Kaname crossed the room and tried to hold me but I slapped at his arms and chest. "You killed him! You killed him!" I wailed. Kaname let me hit him and I clawed at his face, leaving a trail of bloody scratches. Eventually, my shrieks were replaced by sobs and I fell back into the bed, burying my face. Kaname moved to the chair, sat and waited.

"How could you?" I accused softly.

Kaname didn't respond.

"How could you?" I asked again. This time it was louder, a real question, not just an accusation. "You shouldn't have been able to kill him, he resurrected you."

Kaname slouched down and looked tired. "That's true. He isn't dead, I only managed to tear him to pieces like I did ten years ago."

A glimmer of hope began to build. "So, he will be resurrected again?"

Kaname scowled. "I'm not sure. If I allow him to be resurrected again, it will only be to kill him for good. That Vampire Hunter has failed me." His eyes slid to meet mine. "I know what you are thinking. You aren't going to see him again." He hunched over in his seat. "I know you think you love him now but that will fade over time."

I froze trying to keep my expression blank. A lot of what he was saying was true. My mind was racing at a thousand miles a minute, trying to think how I could help resurrect Rido.

Kaname stood up and peered down at the shattered necklace he had given me. He bent down and picked up a few of the larger pieces. My blood turned cold when I saw what appeared to be a computer chip sticking out of the shell of the pendant.

"I put a tracking device in this necklace," said Kaname, acknowledging my surprise. "The defenses around the mansion were sound but I suspected Rido might find some way around that." He put the rest of the necklace in his pocket and peered around the room like he was looking for something. "I'm still not sure how he managed it," he continued. He looked at me. "Can you tell me how he got on or off the property?"

"I honestly don't know. I didn't see him enter and I was unconscious when we left."

Kaname nodded as if he expected that answer. A car horn honked outside. "That's our ride to leave."

Anger shot through me. "I'm not leaving with you."

Kaname exhaled and looked down. "Yuuki, I'm not trying to force you into anything here but I don't really think you are able to make good decisions right now. Please trust me on this. It is better for you to come home and try to forget about this."

I looked at him, feeling anxious. I was still processing all that had happened. Rido had been torn to pieces but he could be resurrected. I wasn't sure how but there had to be a way. Maybe what Kaname was saying was true. Maybe it was better that Rido was gone but my heart didn't believe it. I was too confused to process everything that had happened but it seemed better to hide my feelings from Kaname.

"Okay," I said reluctantly.

Kaname relaxed. "Good. Can you please go to the limo outside? I'll be with you in a minute. I just want to check on a few things first."

I nodded and stood up. Kaname looked away and I realized I was still naked. Silently I laughed at his modest behavior. It was so different from how Rido would have reacted. I quickly dressed and left the room. I made it to the front door when I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes. Maybe they were back in the bedroom? I ran back up the stairs and peered into the room.

Kaname was staring something in his palm intently. When he saw me he closed his fist and put his hand in his pocket. I blushed, feeling like I had just seen something I wasn't supposed to see. "Uh, just forgot my shoes," I mumbled. I found them and put them on quickly. "Okay, I'll see you at the car."

I ran out, my heart pumping in my chest. What had Kaname found? He clearly didn't want me to see it. I wondered if it was something that could help me bring back Rido. It had taken ten years to resurrect Rido the last time Kaname had fought him. Ten years was nothing in immortal years but maybe there was a way to speed the process along.

"I'll get you back," I whispered as I made my way to the limo. "I promise."

The end.

Luffy fan: Hope you enjoyed the story. Maybe I'll write a sequel some day but not anytime soon. There are several other projects I'd like to work on in the meantime.