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Waldo made his way through the apartment and made his way out into the hall, he then made his way down the stairs and ran outside where he was almost intercepted by a Reznov. "There you are!" he barked.

Waldo began running down the sidewalk and crossed several streets, even sliding over some cars in the process. The Reznovs followed a similar path, except they scattered to different routes in order to corner him off. Jeff and Brian managed to follow Waldo down the path he took, keeping a comfortable distance from him awhile taking their time. They knew the tricks of the trade when chasing someone, it wasn't the first time they had chased someone.

"Does anyone have a visual on the target?" asked Jeff into his radio.

"Yes." a brother replied.

"Make sure it stays that way." said Jeff.

"Sorry Jeffery, we lost visual." said another brother.


As much as Waldo could run, blending into the crowd was his specialty. He managed to run into a large neutral cloud, the tactic didn't work as the Reznov's had a good eye on him. "Waldo!" Rick cried, "Somebody stop Waldo!"

A new yorker came to the reply of Rick and tried to tackle Waldo, but failed miserably as he got the wrong person who wore a stripped shirt. Another new yorker tried to bear hug him, but slipped away before even laying a finger on him. Before the Reznov's knew it, Waldo was out of the crowd and into the subway.

"He's down in the tunnels!" cried Brian on the radio.

"Figures," said Jeff on the radio, "Half the group follow him, the other half will try to rendezvous with him at the other end."

Waldo managed to board a sub-train and head to the other end of the line, figuring that there was no way that the Reznovs were able to catch him. However, there were onlookers nearby, who had an eye trained at him.

"Its Waldo!" said a woman in her mid-forties.

"I'm trying to keep a low profile mam." said Waldo.

"What's so low-profile about a striped shirt?" she asked.


No one said more after that, Waldo sit tight and waited for 10 minutes for the sub-train to reach the end of the line. When he reached the final stop, Waldo got out of the sub-train and headed back to the surface. That's when he was tackled by a couple of Reznovs. Waldo tried to struggle at first, but Greg slapped the handcuffs onto him.

"Crap!" he cursed.

With Waldo pinned down on the ground, one of the brothers radioed in, "Jeffery, we captured the target at the end of the sub-station."

"Okay," said Jeff, "Hang in there until we arrive. You heard him guys, we got him, lets make sure of that by getting to him right away."

"URA!" a dozen or so voices scream out of the radio.

"No battle calls in the radio!" barked Jeff.

When the transmission ends, Waldo lifted up his head and asked, "Why did you chase me?"

"For bragging rights." said Rick.

"Always with the young people in the past 20 years," said Waldo, "Always."

"Eh, I've been through worse." said Greg, "It was good times."