Ch. 11 Born to die, die to live

Gil was defiantly speeding. They got to the hospital in almost ten minutes. Normally it's half an hour. Gilbert swerved into a parking space that had just opened up in front of the building. Gil pulled his helmet off, took his keys, and headed off to the clean white hospital. Mattie took off his own helmet and followed Gilbert.

'Gilbert is speaking German,' Mattie realized as he heard the albino muttering to himself in the foreign language. When they reached the doors, Gilbert stopped and gave Matt a tired look.

"Please just go with this," he said and continued walking. Mattie had no idea what Gil was talking about but he decided it was probably nothing.

"Wait here," Gil hissed pointing at a seat. Mattie quickly sat down and watched the German approach a woman wearing a doctor's coat. Gil started talking rapidly and running his hand through his silver hair, a nervous habit he had. Mattie strained his ears to listen, but couldn't hear. He was too far away. The woman pointed Gil in a direction down a hallway. Gil started walking towards there. Mattie went to follow, but Gilbert caught him standing up. The albino shook his head, indicating that the Canadian should stay put. Mattie sat back down and watched his friend walk away. Mattie took out his phone, only to realize it had died. He looked around the room. There was no one else there. Not even the person who works behind the desk. It was empty. Mattie was all alone. Alone. Mattie shuddered. He was the last one. The only one. He didn't want to be alone. He never wanted to be alone. Mattie shivered, even though the room was quite warm. His breathing became heavy. Matthew needed somebody. Anybody.

'Alfred.' He needed his twin. His other half. A scream ripped through his body, but Mattie forced it to stay in.

'When will Gil be back?' Mattie thought in agony. His wrists throbbed, adding to the pain. Another scream came, but was never heard as Mattie choked it down. He felt like he was going to throw up if he held in another screech. Mattie turned his head and saw Alfred standing there. This time he let the scream out. A loud, screech of a tortured man. Alfred screamed as well. No. It wasn't Alfred. It was a mirror. Matthew's reflection. Gilbert came running in with another red haired man. He was tall and pale with freckles dotting his round face. Worried expressions were on each face.

"Mattie!" Gil ran up to the shaking man.

"Mattie! What happened?" Gil asked. Mattie shook his head and turned from Gilbert's gaze.

"Mattie, what happened?" Gil asked louder. Mattie still refused to make eye contact with him.

"VERDAMMT, MATT!" Gilbert yelled. Mattie jumped at the albino's outburst.

"NO ONE CAN HELP YOU WHEN YOU REFUSE TO TALK!" Gilbert screamed. The ginger man wen even paler at the German's screams. Mattie let salty tears spill from his violet eyes.

"AND WHENEVER I TRY TO FIND OUT WHAT'S WRONG, YOU START CRYING YOUR EYES OUT! THAT DOESN'T HELP AT ALL, MATTIE! DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF THINKING YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CARES ABOUT ALFRED!" And on that note Gilbert stormed out of the hospital. Mattie wiped his eyes from behind his glasses and peered out the window. Gil's BMW was still there, so he didn't leave yet.

"Umm," the red haired man started awkwardly "Your friend wanted me to check your wrists. Come with me." Mattie got up and followed the doctor to a pale green room. He removed the bandages and inspected Mattie's mutilated arms. The doctor stuck various syringes filled with all sorts of medicine into the wounds. He then wrapped them with clean gauze and bandages and sent Mattie off. Mattie remained silent the whole time. He walked outside and began to search for Gilbert. He walked down the empty streets. Dark clouds dimmed the sky as Mattie continued to search for Gilbert. A flash of lightening broke through the gray sky. A crash of thunder made Mattie jump.

'Where's Gil?' he thought. Rain began to fall from the sky. The rain fell heavier and heavier. Mattie's glasses fogged up and obscured his vision. He did see Gilbert though. Just across the street. Gilbert saw him, too. Mattie stepped off the sidewalk to apologize to the German.

"Gilbert!" he called out. Then there was a screech of tires. Then there was a thud. A look of horror froze on Gilbert's face.

"Mattie!" Gilbert ran into the street. A young woman stepped out of the white SUV in the road. Her short brown hair rippled in the breeze.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! I didn't see him! He ran into the street! Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" she cried. Mattie laid sprawled out on the asphalt, blood pouring from his head. His eyes were wide open, and were in complete shock. Gilbert felt Mattie's neck for a pulse. There was none.

"Is he alright?" the woman sobbed.

"He's dead," Gil pronounced letting tears slip down his face. It was November 27 at 3:37 in the afternoon. Back at the hospital, Arthur sat with Alfred.

"Come on, Al. You can't give up," he said. On November 27 at 3:37 in the afternoon, Alfred F. Jones passed away.

' "Hey Mattie?" Alfred asked on the way to a party at Gilbert's house.


"What do you think death would feel like?"

"I don't know. Probably painful," Mattie guessed. "Why?"

"Oh I don't know. Just wondering."

"Well the both of us aren't dying anytime soon," Mattie said.

"How do you know?" Alfred asked turning to his twin.

"Because I wouldn't let you die, Alfred. I love you too much," Mattie explained.

"I love you too, Mattie."

"Oh shit!" Mattie exclaimed halfway.

"What? What's wrong?" Al questioned.

"I needed to bring some soda to the party because Gil was short of it. He and his little brother, Ludwig, only drink beer anyway. I need to stop at the bank first though," the Canadian explained.

"Aww, okay," Alfred said "Let's go to the bank." '

Gilbert stood by the street in the rain. The woman had left and Mattie's body had been taken away. Arthur texted him saying Alfred's heart monitor had gone flat. Tears streaked his face as he stared into the fog and rain. He couldn't see a foot in front of his face. The fog swirled around him. Gil swore he could see two figures hugging in the dark fog. Two men that looked very familiar...

"Mattie? Alfred?"