Maxx-I have wrote a new story!

Ikuto-I thought you were dead.

Amu-Ikuto, don't say that!

Maxx-Eh, I don't mind, I'm working on a plan of revenge for my idiotic friend. He. Hit. Me. With. Newspaper.

Ikuto-...Why's that so bad...?

Maxx-Because I forgot to kill him when he put Cheeze-itz in my hood.

Amu-...I don't know how to respond...

Ikuto-...Do you like him?...

Maxx-No, not everybody teases the one they like...


Maxx-...This is akward...


Maxx- Who wants to do the disclaimer...?

Tadase-*raises hand* Oh, Oh, pick me, Pick me!

Maxx-why don't you do it Kukai!

Kukai-...How did you know I was behind the door? Anyway, Maxx doesn't own Shugo chara, Cheeze-Itz, only the plot and the doctor guy!

Ikuto- Read On.

Maxx-Hey that's my line!

When Reality Meets Fantasy


Amu PoV

"This is all in your head! None of it's real, get that through your thick skull! You had a horrible life, but that doesn't mean it's right to make up you own little world where you can escape it all, you can't erase the past, and if you don't let go, you're going to destroy your future!" The doctor yelled at me.

"You don't understand, the other world isn't a figment of my imagenation! It's real, and I don't care what you say! So shut up, I don't need for you to tell me about 'insanity', I already know what everyone thinks of me, I can take care of myself! GO TO HELL!" I had heard this speach so many times, I don't even know how anyone found out about the other world. All I know is that I wish I could stay there forever.

Maybe I should start from the begining, I guess it started the day my little sister was killed, that was the first day I met 'Them', the people that live in the other world.

It was a normal day, until He showed up, that's when everthing spiraled out of control...