Chapter Twenty-Five: The Awakening

Harry's eyes fluttered open and he fumbled for his glasses before sliding them on and looking around. He was in a hospital room that was littered with candy and flowers. Harry wasn't surprised to find a Hogwarts toilet seat among his many gifts.
A second later, the door opened and a Healer entered.
She began to poke and prod at Harry's monitoring charms.
Harry was so quiet and still that it took the Healer a few seconds to realize that he was awake.

"Mr. Potter!" she exclaimed. "You're awake, that's wonderful! Are you uncomfortable in any way? Is there something I can get you?"
Harry nodded weakly. "A glass of water would be great." he croaked. His throat was so dry that it hurt to talk.
The Healer conjured a glass of water and handed it to Harry, who gulped it down quickly and handed back to the Healer.
The Healer smiled at Harry. "You gave us quite a scare, young man. We didn't think you were going to make it."
"How long?" Harry asked.
The Healer sighed. "You've been in a coma for the last eight months, dear. I believe you had your Godfather and Mr. Lupin permanently stationed at your bedside.
They're in the waiting room now. Should I get them?"
Harry nodded and the Healer left the room.

A few minutes later, Harry heard a crash and glass shattering, before there was a panicked cry and pounding footsteps filled the hall. Then, Sirius burst through the doorway, looking around wildly.
There were dark circles under his eyes and his too-pale face bore a look of panic.
Happiness exploded inside Harry like a firework. "Sirius!" he shouted.
That was all it took.

Sirius burst into tears and was immediately at Harry's side, hugging the boy tightly and weeping into his hair.
Harry hugged him back and nestled into his Godfather's embrace.
"You're awake, you're alive." Sirius whispered through his tears. He grabbed the sides of Harry's face and looked searchingly into the boy's eyes.
"I love you so much, Harry. You're like a son to me, do you understand?"
Harry looked at Sirius, acknowledging the sincerity behind that statement with a small amount of surprise, then nodded. "I...I love you too," he said awkwardly.
Sirius smiled and burst out in a new fit of sobs.

The animagus had just pulled his godson into another tight hug when the door burst open again.
Both heads whipped toward the door to find an stunned and out of breath Remus.
"Moony, he's awake!" Sirius sniffled happily, waving the werewolf over.

Remus walked over slowly, still stunned. "Hi Remus." Harry said, tiredly smiling at the werewolf. "Harry?" Remus whispered, cautiously touching the boy's cheek.
When he felt that Harry was indeed solid and real, the werewolf jumped into the hug, crying with relief.

"So when I get out of here, I'm... " Harry trailed off.
"You are never going back to the Dursleys again, if that's what you're thinking about, Harry." Remus almost growled.
Sirius nodded firmly. "You're coming home with me."
Harry was confused. "But, Remus, you said..."

Sirius glared at Remus. "Yes, Remus, what DID you say?"
Remus sighed. "Sirius, you remember when I told you that I had lost my temper and slapped Harry?"
Sirius nodded in confusion.
Remus grimaced. "Well, I might have also told Harry that..." Remus dropped his gaze and mumbled "." Sirius was furious. "Let me get this straight. You not only slapped my godson, but also told him, and I quote, that he could go back to the Dursleys for all you cared?"
Remus nodded miserably.

Sirius jumped to his feet and started pacing the floor, clenching and unclenching his fists.
"That's it, Moony!" the animagus growled. "You and Harry are going to have a private talk right now."
Harry's head shot up. "What!" he yelped in horror.
Remus nodded in agreement. "Sirius, I can't believe you're doing this..." he complained.
Sirius waved his protests aside. "Sorry, Harry, Moony. You two need to talk. No buts." Sirius folded his arms across his chest and glared at the two, daring them to challenge his decision.
Harry and Remus sighed in defeat and nodded reluctantly. Sirius beamed. "I'll be waiting outside in the hall." Then he skipped out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Harry immediately dropped his gaze to his bedcovers.
Remus took a deep breath. "Harry..."
Harry didn't say anything. He just stared at his bedcovers, absentmindedly chewing on his bottom lip.
"Harry..." Remus tried again.
Harry still didn't answer.
Remus lost his temper. "Harry James Potter! You look at me right now!" the werewolf yelled.
Harry quickly looked up at him, flinching backward in terror.
Remus was horrified. He was just trying to get Harry to look at him, not scare him half to death.
"Harry, I'm sorry." the werewolf said gently. "I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I lost control."
Harry's face burned with embarrassment. "It's okay," he muttered under his breath.
Nevertheless, Remus heard him and smiled.

