The last chapter took an odd turn and was written strangely in parts. To me, anyway. Well, it's what I have to work with now, so lets see what i can do with it...

So, I find this odd, but lately I've noticed that whatever music I'm listening to (which is a small select group) causes me to do certain things. Sounds weird put that way, but, for example, when I listen to Audiomachine my mind is thinking of how I could use that music in a trailer, one which I will never do, since I never do them. But in my mind, those trailers are fantastic. Les Friction and E.S. Posthumus makes me think of ideas for two of the comics I'm writing. And Two Steps From Hell makes me think of ideas for the third comic I'm writing. And the only group that actually makes me sit up and say "I'm going to work on this!" has been Awolnation. Listening to this album, I've so far written two chapters of my stuff and have done several reviews. I can see myself burning out on this album soon. xD

Chapter Ten

Melon sped to the scene, getting to the group of parked police cars, lights still flashing as the cops kept the small crowd of onlookers and reporters away.

She screeched to a halt and both jumped from the car, Melon showing her badge to get her and Zenigata entrance to the scene.

Zenigata looked around, Goemon sitting on the ground and getting his wounds treated while Lupin was on a stretcher and in the process of being loaded into the ambulance.

Zenigata stared in worry at Lupin as the doors to the ambulance closed. He looked over as a police officer helped Goemon to his feet and started to lead him to another ambulance.

"Goemon," he yelled as he ran towards him. "Where's Jigen?"

"Some officers took him back to the station," he answered weakly as he favored his arm and limped towards the ambulance.

"How long ago?"

"Ten minutes?" Goemon said, not really in the mood to talk and looking quite pathetic as he tried to suppress the pain that ran through his body.

"You need to get back, sir," one of the officers said, nudging Zenigata out of the way so the ambulances could get through.

Zenigata glared at the officer and then looked around for Melon.

Melon pushed her way through the media as they all gathered to get a shot of the leaving ambulances. She spotted Zenigata and ran towards him.

"Find anything out?" he asked.

"One of the officers said that the two officers who were the first at the scene secured Jigen and then left with him when the others arrived."

"Did you get any names?"


"Damn it," Zenigata sighed. "We need to get to the station and see if they ever arrived."

Melon nodded and the two rushed back to the car.


Goemon stood as one of the nurses approached him. He had already been cared for and released, the small cut on his head bandaged and his sprained wrist wrapped, his arm put in a sling.

"You can see him now," the nurse said.

Goemon nodded and followed her into the room Lupin was being kept in.

Lupin laid in bed, covers up to his chest as he slept deeply, the drugs from his surgery still in his system.

Goemon stood and stared down at him. His eyes narrowed as anger filled him, his only thoughts being that of killing those who tried to kill them.

"How is he?"

Goemon turned as Zenigata and Melon entered the room.

Goemon looked back at Lupin. "He's fine."

Zenigata nodded.

"Did you talk to Jigen?" Goemon asked.

"Yeah, about that..." Zenigata said as he stared off in frustration.

Goemon turned and stared at him.

"He never made it back to the station," Zenigata said.

"He escaped?" Goemon asked.

"No. The cops who took him never arrived, either."

Goemon tensed in anger.

"I believe this is yours," Melon said as she handed Goemon his sword, the police taking it from the scene and putting into evidence.

Goemon took it happily and nodded. "Thank you."

"I need to get to the station and talk with Detective Haijura," Zenigata said as he turned to leave.

"Let me go with," Goemon said as he stepped towards him.

Zenigata glared at him and then looked over at Melon.

"I'll stay here and keep an eye on Lupin," she said.

Zenigata nodded to her and walked out of the room, Goemon following him.


"Any idea who is behind this?" Goemon asked, the two nearing the station.

Zenigata stopped for a red light and tapped his fingers impatiently on the steering wheel. "No. You?"


There was a long pause as the two stared out the front window, the cars crossing by at a slow pace.

Goemon looked at Zenigata in discomfort. "If what Jigen said was true, I'm sure that he-"

"Your opinion on this doesn't matter to me," Zenigata barked.

"Yeah." Goemon looked away and closed his eyes.

Zenigata sighed, his anger fading. "To be honest, I don't think he had anything to do with this. I think he's covering for someone."

Goemon looked over at him, shocked by his words.

Zenigata glanced over at Goemon for a split second. The light turning green, he stepped on the gas and sped down the street.

