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Wow, I did not realize this chapter was so SHORT! I guess now I know to write more than a page and a half for chapter 2...

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Freddie was in love with Carly from the moment he met her. They were 11 when she moved into Bushwell, just before the start of the sixth grade. She was sweet, and nice, and friendly, and her brown hair smelled like candy.

And then there was Sam. He met her on the first day in science class. She was rude and violent, and her wild blond hair smelled nothing like candy. They had their very first fight that day, over the last ham sandwich in the cafeteria.

He was ridiculously ambitious. If he wanted something, he would try with everything he had to get it. For a long time, that something was Carly. Through rejection after rejection, he never gave up on her. Not consciously, anyway.

He only realized he was really, truly, over her when she set her sights on Adam. He didn't feel an ounce of jealousy, and had no desire to tell those crazy Creddiers that they were right, that he and Carly were deeply in love. He'd actually felt kind of bad when Adam had been mobbed by the insane fans. By that count he'd been over Carly for at least six months. And maybe that's when he decided he could have feelings for another webgirl. A blond one, that was vicious and obsessed with pork, and tormented him from the first moment they met. The feisty girl who'd been his first kiss and secretly loved all things techy. The girl whose hair had begun to smell like the air in Seattle right before a storm. They'd had their moments; their fair share of times when you could've felt the awkward, or you could've almost thought they were friends. Eventually, Freddie realized that, yes, they were friends. Good friends. Best friends. Maybe they could eventually be more than friends.

Not now. Certainly not now. After she got more normal, maybe they could try dating. He didn't know if his feelings for her were quite to that point yet. They'd probably murder each other five minutes into their first date. There was also the fact that she would never like him like that. She liked using him as a punching bag, sure, but he was positive she'd never like him as a completely dateable guy. Somewhere between that first day in the cafeteria and that crazy day at Webicon, Freddie had decided that Sam wasn't so bad after all.

His laptop beeped and he looked down at it. The words "In Love" were flashing blue and red, taunting him. The pain in his chest told him that he thought of Sam as more than just "not so bad".

"Can I move now?" Freddie looked up at Sam.

"Uh... yeah." he replied.

"So what's her mood?" Brad asked, turning the camera toward Freddie.

"It's uh… It's inconclusive," he stuttered out. Act cool. So she's in love with Brad. No big deal. Just find a new girl. Be happy for her.

"What? No reading?" Sam got up off her chair and grabbed the bag of tortilla chips, confusion etched across her face.

"It was working this morning," said Brad, perplexed.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go see if Carly has any tissues," Freddie blurted. He bolted out of the room with the laptop tucked under his arm. Play it like you're happy for her. Don't let her know you're upset. Brad will be good for her.You don't love her.You're just friends. You're just friends.