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When Reality Meets Fantasy

Chapter 5 Family Matters

Amu PoV

I woke up the next morning with a major headache and massive pain in my arms. I looked down and the memories from the night before all came to me at one time, intensifying my headache. I groaned and layed back down, why had I tried something so stupid?

"So she's alive?" I heard my dad's voice coming from the door. He came and sat down on my bed and hugged me, "I don't know why you tried something like that, but I hope you won't try to worry me like that again."

"Don't worry daddy, I won't." For some reason, in that moment, I felt like a little kid again, being comforted by her dad when she had a bad dream. 'I love my daddy so much, he's the only one I have left, so I have to make sure he doesn't leave me too!' I thought while continued to hug him.

He let go of me and smiled, "I'm glad, I love you so much." He had tears in his eyes when he finished.

I smiled back, "I love you too daddy!" I felt tears streaming down my face, I couldn't hold them in anymore, they just started leeking out.

~The Other World (Kukai PoV)~

I watched the scene between my sister and dad with sad eyes, I wasn't able to cry anymore, seeing as I was dead. I wished I could be there to comfort her, she seemed so upset by my death, well, I guess she would be, we were like best friends. Unlike most siblings (Utau and Ikuto) we got alon great, we never argued, never fought, never yelled or got mad at each other, we were the perfect siblings, but fate is crewl adn heartless, so it tore us apart. Not even death can break the bond of a brother and sister, maybe that's true. I hope it is anyway.

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