Genesis and Sephiroth sat with their boyfriend Cloud. Pregnant Boyfriend. The three were sat in a hospital, waiting to go to Cloud's ultrasound appointment.

Finally the secretary told them they could go in, the three rose, Genesis taking hold of Cloud's left hand and Sephiroth clasping his right.

Entering the clinical room, Cloud felt Sephiroth tense. Sephiroth hated doctors and hospitals thanks to . Cloud looked up at Sephiroth and gave him a reassuring smile.

"Remember why we're here Seph." Genesis said.

"Mmm, for Cloud." The silver haired man smiled back down at Cloud.

"Welcome back , would you please lie down so we can get this underway." Their doctor, , said.

Cloud nodded lying on the table. lifted Cloud's shirt and rubbed gel on his swollen stomach. Sephiroth and Genesis took seats by the table.

Taking the handset swiped over Cloud's stomach, a blurry image appeared along with a sloshing noise.

"Well this is interesting." The doctor said.

"What is it?" Cloud asked.

"Well it looks like you've got triplets on your hands."


A sudden thud signalled Genesis fainting, while Sephiroth just sat there, mouth opening and closing repeatedly.

/What a family/ Cloud thought, then smiled, /But i wouldn't have it any other way. /