Red X had gotten sloppy. When he first started wearing the suit nothing like this would have ever happened. He would have been listening for the faint footfalls of an approaching person. He had gotten so use to The Teen Titans and the other heroes announcing his soon to be arrest that he just wasn't prepared for the silent attack. If it had been anyone ells, Red X would have easily kicked their buts, one way or another, but Robin was tricky, fast, lethal, and had many other qualities that added up to Red X's situation.

Red X was stealing from a mob boss with some darker ties, his informant was an East Titan by the name of Bee, she had told him she needed the information on the mob boss but wasn't good enough to get in and get out without getting caught. Red X should have known that the one time he did a free-be steal, it would lead to utter defeat for him. He owed Bee for not turning him in when he was down after a few Villains had tried to kill him, she had even helped him bandage himself up, so for once his talents where on the house.

He had just gotten the larger safe open when he was slammed into the side by a familiar weight. Before he could even figure out which way was up, he was being slammed onto his back, his hands pinned above his head and his own legs pinned down by a pair of legs that should not be able to bend that much, and still be too strong to break free. He tries to move, to fight the hold, and suddenly there's a zapping noise and it smells like burnt rubbed, and it feels likeā€¦ an energy dampener.

Suddenly every ounce of the legendary substance that makes up his suit is like a hundred pounds of lead. He stops trying to get his arms free because he can't breath, there's too much weight on his chest. Just when he reaches the point where he's starting to see stars, there's a ripping sound, a cool breeze on the bare skin of his chest. He strong enough to take a breath, but the masks still there and so are the gauntlets and his pants. The very suit that gave him freedom has now turned against him. The energy dampener has returned the suit to its original weight, and it's crushing his pelvis.

He can breath but the mask is crushing his face, his nose is going to break any secant now, and when he finally manages to open his eyes there's a green gauntlet, hovering over his face. Red X groans, because the lights are still off, Robin won't be able to get a clear view of his face, but without the mask he's not certain he can handle any of this, but it's to heavy, and he's still fighting for every breath because the cloth over his mouth and nose has at least a few drops of the heavy liquid.

Robin seems to pause, thinking something over, than his gauntleted fingers somehow manage to pull the mask off till it's resting on jus my forehead, just enough that I can't lift my head. Robin's right there, so close that it doesn't matter how dim the lights are, he can make out every piece of my face, and he's staring me in the eyes, and this would be nice if I wasn't so horrified that in a few secants I would be going to jail, because there is no doubt as to whether Robin will be able to ID me.

Robin's breath is on my lips as he asks, "What would you be willing to do if I said I'd let you go."

Before he could even think an appropriate answer to that question, slightly chapped but oh so soft lips where being pressed to his. Red X was so surprised he didn't even try to resist as that met muscle worked its way into his mouth.