Extremely short. Warning! Contains birthing scene but it's not detailed.

The sound of a scream echoed in the hospital room.\par

"Okay , you're fully dialated so when the next contraction hit's i need you to push." The midwife said.

"O-ok." Panted Gold, squeezing Silver's hand.

Once the contraction hit Gold pushed, hard.

"Okay, i see the head, just a little more."

Moments later a cry filled the room, Gold collapsed back onto the bed, exhausted.

"I'm proud of you babe," Silver said leaning down to kiss him.

A nurse came over holding a blue bundle. She set it in Gold's arms, once he'd propped himself back up on the multitude of pillows.

Gold pulled the blanket that was covering the child's face away. Revealing a Gold lookalike but with Silver's red hair.

"Welcome to the family, Matthew."