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Chapter 5

Weird Feelings

It was so strange how her body was reacting to the touches from the younger brunette, her body should have been in pain after all, she should have been cringing because of those fingers passing over broken ribs and not shivering from the skin on skin contact. Not blushing from the position that Yukari currently had taken kneeling between her legs, examining her bare stomach closely. Yet, she could not seem to concentrate on what was important in the moment and her mind continued to wander to inappropriate thoughts.

'If only the situation was a little different… maybe… no. More than likely that will not be happening.' Once again she blushed before stubbornly forcing it away.

"Does this hurt?" Yukari questioned glancing up at Mitsuru in order to examine her face as she applied slight pressure to one of the bruises on her abdomen. She could tell that the rib was broken by the way that it protruded, but it became even more obvious as she watched the redhead wince in pain as she hissed out her displeasure.

"Not at all." The older of the two stated sarcastically and perhaps a little playfully.

"I can tell." She responded with a soft smile as she allowed her fingertips to tease the skin that was not bruised only for a moment, if she were honest with herself she would admit that she wanted to feel the softness of Mitsuru's skin against her fingertips, she wanted to see the way that the redhead's body practically convulsed beneath her touch, and she never wanted to look away from that perfectly toned body. 'God she is perfect… flawless in every single way… I could just—wait what? No, no, no! This is just my jealousy talking! Nothing more!'

Suddenly she heard a different sound escape Mitsuru's throat than the groans and hisses from the intense pain, this sounded more like a moan of enjoyment. With a quick glance upward brown eyes examined the blush that was now running across the beautiful girl's face and down through her neck and shoulders and it seemed to prove her theory. 'Oh god did she just moan because I was touching her… no way! Okay maybe, but it just hurt her right…? Right?'

'Oh no! I just moaned out because she was touching me and she definitely heard me… I just couldn't help it, her fingers feel so good.' Her blush only intensified at the thoughts and suddenly she felt terrible when she felt Yukari yank her hand away from her abdomen as if it were burnt. Now there was an awkwardness weighing them down and she had no idea what to say in order to fix it. So instead she simply waited for her diagnosis.

"Um." The brunette started standing up straight facing the taller woman as she tried to contain her confusing thoughts. "It looks like you have three broken ribs and some bruising, but nothing too serious. I'll um, get the wrap for your ribs." She said forcing a confident smile as she turned to the medical kit picking up the wrap.

"That's a relief." Mitsuru stated simply in a monotone voice, uncertain how to take the change in Yukari's attitude as red eyes watched the other stumbled for the wrappings, a blush prevalent on her features.

Red eyes watched as the other girl grabbed the wrapping nodding her head repeatedly with a smile on her features; it was confusing to say the least. She had no idea what was going on in Yukari's mind, was she upset by the sound that she had let out? Was she happy about it? Was she just as confused as herself about things? Or had she not even noticed at all?

"You are um going to have to remove your um—" A bright blush filled the younger girls cheeks and brown eyes glanced away. There was no possible way that she could ask this of the other woman.

"What?" Mitsuru questioned raising an eyebrow at the brunette.

For a moment awkward silence filled the room and she urged Yukari with her eyes to continue whatever she was going to say, but just like that realization hit her and she understood the embarrassment as a blush covered her face. "Oh. Right." She stated simply before reaching manicured crimson nails behind her back in order to remove the red lacey bra that was constricting her breasts. Not used to being exposed she grew nervous and focused her eyes on the wall as she dropped the garment. "There."

Yukari was finding her head to be extremely heavy at this point, she could not seem to pry her eyes off of the floor where the garment now lay. Her knuckles turning white from holding onto the wrappings so tightly. 'Oh my-oh my- she is topless! I can't look up, just have to keep my eyes focused on the ground and wrap her… yeah, ground, ground, ground—"

"Excuse me Yukari, but I would feel more comfortable if you actually look at what you are doing whilst you wrap my ribs." Mitsuru finally said as she felt the brunette trying to clumsily wrap her ribs without glancing upward for a moment.

"Of course." She squeaked out raising brown eyes which instantly widened at the sight before her.

Her heart completely stopped as she took in a deep breath holding it. 'Jeezus! She is wow… so perfect… oh no, I'm staring, but wow.' Yukari was finding it impossible to keep her bodies reaction to the sight under control as she started to shake and nearly dropped the wrappings. Her face turned a darker shade of red and she was biting down hard on her bottom lip in order to keep from letting out any sounds of pleasure. The worst part was the feeling of warmth that spread through her body before pooling between her thighs, she was extremely turned on in that moment and she found herself staring.

A smirk rose on red lips as Mitsuru watched the younger girl stare at her exposed chest with what appeared to be brown eyes darkened by desire and one of the most devious looks on her face. She could tell in that moment that Yukari wanted her, whether the brunette wanted to admit as much or not. She had seen enough boys drool over her in order to know when it was happening, and it was definitely happening. Only this time it meant so much more because it was the woman she had desired for so long.

"My ribs are not going to wrap themselves Takeba." She teased.

Blushing even more so the brunette let out the breath that she had been holding and forced herself to pry brown eyes away from the older woman's perfect, exposed breasts. Internally scolding herself for doing something so immature. 'I'm slobbering over her like some hormonal boy… keep yourself in check Yukari! You are both girls! You like boys!'

"Gomen." She apologized before bowing embarrassedly as she walked forward in order to start wrapping Mitsuru's ribs. Placing the starting of the wrap just below the breasts she had been admiring she forced her eyes not to move from her ribs and started wrapping them only stopping for a moment in order to let out a soft whimper as her hand grazed the one of the soft mounds. The initial contact was not what had made her whimper though; instead it was the soft moan that escaped the other woman's lips. Glancing upward she watched as red eyes fluttered closed in pleasure. 'Oh my god that is so freaking hot! NO! NO! NO! NOT A BOY!'

Finishing up the wrapping she quickly pulled her hands away and practically ran across the room. "Okay, all done. Well, you should get some rest and I should really um go now because, well yeah!" Yukari knew that she was rambling, but she could not help it that is what she did when she was nervous. Before even allowing Mitsuru to ponder over her behavior she was out the door and heading toward her own dorm room in order to take a cold shower and think over these new feelings she was having.

In her room Mitsuru removed her skirt and pulled on her nightgown to the best of her ability before snuggling up in her bed with a smirk on her face. She was never one to engage in silly crushes, but now she was starting to realize that this crush may not be silly at all.


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