Summary: The first time Sasuke laid eyes on him, he had fainted. Because this was the boy he had been dreaming of for two years. But this didn't mean he was gay, and he would do anything to prove it. Even if it means scaring the boy away. If only the idiot wasn't so stubborn.

Warning: BoyxBoy. And please don't hate me! For although this is rated M, it is for suggestive language and the occasional bad word. There's a bit of OOC as well. Also, there isn't much in-depth characterization, and it's more dialogue than narrative, but that's okay; I did this for fun, not anything serious.

Inspiration: I was reading Koi Wa Ina Mono Myouna Mono by Taishi Zaou and I had the urge to write a story on Naruto and Sasuke based on it. I'd recommend it to anyone. That and Lordi's 'BiomechanicMan.' Oh yeah, that one gave me a headache from 3 minutes of head bopping.

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Ever since he had been but a child, the dreams had always been coming. It didn't matter of what they were, it were as though they were prophetic dreams, because no matter what, those dreams would eventually turn into reality. Earthquakes, deaths, hurricanes, weddings... No future was untouched.

At first it was confusing and even frightening. The prophetic dreams were not all the time, so he would get normal ones as well. So how was he to know that his aunt was not actually going to get eaten by a pink and white marshmallow? That was what he saw at age five, so why wouldn't he scream at said aunt to stay away from marshmallows in future?

Gradually though, as time wore on, he started to be able to tell the difference between a normal dream and one that was prophetic. There was a different feel to it, a more realistic sense.

His family, though understandably worried at first, had learnt to deal with it, even regard it as common place. It was not everyday your son/brother could see into the future after all. His father had wanted him to try and 'foresee' the stock market in the next six months. His mother was not-so-subtly asking about the possibility of a child in the future. His brother outright demanded he tell him what horse won in which race of what year.

Needless to say, all three were disappointed when he pointed out that the dreams did not work like that. They came to him, not the other way around.

Everything was going okay; by the age of nine, the dreams had dwindled to once a year, if at that. He was just happy with being normal and not seeing images of what was to come. And he really was not fond of seeing people he did not know die or even worse, doing stuff behind closed doors, mostly in beds, bathrooms, cars, and even once in jail.

So it rather came as a surprise and shock for him at the age of fifteen when the dreams came back with a vengeance. But this time, instead of different images tormenting him and keeping him up most nights, they were all of the same vein.

They were of him.

Or more, particularly, of him having sex.

And if you wanted to get technical about it, it was of him having sex with another guy.

Right, not something he wanted to foresee. Not even something he wanted to happen.At all.

And that was why he couldn't help but react the way he had when he had caught sight of a very familiar figure on his first day back at school. Of course, he was more used to the figure naked and panting, so it was a shock to see the other in the same uniform as him.

The shock of it all had Sasuke Uchiha, aged 17, falling in a dead faint.

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