Spoilers if you haven't seen Episode II

Updated….proofread..(like I shoulda at the beginning.)

So anyway, this is my take on something that happened, it's from Boba Fett's perspective. Star Wars belongs to Lucas. I only play in his universe.

Enjoy (even though it IS only an unrhymed unmetered poem...)

~Jedi Knight Kateh

Beasts so deadly

Prey so bold

Silently I watched

the two Jedi and the girl

as they fought for their life

for love

for hope.

They made the mistake of crossing us

Being bold has its consequences

But as I watched them fight

I couldn't help but

feel like they deserved a much better death

After all,

they survived this long

against my dad.

The fought hard

and brave

the girl, the senator,

though wounded kept fighting

she wouldn't back away

Such resolve was well...


However, as the battle wore on

boredom set in.

Would they die already?

I watched the young apprentice for a moment

he tamed one of the bests.

Clever, I say to myself.

A sudden 'zzz' broke my thoughts, the quintessential 'snap-his"

I looked to my dad and saw a Jedi

with his sabre

to my dad's neck

It took everything in me not to race to his defense

But it turned out I didn't need to.

Dooku called in the droids

the Jedi leapt

seemingly to his doom

I kept watching in morbid fascination

as Jedi, droids, and beasts fell




It all was all over the arena.

The Jedi all fought bravely

many fell

many lived

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dooku flee away

but my attention was then drawn away

The Jedi who had tried to kill dad-


I raced down into the arena; the danger was over now.

Silently I picked up his helmet

now that, and nothing more

He was gone.

But at the same time, he wasn't

Because I am my father.

And one day,

I will have my