Chapter 64: The Final Challenge or Is It?

It seemed that it was going to be the final time for the season Chris was going to give a recap to the audience.

Chris McLean's commentary:

Well, it's been quite a season here at Camp Drama Campaign Trial, Coraline came in a close chance of being almost able to obtain heading onto the final two, if it wasn't for the battery of the cellphone for her lifeline running low. Ouch, that along with Yakko giving challenging trivia questions about not just the 50 states, but also the territories as well.

In the end, Gaz and Red survived the sudden death challenge to move on to the final two, so let's get ready for the final challenge here on Camp Drama Campaign Trial!

End of commentary.

It was Election Day for Bugs Bunny and the Phantom Blot as the two candidates were in the final stretch doing some last minute campaign stops. Gaz along with Red were going with Chris to a stadium for the final challenge where those whom had left the studios that were either voted off or didn't survive the sudden death challenges would cheer them on.


"I got a good chance at winning this thing fair and square" said Red.

"Red's going to go down one way or another here" said Gaz.

End of confessions.

As the two were riding in a limo with Chris being treated first class meals by Chef, Chris was prepared to give the two what they'll do for their challenge.

"The final challenge for you two is that each of you will have a chance to have a Rock the Vote concert!" said Chris, "You'll be given a set of songs to choose from by Chef, along with a guitar and a microphone, all you need to do is wow the crowd the best, along with some added fireworks in the background would help."

"So there won't be anything standing in either of our way?" asked Red.

"Not if you could count the lasers that Jorgen and Sagat would be controlling" laughed Chris, "good luck, and may the better girl win the challenge."

Red indeed had chosen a song from Chef and took it to the backstage, while Gaz took her song, she ended up running into the Other Mother whom was looking for Gaz.

"There you are" said the Other Mother, "do you know what the final challenge would be?"

"It's a Rock the Vote concert" replied Gaz.

"Perfect, when Red goes onto the stage, you'll just have to sabotage her" continued the Other Mother, "but you must volunteer yourself first to go on first."

"Alright, fine" said Gaz who wanted to get it over with.

Chris indeed was curious to why Gaz had signed up to go first instead of Red.

"Saving the best stuff for last I see" laughed Chris as he noticed Gaz's signature.

"Oh, you'll just find out what I have in store" said Gaz as she was likely going to sabotage Red.

Meanwhile in the audience, the contestants whom were voted off or didn't survive the sudden death challenges made their way to their seats.

"Man I hope we get to be in the sixth season" said Riley.

"I'm watching my back on you after what you pulled between Draco to get Megan to like you" said Huey.

"Hey, it wouldn't happen again, I swear" said Riley.

"Sure it wouldn't" continued Huey.

Gaz ended up going up onto the stage first, her guitar was obviously dark purple and she was ready to start her song. She surprised the audience by having an ironically reasonable singing voice.

"Well, at least she doesn't sing like he does" laughed Danny referring to Tucker.

"Hey!" cried Tucker.

Gaz's song was about twenty minutes or so, she ended up dodging the oncoming lasers that Jorgen and Sagat were aiming at her and ended up wowing the audience a bit, but not by a lot. As Gaz finished, the Other Mother along with Pete were going to help sabotage Red's performance.

"I hope you two got a plan" said Gaz.

"Oh you bet we do" said the Other Mother.

"Let's just give these two some extra helping hands with our own lasers" said Pete as he had some lasers with him.

The Other Mother along with Pete were purposely heading toward the back of the crowd unseen so that they could use their lasers to blind poor Red as she was on the stage. However, when Red took the stage, the lasers that were pointing at her trying to purposely temporarily blind her didn't seem to work.


"Come on, fail!" cried Gaz.

End of confessions.

Red went on without a hitch to which she received more applause by the audience than Gaz did. Meanwhile the Other Mother along with Pete were coming up with a Plan B to obtain the 50 million dollars if Gaz couldn't even do it.

"This is hopeless, Gaz isn't going to win!" cried the Other Mother.

"So, why not just take it from her?" asked Pete.

"That might be the only ticket we have" continued the Other Mother.

