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Mayor Adie glanced back and forth, "Then it's settled! :D" She said with a huge grin.

"Um... excuse me, but what is?" Koro asked Adie.

"Why the contest of course my ducky fried friend!" Yennon and Pineapple hero stared at the Mayor, "We shall Have a old Fashion win-the-affection-of the-mayor-by-doing-what-ever-she-says-when-ever-she-says-it contest. ^-^" Adie said so fast no one heard her.

"Oh mayor you're so talented with your quick thinking I wish I could be just like you! T_T" Yennon jumped and hugged her.

"HEY!" Pineapple Hero screamed. "This contest hasn't even begun! You cheater!" Pineapple Hero was still held back by Koro.

"You're just jealous that I have far more-" Yennon was cut off.

"Hair gel? " Tragic finished her sentence

"Tragic! How dare you disrespect your master!" Yennon yelled at her.

"Anyways Mayor. What kind of contest was this?" Pineapple Hero asked while Yennon was preoccupied scolding her pupil.

"You shall both become my servant for one day. When the day is over I shall choose which of you is worthy of taking on my request."

"When does the contest start ?" Koro asked.

"Right when I wake up which will be later tomorrow or maybe if I have a scary dream… that lord Fauku really gives me the heebie's! o: I even have to have Angel check my closet for his scary butt! O.o But that's beside the point... ^^;"

"I will not fail you mayor! I will stay at your side all night! To prove I'm better than Pineapple loser! ^-^" Yennon pointed to Pineapple Hero, "What the! o.o How did you change your clothes so fast? Tell me I demand to know!" Yennon screamed to Pineapple Hero who was now in a pretty little maid costume.

"Two can play at this game ;)" Pineapple Hero smirked.

"I shall return once I find Party City in this town!" Yennon stormed out.

"Bye Bye, Pineapple Hero! :3" Tragic waved with enthusiasm.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later on that night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"AHH D:" Mayor Adie screamed as she awoke.

"Mayor you were having a bad dream! Are you- UGH! o.o" Pineapple Hero was pushed out of the way.

"Mayor everything is fine. I'm here for you! I'll sing you a lullaby." Yennon took a deep breath and was shoved out of the way.

"No, I will read you a story!" Pineapple Hero screamed as she hit Yennon over the head with a book.

"Why you little pineapple son of a-!" Yennon and Pineapple Hero started fighting while Mayor Adie drifted back to sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Good Morning! :D I have made you Scrambled dino eggs, grunny sausage, with Milk and- ACK!"

"No! I have made you Steak and Eggs for breakfast!" Yennon said letting Mayor Adie sniff it.

"Well, my Gunny Sausage was hand made by ME!" Pineapple Hero pushed Yennon out of the way.

"This steak comes from the finest of all animals! I bought it from the downtown market and the label said so!" Yennon screamed waving the label.

Mayor Adie started to eat the meals while Pineapple Hero and Yennon fought each other.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That afternoon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I would like to go for a walk." Mayor Adie announced to the two while they fought over who would dust the mayor's office.

"I will hold your umbrella so the sun wont ruin your BEAUTIFUL complexion!" Pineapple Hero walked out side holding a Nitemare umbrella over the Mayors head. Just then Yennon leaped out onto Pineapple hero trying to rip the umbrella from her hands, "It was my idea! " screamed Pineapple hero!

"Yeah? Well that's my umbrella, so I should be the one to hold it!" Yennon screamed.

Koro and Tragic sat in the snow making snow people.

"You can do it Sir! :3" Tragic called to Yennon.

"I'm a girl Tragic!" Yennon screamed.

"Well I know that... -.-" Tragic said moving some snow.

"I know Pineapple Hero will get this job! She has Hermys good luck leaves on." Koro said.

"Who cares? My master is soooooooooooo much cooler then yours." Tragic squealed in a fangirl-ish manner.
"Nuh uh!" Koro said, thoroughly offended. Benny barked at tragic.

"Even the dog is against me.. -.-" Tragic pushed the snowman over.

"Hey! D:" Koro tried to gather up the sad remains of the snow man.

"Bruu?" Hermy popped out of the snow.

"Ah!" Tragic screamed.

"Huff huff... BRAT!" Yennon said with a said attempt at a slap.

"Huff huff... JERK!" Pineapple Hero looked like she playfully pushed Yennon.

"I have made my choice." Adie said standing in front of them.

"Its gotta be me... huff." Yennon said

"No way!" Pineapple Hero pushed her again.

"I've decided to hire you both! :D" Adie said happily walking away.

"WHAT?" Yennon and Pineapple hero screamed together!

"I need a smoke..." Pineapple Hero said searching her pockets on her maid costume.

~Written by QueenNanami and edited by MissYennon~