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The blonde still lay unconscious and unmoving. Shaking his head of his own ridiculousness, he dropped the money on the table and headed for the door. Before he could open it though, he heard the footsteps of someone approaching. His hand immediately flew to his sword. The footsteps stopped right outside the room.

"What did I say Fai! What the hell is taking you so long! Seishiro-sama has been waiting!" Kyle shouted, a bit too loudly for Kurogane's likes. At the mention of Seishiro, Fai's eyes snapped open.

"Seishiro-sama!" he gasped. Kurogane looked at him oddly. Fai had mentioned that this "Regular" could wait, though from Fai's reaction and Kyle's insistence…this man didn't seem like the type that should be kept waiting.

Without glancing at Kurogane, Fai threw the covers off himself and began pulling on his kimono. His legs quivered weakly, forcing him to steady himself on the side of the bed. Kurogane couldn't shake the feeling that he was partially to blame for that.

Fai started wrapping the obi around his waist…or trying to at least. In his haste, the obi was slipping through his fingers and coming untangled easily. Being a foreigner, it came as no surprise at his lack of competence in dressing himself. Kurogane took pity on the boy and walked over to him.

"Can't any of the others teach you how to tie this thing?" he asked, grabbing the piece of cloth and fastening it around his waist. Fai chuckled.

"They…don't like me very much. I've never had to learn how to tie it properly anyway so it's fine." he said. There was an underlying tone of pain in his voice. Kurogane thought back to what blonde's coworkers had said about Fai as he passed them. He shook his head.

"There, now it's at least decent." he said. Fai smiled. He reached his hand back to stop Kurogane from stepping away.

"Thank you." he said, smiling honestly and gratefully. Kurogane blushed and looked away.

"It can't be helped. It's annoying when you tie that thing so hopelessly." he scolded. Fai chuckled.

"I'm sure it is." he said. He was about to step closer when Kyle banged on the door again, this time louder.

"BLONDIE! Get the payment from the customer and get out here! Seishiro-sama won't wait all night!" he shouted. Fai frowned, his brow creased with worry. Kurogane felt a strange urge inside him. He wanted to touch Fai…but not in a lustful way. He just didn't want to see him make that face. He mentally scolded his body for wanting such useless things. To just be satisfied in holding the blonde or comforting him in someway… He looked away.

"You better go." he said. Fai snapped his head toward him, eyes full of surprise and hurt. Kurogane's eyes widened. Fai looked to the ground and smiled.

"Y-you're right. This is my job after all. You work hard at yours…so I need to do mine." he said, walking towards the door. Kurogane gritted his teeth and cursed at his own stupidity.

Fai opened the door, grinning wide.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting Seishiro-sama. We've just finished." he said, bowing low to the man before him…a tall thin man dressed in black. He wore western style spectacles though his hair was as black as any Japanese man's. He held no look of anger or discomfort on his face. On the contrary, he smiled amiably, his eyes holding no threat of danger. Kurogane felt his stomach churn. Something wasn't right about him.

"It's fine, however, you have been keeping me waiting for quite sometime now." he said benignly.

"I'm sorry Seishiro-sama." Fai apologized. Kyle, the shorter man next to Seishiro, began scolding Fai about his lateness and lack of concern for time. His black hair, which was pulled back with a sort of expensive tie, swished as he shook his head emphatically at Fai. Seishiro glanced over at Kurogane standing in the door.

"Hmm…I see…So this was the boy." he said. Kurogane felt his blood boil as the tall man's eyes flashed menacingly for a moment. He reached for his sword instinctively.

"At this rate you'll make me jealous Fai." Seishiro said, interrupting Kyle's admonishment. He placed his hand on Fai's cheek and caressed it. He grinned.

"I don't like knowing that other men are having their way with you." he said. Fai nodded in understanding. Kurogane glared. Who does this bastard thinks he is!

Seishiro's hand made its way to Fai's neck. He frowned slightly as he rubbed away a bit of the cosmetic Fai used to cover his bruises.