As the Rock the Vote style concert drew to a close, the results of the election came in with Bugs Bunny winning on a landslide victory, Bugs whom made a surprise appearance at the concert was prepared to give Red the 50 million dollars along with also a golden key to the city. The Other Mother and Pete ended up charging at the two and grabbing the suitcase filled with the 50 million dollars, Pete ended up grabbing the golden city key.

"Ha, I won something, we can melt this for more gold!" laughed Pete until he soon found handcuffs around his wrist placed by Nicky.

"I don't think so" said Nicky.

[Gaz's plan to sabotage Red worked with the Other Mother and Pete doing the deed in temporarily blinding poor Red. She literally ended up tripping right off the stage.

"Ouch, that had to hurt" said Chris.

The election drew to a close with the Phantom Blot surprisingly winning on a landslide vote.

"Wow, I won!" cried the Phantom Blot who was even a bit surprised himself.

"Not so fast" said Nicky as he along with his task force came, "these results are fraudulent, we have found evidence that some of your campaign staff ended up using names of toons whom ceased to exist from the late 19th, 18th, 17ths centuries."

"I guess that means I still get to be mayor" said Bugs.

"No, the plan's ruined!" cried the Other Mother as she was being handcuffed by Guile.

Bugs ends up giving the prize to Gaz, but she ends up getting booed by the crowd in a shameful display of her dishonesty, but the crowd would soon face the wrath of Sartana and her grandson Django as both of them made an impressive entrance which the light that teleported them vaporized Gaz's winnings.

"You have insulted Sartana of the Dead for never letting my grandson enter in any of your competitions!" roared Sartana, "For this insult, we'll be taking your 50 million dollar prize away!"

"Uh, bad news, as much as how much we really appreciate parents whom go rogue on us like Marge, you kind of vaporized Gaz's winnings when you teleported here" laughed Chris.

"Then for that you must all pay!" roared Sartana.

"Everyone run for it!" cried Chris.]

But as the Other Mother and Pete thought they were in their grasp for victory, a shot of lightning came out of nowhere sending both Pete and the Other Mother flying into the air, with the Other Mother landing face first in some mud, and Pete crashing right down with the heavy golden key knocking him unconscious.

"Well, I guess this made our job easier" laughed Shadow.

"Not so fast!" said Sartana as she appeared with her grandson Django, "I Sartana of the Dead am insulted you have NEVER INCLUDED MY GRANDSON IN ANY OF YOUR SEASONS! Now if you do not mind I shall take the 50 million dollars!"

"And here I thought Marge was the angry parent, everyone run!" cried Chris.

It seemed like chaos as everyone was running for their lives, Django happily tried to take the suitcase but Red had her hands on it first.

"Not so fast skeleton boy" said Red.

"Ha, a girl like you couldn't take me on" said Django.

"What did you say?" asked Red.

"Oh, you shouldn't have done that" said Wolf.

Red indeed felt that she had rightfully won the challenge, and the competition itself on top of it, she wasn't going to let anyone come and steal her prize money away just like that. She was going to be in quite a fight if she wanted to get passed by Django, along with some other contestants whom didn't win were going to likely help her out. But Sartana indeed had alternative plans of her own in making sure no one would be able to obtain the money. Red ended up delivering quite a punch at Django, nearly knocking his own skull right off of his body.

"Why you!" cried Django as he was recovering.

Django then takes out his guitar and ends up striking one of its cords sending a green ray targeting the suitcase which ended up also destroying the 50 million dollars that Red won.

"Ha, now no one can have it!" laughed Django.

"Oh, I do not care if I have to wait to search for Chris, I am going to enjoy beating skeleton boy here up" said Red.

Red and the others even if they were going to win against Django and Sartana needed to now find out what happened to Chris, not to mention Mystery Inc. as well. In the obvious chaos that went on, Chris, along with Mystery Inc. high-tailed out of the area, while the Other Mother continued to get hurt by the citizens of Toon Town as they were trampling on her trying to get away from Sartana.

"Let's hope this will encourage everyone who participated in this season to get a move on for the next season, if they survive!" laughed Chris as he was heading for a helicopter and taking off with Skarr taking control of it.

All the contestants whom participated in the season couldn't believe that Chris along with Mystery Inc. were going to strand themselves there in Toon Town, not to mention still facing off with Sartana and her grandson Django.