Hello there. My name is Matthew Williams. Though most people just call me Mattie, when they don't mistake me for Alfred. So I guess I should start at the beginning because that's where most stories begin. It started on a cool fall evening. On November 17th. That's when the pain started...

"Hey Mattie," Alfred called, fixing his glasses "You almost ready, bro?"

"Yeah, Al. Hold on," Mattie responded grabbing his red 'Canada' hoodie. He stopped and looked at his twin waiting for him in the doorway.

"What?" Alfred asked noticing Mattie's stare.

"Alfred," the Canadian began "It's November. You need to wear a coat."

"But I'm not cold," Al protested.

"I don't care. Put on a jacket or we're not going to Gil's house." Mattie demanded.

'Alfred is always so stubborn.' Mattie thought.

"Aww but Mattie!" Alfred whined. He stomped his feet and was being an upright child.

"Alfred Jones put on a coat right now!" Matthew ordered. Honestly, he felt like their mother half the time.

"My name is Alfred F. Jones, Mattie." Alfred corrected. Alfred can be a smart ass, too.

"Fine. Alfred F. Jones go put on a jacket, right now!" Mattie corrected himself, shifting his weight.

"Fine." Al marched up the stairs to grab his bomber jacket from his room. He kicked open the already slightly ajar door for effect and walked in. The entire room was red, white, and blue. Everything from the floors, which were a dark blue carpet, to the walls, which were painted bright red, to the furniture, which was a clean, crisp white. He looked around the slightly messy room for his favorite bomber jacket.

"Mattie!" he called.

"What?" Alfred heard Matthew yell back.

"Where's my bomber jacket!"

"I don't know!" Mattie said impatiently. "Is it in the hamper?"

"Lemme check!" Alfred ran over to the white hamper where half of his dirty clothes were, if they weren't strewn across the floor. Alfred pushed past some dirty socks and his American flag boxers and found his brown bomber jacket lying underneath.

"Found it!" He yelled, running down the stairs. He jumped the last two to save time and nearly fell in the process.

"Ready," the younger twin smiled, his blue eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Finally. Let's go then, Al," Mattie said grabbing the keys to their 1991 scarlet ford mustang they fixed up and headed out the door, his brother following. They got into the car and headed off to Gilbert's house for a "totally awesome party for no reason."

"Oh shit!" Mattie exclaimed halfway there.

"What? What's wrong?" Al questioned.

"I needed to bring some soda to the party because Gil was short of it. He and his little brother, Ludwig, only drink beer anyway. I need to stop at the bank first though," the Canadian explained.

"Aww, okay," Alfred said "Let's go to the bank."

"Aw man! There's a line!"

"Alfred, be quiet. It's not a mosh pit."

"I'm not that loud, Matthew Williams."

"Yes you are, Alfred Jones."

"You forgot the F again!" Alfred complained to his brother.

"You have no middle name, Al. I see no reason in pretending you do." Mattie retorted.

"Fine," Alfred said childishly crossing his arms. To keep himself occupied, without getting in a fight with Alfred, Mattie looked around the clean bank. The walls were a light greenish color with gold stripes on the top. There were ATM machines and Coin Stars against one wall. The other wall had the bank tellers talking to customers. There were only two employees there tonight though. Two women. One looked about 22 or 23. Close to his and Alfred's age: 24. The other looked around maybe 35 or 36. The younger one was thin as a twig and wore glasses that magnified her bright green eyes. She had dark brown hair that was pulled into a ponytail, and she wore a black headband, probably to keep her bangs from falling in her eyes. The other lady was a bit larger and had light brown hair that was curled, unlike the younger woman's hair, which was straightened. This lady had sad brown eyes, with bags and dark circles beneath them.

'She looks really tired,' Mattie thought. 'She probably has a few kids who keep her up all night.' Mattie's eyes wandered to the few people in front of them. One was a mom, probably around 27 or 28 who had a baby girl held to her hip, who was presumably 2 or 3. The mom had bleach-blonde hair that was straightened and French braided. She wore an olive green tank top, an adidas jacket, slightly worn jeans and some ugg boots. A man stood in front of her. He had a thick brown mustache and was wearing a business suit.

'He looks like he just got out of a meeting or something important like that,' Mattie noted.

The last person in line was behind them. She was another mom probably 32 or so who wore a pink American Eagle t-shirt and black jeans. She also wore black flats and an Aero zipper hoodie. She held a little boy's hand, who was probably 8-10 years old. He was eating a bag of Skittles, waiting for his mommy to get done cashing in a check. Just then several shots were fired into the air. Plaster fell from the ceiling as everyone quickly ducked down. The woman with the baby girl screamed and hugged her daughter close to her as the other mother with her son quickly pulled him into her arms. The two women behind the counters ducked their heads out of sight, hopefully calling the police. The man in the suit got down on one of his knees and put his hands up over his head on complete surrender. Mattie grabbed Alfred and pushed him to the shiny floors of the bank, while throwing himself down as well.

"Alright everyone!" a man yelled. He was tall and muscular. He wore Levi jeans and a black hoodie with the hood up over his head. He wore no mask to hide his identity, just a pair of dark sunglasses. "This bank is now under MY control!" he continued. Alfred motioned to Mattie to hand him the elder's cell phone. Mattie reached into his pocket but froze as he realized the robber was standing over him. He stepped on Mattie's hand and twisted his foot. Mattie heard a sickening crack as his wrist was dislocated from it's natural position. His face twisted into a painful look as he felt the phone in his hand splinter and enter his skin. When the man removed his foot Mattie's wrist was bent way too far to the right and bits of metal and plastic had lodged in his palm.

"There is no need for cell phones, young man," he explained calmly. But his calm composure changed to anger faster than you could blink. He brought the butt of his .500 Magnum handgun down on Mattie's face, shattering his nose. His glasses flew off his face from the force of the hit. Both mothers screamed as they saw blood start to drip from the Canadian's nose. Mattie screeched as he felt sensational pain shoot through his face. He felt his crimson blood fall from his broken nose to the floor.

"Hey!" Mattie heard Alfred yell.

'No, Alfred. Sit down, please.'

"You think you can hurt my bro like that?" Alfred questioned angrily.

"What are you going to do about it, kid?" the man asked snarkily. To prove his point, he kicked Mattie in the side with his steel-toed boots. Mattie gasped for air as the wind was knocked out of him and his ribs either broke or cracked.

"Mattie!" Alfred screamed as he saw his brother in pain "It's gonna be alright, Mattie," he assured.

"We'll get out of here and go to Gil's and have a killer time, okay?" Matthew nodded at his brother and slowly opened his violet eyes, which squeezed tight from the burning pain he felt. His eyes grew wide as he saw the barrel of the man's gun placed to Alfred's left temple.

'No! Not Alfred!' Mattie thought. Not his Alfred! Not his baby brother! Not his twin, his other half!

'This can't be happening!' Mattie thought fearfully.

Then police sirens were heard.

'We'll all be safe.' Mattie thought with relief 'Everything will be...' BANG! The gun shot rang through the silent bank. Then the dull thump of a body hitting a floor was heard.