They arrived at the station and hurried inside. Zenigata travelled freely, finding Haijura sitting on a desk in the investigation room.

Haijura looked away from the detective he was speaking with. "Will you excuse us?" he asked of the detective.

The detective nodded and wandered out of the room.

Zenigata looked back at the man and waited for him to leave. With what he now knew, he wasn't sure who he could trust.

"I need to talk to you about this case," he said to Haijura, unsure if he could even trust him, but with no other options.

Haijura stared in disinterest at Zenigata before glancing with the same bored look at Goemon. "What about it? And do I have to remind you that-"

"Look, forget all of that, okay?" Zenigata yelled. "You're being lead down the wrong road on this!"

"Look, Zenigata, I think you should go home, get some rest, let us take care of-"

Zenigata slammed a hand down on the desk. "I'm telling you that you're going after the wrong people," he said, his voice raised, but turning into a low growl towards the end, not knowing who could be listening in.

"Really. Your new friend tell you this?" Haijura said with a smirk.

"The Forty Sevens have nothing to do with this," Zenigata said. "You have to believe me."

Haijura let out a short laugh. "Because Lupin told you, right? Told you all about how his friend is innocent?"

"Damn it, Detective, he told me nothing! It's someone within the station. My daughter found something out and now someone is trying to shut her up."

"You're saying it's a cop?"

Zenigata looked behind him, making sure no one was there.

"What do you know?" Goemon asked, his voice close to being threatening.

Haijura glared at Goemon and folded his arms across his chest. "We know nothing," he answered, frustrated by the fact. "We get some good leads and they go no where. We get suspects, their alibis check out. Files of random people are thrown at us, only for it to be a waste of time."

Haijura looked over at Zenigata and sighed in anger. "The Captain asked us to interview your ex three times, just in case she might have left something out. I told Captain Sato it was bullshit and if it was going to be like this then I wanted off the case. He just scoffed, said I was bluffing and that new information came through and to look at it."

"What was it?" Zenigata asked.

"Case files from thirty years ago. More dead ends. Look, Zenigata, it may not look like it, but I want to find your daughter. It's my job. If there's one thing that pisses me off it's when I fail and allow someone to die. But, honestly, if what you say is true, it's starting to make sense."

"Maybe your captain knows something," Goemon said.

Haijura scoffed. "Yeah, good luck in getting him to talk, if he does know something."

"He'll talk," Goemon said.

Haijura and Zenigata watched as he turned and left the room. The two gave each other nervous glances before hurrying off after him.


Jigen woke up, slowly opening his eyes to darkness. He tried to move, but found himself bound to the wooden chair he sat in, his legs tied to each leg and his wrists tied up behind his back. More rope was wrapped around his chest, securing him firmly in place.

"Good evening, Jigen," a man said.

Jigen squinted his eyes as he looked towards the desk at the far end of the room, everything hidden in shadow.

"It's nice to see you all in one piece after that horrendous accident." The man grinned. "Sorry to hear about your friends, though. Such a shame."

Jigen's eyes opened wide in shock. He looked down at the floor as he remembered what had happened.

"But, since you survived, you can now tell me where you're keeping the girl." The man looked over at another man who was standing to his right and nodded.

The man walked towards Jigen and stood at his side, glaring down at him.

"You heard the boss," the man sneered.

Jigen glared at the man behind the desk and then up at the man next to him. "You and your boss can fuck off."

The man looked back at his boss, who nodded, and then looked back down at Jigen. "You're gonna be sorry you said that."

The man fitted on iron knuckles and threw out a quick jab, hitting Jigen hard in the jaw.

The impact almost tipped the chair over, but Jigen only grinned and laughed. "I've been hit harder by women," he said.

The man tensed in anger, pulling his hand back and throwing his fist towards Jigen's left cheek.

Jigen's head jerked back from the punch, the pain shooting through his body. He never let it show, though, the smile still on his face.

The man behind the desk stood and pounded his hands down. "Tell me where she is," he yelled, patience wearing thin.

"Find her yourself, you lazy fuck," Jigen replied.

The man looked to his left and nodded at the second man with him.

The man was larger than the first, walking out from behind the desk with a wooden bat in his hands.

"This is the last chance I'll show you any mercy," the man behind the desk said.

"You can take your mercy and shove it up your-"

The bat was swung low, the last word to Jigen's sentence being a loud yell of pain as the wood connected with his left shin.

Jigen lowered his head, every muscle in his body tense as he waited for the next blow.