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"I swear he was here," said Jeff as he looks over the street from the roof of a tall structure, "I thought he was here."

Jeff and many of his brothers were searching for him, Waldo. When they received word that Waldo was in New York, the scrambled over to his last known location. Finding Waldo was like a cat and mouse chase in almost every country he had been in. Wherever he was, there was always a frenzy among the locals to go find him. Waldo had eluded law enforcement and amateurs, they all thought they had him, but he was gone in a blink of an eye.

Now Waldo was in New York, or he was assumed to be in New York, he could be anywhere for what people know.

The Reznov family knew what to look for, a red and white stripped shirt. Waldo always wears such a shirt, the distinctive clothing makes things easier to spot him out of the crowd. Of course, fans of Waldo or people hired by him wear stripped shirts to throw his pursuers off. The strategy usually worked, now it just signals that Waldo was somewhere in the area.

Waldo hadn't figured it out yet, his strategy that used to hide him now gives away his location, but not his exact position. He could be in the city, just away from the large crowd of false versions of himself. Hiding in an alley, away from the watchful eye of the populace. There's a chance for that scenario to play out, but Waldo's bound to come out into the open sooner or later.

It took awhile, but Jeff managed to set up shop on the roof of a building overlooking Times Square. He sat in a chair, drinking Cola as he looks around for Waldo down at the street below. "Did anyone find Waldo yet?" he asked into a communication hand radio.

"No," said Rick, a brother, on the radio, "But I did find a quarter."

"Maybe that's your 25 cents worth for wasting time!" snarled Jeff, "Get a move on Rick!"

"Okay Jeff, okay." said Rick.

Jeff considered shutting off the radio and head for home, due to the incompetence of his brothers. He couldn't though, he was the one who dragged them all into the search for Waldo, their eldest brother, Dimitri, won't help him in their mission. If Jeff calls it quits, it would be all a waste of time for nothing, he must stay in the game.

The thought of quitting made Jeff sigh, he picked up the Cola bottle and took a sip. Brad approached him from behind, sneaking up on him to scare him. Jeff sensed his presence, and groaned. "You know I can sense you coming Brad."

"How!" stamped Brad like an immature child.

Jeff turned around and looked at Brad directly in the eye, "You smell like gunpowder, like always you pyromaniac."

Brad gave Jeff a hard shove in the shoulder, he returned with a shove of his own. "How long had we been up here anyway Jeffery?" asked Brad.

"About two hours now," said Jeff, pulling back the sleeve of his camouflage shirt to see his watch, "So far, Waldo hasn't shown himself yet."

"You know it wouldn't be that hard to find us," said Brad, "We wear the same style of camouflaged clothes all the time, it stands out in the city landscape you know."

"Yes, at least we're not wearing a US Army uniform like Dimitri."

"His outfit is more professional, despite not having any badges and decorations, he keeps it well ironed and wrinkle-free."

"I like Dimitri, I wish he would help us and not turn us down."

"You know what he said Jeff, I am not wasting my time helping you guys find a cartoon character, who says Waldo isn't real?"


"Okay, its not that he's real, its that... Hey Jeff, what's that down there?"

Brad pointed out into the street below, Jeff stood up and looked where he was pointing at, "I see someone in a red and white stripped shirt." he said.

Jeff could see the individual clearly. Down below at street level, a man was walking down the sidewalk. He fits Waldo's description, black hair, round glasses, 2 meters tall, wearing a red and white stripped shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and a white and red cotton bobble hat. Jeff pulls out a picture of Waldo and compares it to the pedestrian fitting his description, it was a perfect match.