"How cruel of you Fai, covering up the love bites that I left you with. Do you really think so horribly of me that you'd want to hide them away?" he said, feigning a hurt expression. Fai smiled at him…his skin pulled at his lips unconvincingly.

"Of course not Seishiro-sama. It's just that the other customers would be jealous if they knew that I was already marked by you." he said. Seishiro smiled satisfactorily.

"That's true." he said. He wrapped his arm around Fai's waist, leading him in the direction that Kyle led them…to a new room.

"Mr. Tomoyo-hime's knight," he called back to Kurogane. "It's rude to stare. You should go back home to your princess." he turned to look at him, making the warrior bristle.

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of Fai." he said. Kurogane glared. This bastard thinks he can talk to Japan's strongest warrior that way! He remembered a remark one of the other prostitutes had said about Fai before "At least he get's the worst." This man must have been an example of 'the worst'.

He was about to turn away when he heard something he wished he hadn't.

"Ah, you still have that bruise on your hip. Too bad. Looks like I'll have to be more careful with you this time." Seishiro remarked to Fai.

Kurogane's eyes widened. He glanced down the hallway too late. The two of them had already disappeared into the room. He clenched his fists and teeth. Never before had he felt such a strong desire to cause someone pain…to kill them.

No, that's not true.

He hadn't felt this way since his parents died.

He always took pride in killing off the assassins that attacked the castle, but they were petty warriors. Barely even worth his time.

This bastard. He wanted to kill him…he NEEDED to kill him. He stormed his way through the paper doors and out of the building, not even paying attention to the workers and 'employees' around him. The image of seeing that bastard's cold, dead face painted in his own blood appealed rather greatly to the tan boy.

"Damn It!" he cursed as he pounded a tree outside the establishment, cracking off some bark. He could understand that this bastard was scum and he would have no regrets in murdering him. What he didn't understand was why he was reacting so violently to him. What's similar about this situation and the time of his parent's death?

He couldn't think of any reason…except maybe…Fai?

He shook his head at the thought. He couldn't deny that the blonde had some sort of hold over him. Something that annoyed him to think about. He sighed and leapt up the side of the building to the roof. Just as before, he jumped and sprinted his way through the trees and over the roofs of the buildings. Nothing could clear his head more than the cold night air as he ran.

The moon beamed brightly down through the gap in the trees. The same gap that connected the brothel to Shirasaki Castle. Bounding from one tree branch to another, he jumped to land on one of the roofs of the castle. He smelled fresh blood. Running toward the source of the stench, he stumbled upon another attack being held back by Soma and her ninjas. He scoffed. If it were him, they'd all be dead by now.

Grunting, he unsheathed his sword to finish off the last of the attackers. Soma was surprised to see him but didn't complain. They slayed the remainder of the assassins in little time.

"Kurogane! What do you think you're doing here! Didn't Tomoyo-hime send you away tonight?" she questioned.

"Shut up." Kurogane spat. Soma was taken aback. The boy didn't seem too satisfied with the outcome of the battle, even though all their enemies were dead. Kurogane sliced his sword through the air, shaking it clean of blood as he sheathed it again. Without so much as saying a word or glancing in her direction, he began walking across the tiles to Tomoyo's shrine…his post.

"Oi! Kurogane! What's gotten into you?" Soma asked. Noticing how out of character he was acting. Kurogane stopped.

"Can anyone live in the castle?" he asked. Soma hesitated.

"H-huh?" Kurogane clenched his teeth. He was glad that the distance was too great between them for Soma to see the tint in his cheeks in the dark.

"I said, can just anyone live in the castle!" he asked again. Soma raised her eyebrow in confusion.

"If…If Tomoyo-hime and Amaterasu-sama approve of it… then yes. Why?" she replied. Kurogane turned back around. The battle and run across town had done him some good. He made up his mind. Despite the answer to his last question, he wasn't going to let Tomoyo or Amaterasu get in his way.

"There'll be someone new living in the castle soon, that's why!" he shouted back. Soma still didn't know how to respond. Kurogane began walking away. As he walked away he quietly added a condition to himself.

"As soon as I get rid of a man named Seishiro."

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