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Kyle had only flown in that morning, and thank God that he'd decided to show up early, because the text came during dinner with his family (his mother had guilted him into spending more time with the family, since he had avoided it during his stint in the summer).

From: Stan: Dude baby comin better hurry 2 hells pass

Stan doesn't usually ignore capitalization (mostly because he knows that it drives Kyle crazy).

"Kyle, where do you think you're going?" Sheila demands as he scrolls past the text, pockets his phone, and stands up.

He says, "Taking the car. Wendy's having the kid." He had explained to them ages ago that he felt required to be present at the hospital, considering his Godparent status that Kenny had bestowed on him in July, hopefully his mother would let this incident go without too much fuss, but knowing her, she would probably bring it up any time that Kyle attempted to get out of some family obligation.

He pulls on his tweed coat and the plaid cashmere scarf that his mother sent him last Hanukkah, knowing that Stan will make fun of him for being a "hipster," or whatever, but not quite caring. It's kind of exciting, knowing that later tonight, he'll be a Godparent of a child (or velociraptor, Stan tells him jokingly). On the other hand, the thought of this joyous (or gross?) occasion makes Kyle feel a lot older. One of his best friends is about to be a father.

Outside, it's snowing lightly. It's nothing huge; the flakes aren't even sticking to the road, just to the front lawn of the Broflovski house and his mother's rosebushes right outside of their porch. Still, it's chilly, and Kyle rubs his hands together as he rushes toward his mom's Subaru. Kyle slides into the driver's seat and starts it up, but before he slams the thing into drive, he replies to Stan.

To: Stan: On my way

He hasn't actually gotten to see Stan yet, since arriving at DIA that morning. Ike came to pick him up, and Kyle is now being forced to sleep in his old bedroom. He hasn't seen Stan in the flesh since August, when he saw Stan off on his international adventure. From their frequent Skype sessions, however, Kyle has gathered that Stan couldn't afford his rent upon his return to the United States, and is now bunking in Kenny's house, in the soon-to-be-nursery. The dogs live there, too, despite Wendy's initial protest that the dogs wouldn't be good with a baby. Daisy continues to dislike Kenny, but she hasn't bitten him again – and it was Daisy that won Wendy over. It seems that the mastiff gets along with her.

He parks the Subaru in the parking lot at Hell's Pass and scrambles across the wet tiles to the maternity ward. The maternity ward, thankfully, has its own waiting room.

The first person that he spots is Stan, slouching back into one of the cheap-looking chairs upholstered in some ugly print from the 1980's. Stan stands and leaps forward, gripping Kyle in a tight hug. They kiss chastely – neither of them care much for public displays of affection, but they haven't seen each other in three and a half months. Kyle figures that they can make an exception.

"Holy shit, I missed you," Stan says.

Kyle grins and asks, "How was Sri Lanka?"

Stan gets this look on his face, this weirdly happy, nostalgic look, and replies, "Ah, dude. It was fucking awesome. Culture shock beyond belief, but man, it was the most amazing place. I spent most of my time in Colombo, there was like this badass Buddhist temple – "

Kyle cuts him off with a kiss. He can't help it, he's been dying to do that for months, and kissing the screen of his laptop can only do so much.

Stan laughs when they break, and they collapse back into the chairs against the wall, lacing their fingers together.

It's only then that Kyle notices the other familiar faces sitting around them. Bebe is sitting with her knees pressed together tightly, looking down the hallway that Kyle assumes is where Wendy and Kenny are. Carol McCormick is talking softly with Mr. and Mrs. Testaburger. Even Kevin is here – Kyle hasn't seen the guy in years. He's quite a bit burlier than he remembers him being, and his light brown hair is slicked back into a ponytail. He's also sporting a lumberjack-esque beard. To his right is Karen, who looks exhausted and as though she came directly from work. She's wearing a teal 1950's style waitress getup.

It's all a little awkward, especially with the PDA between Stan and Kyle having just taken place. Kyle's under the impression that Kenny grew up in a bit of a homophobic environment. Karen doesn't seem to give a damn, but Kevin looks uncomfortable.

The sound of footsteps pounding down the hallway interrupts Kyle's musings on Kenny's home environment.

"Speak of the devil," Kyle mutters, as Kenny appears, a goofy smile spread across his face from ear to ear.

Kenny says, "You guys can come on back. It's a girl."

Karen lets out an almost inhuman squeal, and Bebe shoots out of her seat like a bullet rushing back. Kenny hangs back and embraces Kyle, one-armed. He explains, "I kicked Bebe out of the room. She's pissed at me right now. Welcome back, dude."

"It's good to be back," Kyle says.

"Dude, I got your spawn something," Stan interrupts. He passes a little package over to Kenny.

Kenny grins and punches Stan lightly on the shoulder. He says, "You didn't have to, man," but he's already opening the present. Inside is some sort of onesie –Kyle isn't really familiar with what it's called. It's orange, and has a little hood. The hood has spikes on the top that go down the back and into a little plush tail…like a dinosaur.

"Dude," says Kenny.

They arrive at the room, then. Inside, Wendy is lying back on an angled hospital bed, looking tired out of her mind. Her hair is pulled back into a bun with an ugly sort of scrunchy, and in her arms is a bundle.

Kyle, being the second tallest of the group (Kevin is barely the first, by perhaps half an inch), peers over the top of Bebe's head as she coos. It's about as attractive as you'd expect a newborn to be – her face is pink and squishy looking. But, she does have an impressive crop of dark hair, like Wendy's.

"She doesn't really look like you, does she?" says Karen.

Kenny crosses his arms and argues, "She does so. She has my feet. Here, I'll show you –" He bends to remove one of his combat boots.

There is a loud and simultaneous, "No!" from all of the surrounding people.

The baby starts to cry, and Wendy shushes her, before handing her off to Kenny. He rocks the thing, looking a little amazed, and peels back part of her baby blanket to reveal a tiny foot. He whispers to Kyle, "See. My feet."

Kyle decides not to tell Kenny that he has no idea what his feet look like.

"What's her name?" asks Stan.

"It's a mouthful," Kenny says, raising his brows at Wendy, who raises hers right back. He goes on, "Sarah Carol Testaburger-McCormick."

From her place, Kenny's mom lets slip a, "You gave her my name?"

Kyle feels Stan wrap his hand around Kyle's, pulling him closer.

Kyle says, "Let's not have one of those things for like, ten years, okay?" He wants to enjoy being selfish for the rest of his twenties, after all.

"Deal," Stan murmurs, kissing Kyle's cheek.


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