"Dobe. Men can't get pregnant."

"But Sasuke i-"

"Damn it Naruto! You're not pregnant!"

'Stupid Sasuke. Why won't he believe me?'

/Maybe 'cause you walked in, said "I'm pregnant" then just sat down. You didn't even bother to tell him how/

'Uhh Shut up!'

/You asked nitwit/

A knock at the door tore Naruto from his internal conversation with Kyuubi. He got up to answer the door, Sakura stood on the other side.

"Hey Sakura."

"Naruto? What the hell are you doing at Sasuke's house?" Sakura screamed.

"Uhh." 'Shit! I forgot! Sasuke told me not to open the door.'

"Well Naruto?"

"He's cleaning up a vase he broke," Sasuke said, as he stood next to Naruto, "Right, dobe?"

"Uhh y-yeah that's why i'm here. Broken vase. Ha-ha i'm so clumsy uh-he."

"Oh ok, so you wanna come train with me Sasuke?"

"Hn. No." Sasuke then slammed the door in her face.


"What, dobe?"

"I really am pregnant! It's because-"

"You'.." Sasuke then walked away.

Naruto sighed. 'What do i do Kyuubi? He won't believe me.'

/You're fault. Not helping./









'Fine! $$#0(£\

"Naruto, why are you growling?" Sasuke questioned.


"You're growling."

"Oh, sorry."


...3 Month Later...


"*sigh* What?"

"I'm getting a baby bump!"

"It's not a baby bump! You're just eating too much ramen!"

"A-are you s-saying i'm f-f-f-fat?"









"I'm sorry, you're not fat."

"Oh I know i'm not fat. It's a baby bump."

"Naruto men can't get pregnant."

"You'll believe me soon enough."

"Oh will i?"

"Yep." Naruto left it at that.

...4 months later...

"Ok fine your pregnant, care to tell me how?"



"He wanted cubs. Simple as."

"I hate that fox."

"So you don't want the baby?" Naruto had tears in his eyes.

"Yes i do. Don't cry. Please."


"Stupid mood swings."

...2 months later...

"Damn Sasuke, that was painful! I hate you!"

"Don't yell at me it's that stupid fox's fault.

"Hey that stupid fox gave you a son."

"He also put you through six hours of immense pain."

"Yeah for our son!"


"What do we name him?"

"How about Hiroki?"

"No, umm Michi?"

"No, hmmm, Naruse?"

"Yeah, it sounds like your name and mine!"

"How does it sound like my name?"

"...it's got an 's' in it?"