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"I can't believe you guys did that!" Freddie whispered angrily, trying not to attract attention, a lost cause considering the clown costume he was wearing.

"I repeat, Sam made me do it!" Carly insisted.

Sam smacked her arm. "You came up with clown day!"

Carly couldn't help but grin. "I did indeed," Freddie glared at her. "But it was Sam's idea to prank you in the first place, I swear!" she quickly added. An 80s mix started playing over the intercom, indicating five minutes until class started. "Oh well, I gotta get to math. See you guys later!" She took off around the corner and Freddie turned to face Sam.

"You're gonna regret this Puckett," he scowled.

"Now, now Benson. I think we've established that revenge is a poor choice," Sam raised her eyebrow.

Freddie turned beet-red. "What happened to never speaking of it again?" he stuttered.

"Don't know what you're talking about. I'm just saying that if want to spare yourself more humiliation, you'll simply accept that Carly and I pulled this little prank and move on with your life. Got it?"

"Um… yeah. Got it. Revenge equals bad idea," he gulped, trying to return the image of the two of them on the fire escape to the depths of his mind; it wasn't working.

"Good." The music floating through the air stopped, leaving the hallway around them completely silent. She grabbed Freddie's arm. "Come on, we better get to Howard's class. We wouldn't want to miss a lecture on the Confederacy, its superiority over the Union, and what a great idea he thinks it was."

Freddie did a double take as they neared the classroom door. "You've actually been paying attention? Call the mental institution, Sam Puckett knows what we're discussing in class!" Sam stuck her tongue out.

They walked in just in time, right as the bell rang, earning a scowl from Mr. Howard. They took their seats across from each other and took out their history notebooks. Freddie watched as Sam ripped a page out and scribbled a quick note. She waited until Howard turned away to write on the board, then crumpled up the paper and tossed it over to Freddie. He quickly smoothed it out and glanced down at it.

Yes, I do know what's going on. This class is cake.

Carly was sitting at the kitchen table, working on her English homework, when Sam Puckett began yelling from her schoolbag.

"Answer the phone. Answer the phone. Answer the pho-" she grabbed her PearPhone out of the front pocket and accepted the call.

"Hey, what goes on?" Carly got up and got a cup of water.

"Melanie's coming home to visit," Sam shouted frantically. Carly promptly dropped the cup, not prepared to run interference for the duration of the family reunion.

"I don't know why you two don't get along. You're twins for crying out loud!" she grabbed a towel and began to mop up the puddle of water.

"Because she's a prissy little princess and we have nothing in common!" she could tell Sam was scowling.

"Just try to be hospitable, okay?"

"Hostile? Piece of cake. I'll be at your place in twenty to plot," Sam hung up before Carly could correct her. Hopefully she'd be able to convince Sam to be nice to her sister, if not for her own sake then for everyone else's.

Carly sat across from Freddie, completely shocked. Freddie was trying to clear the recently choked-on Strawberry Splat from his throat.

"You've known Melanie for two days. What compelled you to ask her out?"

"The fact that she's-" he stopped to cough, "not Melanie. I know this whole thing is just a prank. So I'm going on this date to prove it."

Carly rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say." She gathered her things and headed towards the door. "Just know, you're crazy."

Freddie stayed seated, a smug grin filling his face. Carly shook her head and left. She would convince him somehow… or maybe, she'd convince him that he was right.

She pulled out her phone, quickly scrolling through her contacts to the "M" section, and sending a text.

I need you to convince Sam to take your place this Saturday night.

Sam was sitting on the couch watching Girly Cow when her mom and Melanie got home from the clinic. She had her phone tightly clutched in her right hand, a bottle of root beer in her left.

"I'm going out girls! Don't wait up!" Pam shouted as she grabbed a different pair of shoes and headed back out the door.

Melanie got a strawberry yogurt out of the fridge and plopped down on the couch next to Sam to eat it.

"What's up? Oh Girly Cow!"

Sam got straight to the point. "I hear you have a date with Freddie this Saturday night."

"Yeah, he asked me at the Groovy Smoothie after you went back to detention," she didn't seem all that concerned about it.

"But why would he ask you? He thinks you're me-," a light bulb went off in Sam's head. "He thinks you're me… he wants to prove that you don't exist!"

"I figured you catch on eventually little sister. He thinks he's going on a date with you," Melanie giggled.

"What did he say when you said yes?" Sam inquired.

"Well aren't you nosy," she focused her attention on the television.


She laughed. "He got all smug at first then realized 'you' said yes. Then I left. If you want to know more, go interrogate Shay."

Sam scowled. "I'm not interrogating anyone. I'm just curious."

"Don't lie. What's up with you two?" Melanie gave her a knowing look.

"Nothing! He's Freddie!" Sam picked up the remote and started flipping through the channels at top speed.

"Seriously Sam? Something's going on there, or something was going on there," she smirked.

"Shut up Mel," Sam grumbled.

"Oh my God! Something did happen! Do you like him?"

"No! He's nerdy, and weak, and he's a total mama's boy."

"But he's cute!" Melanie nudged Sam's arm. "So what happened? Did someone set you guys up on a date? Did he confess his love for-"

"We kissed! Okay? We kissed!"

Melanie dropped her yogurt carton, her jaw hanging open. "Holy… how?"

"Remember that time he handcuffed me to Gibby and I told everyone he'd never kissed a girl?" Sam asked. Melanie nodded. "Well he was getting a bunch of crap about it, and Carly was going on about how I ruined his life. So I went to talk to him out on the fire escape and we got to talking about how neither of us had had our first kiss, and then he suggested that we kiss, but I actually sort of suggested it too, and then we kissed. We kissed and we both swore it was just to get it over with, but I think I actually liked it and ever since I've been all confused because what if I did actually-"

"Sam! Shut up for a second!" Melanie shouted.


"So what if you did like it? It's not the end of the world!"

"But it is! We hate each other! And if I liked the kiss that means I like him, and I just can't," she buried her face in her hands. "I didn't like it, I just got caught up in the idea of what your first kiss is supposed to be like. That's all."

"If you say so," Melanie wasn't convinced. "If you want to know for sure, I have an idea."

"I don't know, maybe. What's the idea?

"Saturday night, you be me and I'll be you. We've done it before and no one's ever caught us. Why not now?" Melanie shrugged. She retrieved her yogurt cup and took it to the garbage. She busied herself unloading the dishwasher and continued talking. "So here's how we do it. You go on the date, I hang out with Carly. After, you brief me on what went down so I can react appropriately the next day when she goes all FBI on me. You'll practice your etiquette all afternoon and I'll get you dolled up for the date."

"I don't need to practice. I know how to be you. I've done it plenty of times before," Sam protested.

"It's been three years, you need practice. I won't have you ruining my reputation around here." The dishes clanged as she stacked them on top of each other in the cabinet.

"Fine. Where are we going anyway?"

"I'm not sure. Try to figure it out when you're doing the show tomorrow night."

"You're not coming?" Carly had said she was.

"I was going to, but I'm going to a movie with Wendy, Justin, and Wendy's brother."

"You're going on a double date? What if Freddie finds out and cancels your date? He'll think I went out with Wendy's brother to get out of the date with him, then he'll be even more convinced that you don't exist and we'll have to hear about it forever."

"He won't. He's completely determined to get firsthand proof. So yes, I'm going out," she sat down with her chemistry book and got started on a section about electron energy levels.

"Alright… have fun doing homework," Sam rolled her eyes. "I have to go help Carly with the final plan for the show. See you later." Sam pocketed her phone and headed for the bus stop.

Melanie took out her phone and sent a quick text to Carly.


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