softly. Soon enough, they were getting lost into each other. Vaguely, she heard a door open and close downstairs, but didn't care enough to wonder who left, all that mattered was Emmett and the wonderful things he was making her feel.

As she fell deeper and deeper in the all-consuming passion, her last coherent thought was that she'd talk to Leah the next morning, after that, it was all sensations and feelings for her.


As Rosalie had predicted, Leah balked at the mere thought of carrying some bloodsucker's spawn in her womb. She raged and growled at the blonde vampire, and cursed her kin until her throat was sore. Then she left, but not just back to La Push; she literally left, nobody knew where, only that she was far enough than none of the other wolfs in the pack could hear her thoughts.

So, she'd been furious. Yet, she never refused Rosalie's request, never said no.

Rosalie was aware of this fact, and that's why she was unperturbed when the girl disappeared. Even Leah herself was aware of her none-refusal, and the whole month she spent away, hidden from the world, she spent it thinking.

On pure principle she should refuse, she knew this, she should've said no the very second the words were out of the blonde vampire's mouth, but…

But her idea really had merit; it was intriguing that she would even consider her to be the surrogate. Sure, they've been talking more ever since little Nessie was born, but for Rosalie to come up with this? Honestly… And yet, the temptation was there, like an ever present itch you just couldn't get rid of.

She didn't know what to do. Leah didn't want to refuse only to regret it later, but the same reasoning applied if she were to agree. It's not like she was desperate to experience a pregnancy, the miracle of feeling another life growing inside her; she would have her chance once she stopped phasing, once she started aging again. But then, when would that be? Certainly, there wasn't a time limit when it came to phasing, the elders just said it would stop happening, they never specified the time frame. Plus, as the first female of their tribe to phase into a wolf, they were uncertain it would ever stop at the time it should. So it could stop at any time, it could be tomorrow or a century from now.

Peachy, right?

Unlike her, though, Rosalie didn't have the reassurance that she'd start aging again someday. Unlike her, that blonde beauty of a vampire she'd come to sympathize with was condemned to a childless eternity.

That is, until now. She just might have found a way around that childless rule of them. Now she had a sliver of hope. The same Leah had, and one she didn't want to take away.

And maybe that was why she was considering all this nonsense. Maybe that was why, as the seconds ticked by, she was more and more inclined to agree. Maybe she'd already made her decision the moment she walked away, because Rosalie's explanation started making sense to her half way through her isolation and suddenly she could see it happen.

Whatever the reason, her mind was soon set and, Leah knew, there was nothing or no one who could dissuaded her from doing what she was about to do.


Mornings always brought good news for Rosalie.

It was morning, right before dawn, when she took her revenge against Royce. It was on a crisp winter morning when she finally accepted the fact the Edward didn't want her and that was great because, at the time, what she really wanted was an older brother to protect her instead of another man lusting after her. It was morning when she finally let go of her resentment towards Carlisle and started seeing him as the father she always wished for. It was also morning, a beautiful summer morning when she gained a twin brother and an amazing sister.

And, how could she forget the morning she found Emmett being mauled by a bear. That morning, she knew, was the real beginning of her life as it was now.

So, when Alice barged through the garage's door that morning, raced to her, almost sending them both to the floor, and enveloped her in a crushing embrace, she knew something wonderful had happened.

But nothing prepared her for what her sister said to her, smiling brightly. "Oh, Rose, you're going to be a mother!"

Something wonderful, indeed.


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