Everybody Needs a Place to Die

Chapter One

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Bella clutched her blood soaked arm to her chest, her breaths coming in short pained bursts. The demon that had ambushed her while scouting, lay dying at her feet. Its guts steaming in the cooling air. Her knees trembled, threatening to buckle under her. Slowly and painfully she sheathed her short sword and looked around the ash riddled clearing. Everything was ash, for as long as anyone could remember. Humans were now a small fraction of what they once were but at least they lived still.

She hissed on an intake of breath as more blood ebbed from the wound. She gave a long shrill whistle and waited patiently as her horse trotted into the clearing. It's burning red coat shimmered in the dying light as it came closer, tossing it's head when the smell of blood reached it. She could hear the other demons moving closer, searching for their comrade that had not returned. She grabbed the bridle of her horse, pulling it's head down. "Take me home." She swung up into the saddle and the horse took off as if all of hell followed it.

Her vision began to blur and double as she lost more blood, but still she heard the sounds of pursuit as they had doubtless found their eviscerated companion. She gave a short bark of laughter, nothing could catch Fyre. She gripped the horn of the saddle as she sagged forward, suddenly tired. Even at death's door she refused to die, I am not done yet, I still have things to do...was her last thought before she passed out.

War sat atop Ruin overlooking a small clearing of ash and a few stray tendrils of grass, surrounded by an imposing forest. Ruin tossed his great head and snorted, stomping his feet. War leaned down to pat his shoulder before speaking to the familiar of his brother, Death. "I will not leave yet, not until I know that the Third Kingdom is truly lost. Unless you intend to force me?" The crow channeled his brother's voice, "And if they never return War, what would you have us do? Wait an eternity?"

"No brother, for I will find them." The crow cawed and flew away as War turned his gaze back to the clearing and forest. He felt he was so close to finding a clue to where the humans may be, those that still lived. Suddenly movement in the tree line caught his attention, it was a horse. The creature trotted into the clearing heading straight across, something draped across its back. Whatever it was slid from its back and landed heavily on the ground, remaining unmoving. The horse stopped and walked back to the creature, nudging it gently with its nose and whinnying softly.

War decided to get a closer look; something was nagging at the back of his mind. He eased Ruin down the hill and into the forest before the clearing. Soon he broke into the clearing of ash; carefully he approached the still figure. Ruin reared away from the flailing hooves of the mare as she placed herself between them and her rider. War dismounted and warily approached the mare. "Easy girl, I won't hurt you." The horse snapped her teeth, laying her ears back and squealing a warning to him. War saw the blood running down the sides of the saddle. "Let me help." The horse seemed to consider it for a moment before moving to the side, ears still pinned back.

He stopped next to the body, looking it over carefully before touching it. He knelt and gently turned it over. He drew a sharp intake of breath as surprise flitted across his face. His fingers shook as they brushed back the hair from the human face. A human female, young and alive, if just barely. She was dressed head to toe in brown leather and the sword strapped around her slender waist showed she was a warrior of some type.

The blood flowed from a gaping slice running from her shoulder down to just above her breast. War carefully cleaned and dressed the wound as best he could. He knew he needed to try and save her because each human life counted greatly. He turned as human voices drifted back to him, steadily growing closer. He mounted Ruin and rode into the shadows at the edge of the forest where he would be safely concealed. The clearing filled with humans, a dozen at least. They carefully draped the girl's body over the saddle of her horse and led her away. He had finally found a human settlement; the Third Kingdom had not been lost. Now to see if the girl made it.