"Harry," the werewolf began.
Harry looked at Remus nervously.
Remus sighed and muttered, "Padfoot, I am going to kill you for this."

"Harry, I'm sorry." Remus said. "That day in the Hospital Wing...look, Harry. You have to understand that there was a full moon the night before. You know how I am the day after a full moon."

Harry nodded. "You're cranky." Remus snorted and continued. "Anyway, that day, I was even more cranky than usual. Moony didn't react well to the Wolfsbane potion...probably because he was worried about you."

Harry was amazed. "Moony was worried...about me?" he asked in shock.
Remus laughed lightly. "Harry, of course Moony was worried about you. You're his cub."
Now, Harry was even more confused. "Cub?"
Remus sighed. "Yes, Harry. Cub. Cubs are what a werewolf's children are called."
Harry frowned. "But I'm not your..." he trailed off.
Remus took a deep breath. "Apparently, Harry, it doesn't matter to Moony whether or not I'm your father.
Prongs was a member of Moony's original pack, which is now made up of only Moony and Padfoot. Since you are the son of Prongs, one of Moony's original pack, that makes you Moony's cub."
Harry nodded in understanding.

"Anyway," Remus continued. "The Wolfsbane didn't work and Moony nearly tore himself apart that night.
The only reason I wasn't still in bed and unconscious when you woke up was because Madam Pomfrey was already at Grimmauld Place with a full chest of healing potions when the sun rose."
Harry grimaced. "Lucky you."
Remus nodded. "And when I slapped you and said all those horrible things to you...well, I didn't mean any of that."
"You didn't?" Harry asked, hardly daring to hope.
Remus shook his head. "No, Harry. I didn't. I was just stressed out after the full moon and all that worrying about you."
Harry flushed. "Sorry."
Remus smiled at the boy. "It's okay"
Harry sighed in relief. "Remus?"
"Yes, Harry?" the werewolf answered.
"Does that mean you don't hate me?" Harry asked.
"No, Harry." Remus answered. "I don't hate you."
Harry smiled. "I love you, Remus!"
Remus hugged Harry. "I love you too, Cub."
Suddenly, Harry gasped. "Oh, and Remus?"
"Yes, Cub?" Remus asked.
"I've decided that...yes, I want to live with Sirius."
Remus smiled happily. "Thank you, Cub."
"You're welcome Remus." Harry answered.

The door opened slightly and Sirius poked his head inside before shuddering in mock-disgust as he caught sight of Remus and Harry.
"Eurgh!" the animagus groaned in apparent revulsion. "Do you two have to be so mushy?"
Remus threw one of Harry's pillows at Sirius. "Stop it, Padfoot!" the werewolf warned. "You know this is your fault!"
"Sirius tried to look innocent. "Who, me?" the animagus teased, playing dumb.
Remus rolled his eyes. "Yes you, Mutt."
Harry laughed and they immediately turned to face him.
"Oh, you think this is funny, do you?" Sirius growled playfully.
Harry nodded. "Yes."
Sirius frowned and narrowed his eyes.
"Mr. Padfoot would like to say that Mr. Prongslet is treading on dangerous territory."
"Mr. Moony agrees with Mr. Padfoot and wonders if Mr. Prongslet knows what he's getting himself into.
"Mr. Padfoot says, "Who cares?" and suggests we give Mr. Prongslet the traditional Marauder treatment as punishment for causing us so much worry."
"Mr. Moony thinks that is a splendid idea."
"Alright then, on the count of three."
And with that, the two Marauders began viciously tickling the poor boy in the bed.
"Ha ha! Stop it!" Harry giggled. Of course, the two Marauders didn't stop, but Harry didn't mind.
What had started out as the worst summer was now the best day of Harry's life.


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