Floating on the edges of space, Bulma Briefs was cold. She was also tired. More importantly she was really, really bored.

She kicked her feet on the curved lip of the control panel, crossing one booted ankle atop the other while cracking her neck. The large, panoramic windows displayed the vast darkness of the cosmos spreading in all directions around her, and though it was a breathtaking sight it was something years of space travel had made rather monotonous. Leaning back further in the pilot's chair, she released an open-mouth yawn as she heard the thudding of her partner's feet approaching the control deck.

"I brought you some coffee," Nami spoke, just as the other woman was finishing her yawn. "You make a pretty lousy watch when you're asleep."

"I'm a pilot." Bulma released an exaggerated sighed, taking the enamel mug in her hands and blowing on the surface of the steaming black liquid, "and a mechanic. I believe 'navigator' falls under your job description."

"And here I thought we were partners. Outlaws," the redhead tapped a polished nail against her chin. "Sans silly things like job descriptions."

It had been four weeks since their last job, four weeks since Bulma had failed to find a compression coil cheap enough to purchase, or one lying around long enough to steal. And so she'd decided to deposit the Royal Bastard on a sand-coated planet in the T-quadrant in favor of 'borrowing' their current vessel. Four weeks since they'd been on land, four weeks since they'd spoke with anyone, four weeks since they'd had fresh food, and four weeks since they'd taken a proper shower.

"Sorry." Bulma sighed. "I'm just cranky because I'm filthy." Her mouth fell into a frown, lower lip brushing the warm mug. "Next time we commandeer a ship, make sure there's a fucking shower on board."

"But," Nami grinned, slapping her hand against the curved wall of their still unnamed ship and trying to ignore her grimy hands, "the guns on this baby!"

The smack of Nami's palm on metal echoed around the small, cramped control room and Bulma eyed the laser launchers warily. They had little time as they'd scoured the docking bay where the broken ship was parked, and Nami had insisted on picking a craft with proper guns this time.

"She needs a name."

At Bulma's words, Nami cocked her head and surveyed the dinted chrome walls. "Think we'll stick with her long enough to bother naming her?"

The blue haired woman looked offended. "Nami, we only had Royal Bastard two months and we named it."

Shooting her friend a knowing look, Nami grinned and started back towards the hatch. "Stay awake Bulma. If you get us off course," her eyes narrowed, "again, we'll be behind schedule."

Resituating her legs on the panel Bulma took another long swig of coffee. "Yeah, yeah." While she enjoyed their lifestyle for the fun and adventure, Nami was incredibly focused on getting the job done, and getting it done right and for maximum profit. And so, for her friend and business partner, Bulma tried to keep her eyes open long enough to ensure their course.

When she awoke she realized three very important things. One, she had fallen asleep. Two, her coffee had spilt across the control panel, which was now smoking and making a strange crackling sound. And three; Nami was going to be very, very pissed.

There are few things more beautiful than the sunrise above the ocean. No matter what the planet, sparkling water and a sun, or suns, rising in the distance was a sight. He took a bite from his apple while leaning back on his free arm, head tilting back to catch the warm rays of sun just as they were splaying across the sky.

Though he took another noisy bite from the fruit, he still heard the heavy footsteps closing in from behind.

"Goku," he called, not bothering to watch as the taller man knelt by his side, eyeing the three apples now just right of his left foot. "Help yourself."

It was only out of courtesy that he'd offered, and his tone was laced with sarcasm. Had he known the other man would be waking at sunrise, something he rarely, if ever, managed, Luffy would have picked more fruit. And if he didn't offer, Goku would take one anway.

"Why are you up so early?"

"Oh," Goku managed through a mouthful of apple; "I had the weirdest dream."

"S'probably something you ate."

With an inconspicuous glance at the fruit, Goku shrugged and took another mouthful.

They sat in silence for a bit, until the sun was completely situated above the horizon and a second was reflected in the clear face of the water.

Luffy tossed his apple core off the cliff and into the ocean. "So, what'd you dream about?"

"It was all very strange," Goku scratched his head as he collected hazy fragments of the dream. "On Krillin and Chopper's planet, some guy became the new king, and Bulma and Nami, and Vegeta and Piccolo and Roshi and you and everyone was there."

Stretching out his legs, Luffy nodded as his friend continued to babble.

"It was the Great Dragon's birthday, and we all got together to celebrate over pink cakes and tea."

"Hm," the shorter man said with a lopsided grin. "Vegeta, Zoro and Piccolo ate pink cakes at a tea party?"

"I told you," Goku tossed the remainder of his apple aside and reached for a second, "it was strange."

"Bastard!" Luffy hit the other man's palm, and the pilfered apple fell from Goku's hand, spun midair catching a gleam of sun before plummeting downward off the side of the cliff. "Now there's only one left. Hey!"

Goku grinned, already chewing on the final apple. He got to his feet as he finished the remainder of the fruit while Luffy glared at the sun in the distance.

He tilted his head to the side ever so slightly. The man before him continued to talk, animatedly flapping his hands about while his large lips moved quickly. The speed at which he spoke caused a vein near his temple to throb painfully, and suspecting that it was a rather important ingredient of his anatomy he lifted a hand to soothe it. He then squeezed his eyes closed and exhaled into his wrist, just inches from his face as he continued to massage the pesky vein.

Already interrupting twice to let Usopp know to get to the fucking point already, Vegeta, Pirate Captain and Prince, was only listening because the man held vital information. He always seemed to be in possession of knowledge that made it imperative he stay alive. A habit Vegeta would have found impressive, if he weren't so pissed.

"Usopp," a cool, feminine voice interrupted. Both men turned toward the slender woman peering up from a clipboard she held at her chest. She met Usopp's eyes and frowned slightly. "Today, please."

"Ah, yes, of course Lady Robin." He bowed slightly and wiggled his eyebrows and though the woman seemed entirely unaffected, Vegeta's blood began to boil. Not because he minded the attention paid to his councilor, but because it was once again postponing the never-ending story.

"The ship," Vegeta growled. His voice was a low and throaty; neither in his company expected anything but.

"Well, we found it, but it seems it's since been abandoned." Usopp shrugged, remembering the rather detailed tales of its condition. "The engine was repaired hastily, but effectively, except for a part that needed to be replaced. Also," he swallowed, audible from the prince's position across the room. "It was littered with diet soda cans and there was freesia body wash in the shower."

Vegeta closed his eyes to ward off further frustration. These facts did not help him trace who had stolen the ship from, quite literally, right under his nose. "And what is that supposed to mean, idiot?"

Scratching his neck, the lanky man pursed his lips. "Well, sire, I think it means your ship was commandeered by women." He cleared his throat. "Women who know a thing or two about ships."

"Fucking bitch," he mumbled, more to himself than his attentive companions. While Usopp was nervously shifting his weight from one large foot to the other, a shallow smile graced Robin's lips. She quickly covered it with her clipboard and tried to remain businesslike as she asked the captain what he would like to do next.

It was never wise to question Vegeta, but fortunately for the other parties involved he was preoccupied with his thoughts of exactly what he was going to do when he got his hands on his least favorite pair of petty thieves.

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Don't expect too much from this. Just needed to write something before NaNoWriMo, and I've always been saddened by the lack of Cross Epoch love expressed through fanfiction. I'm not really sure where this is going, but join me. This is my first fly by the seat of my pants story, so we'll see.

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